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  1. I wouldn't let things like this hold you back, especially these days. I mainly do Trophies for myself and if it's a really difficult game (like recently I played Evil Within and you can forget me attempting Akumu mode) I always try to at least aim for 70% completion for games that I don't want the stress/hassle of 100%ing. (Looking at you Yakuza series for stress) There's far too many games now that are literally designed around easy Trophies, not to mention the amount of games that are now introducing accessibility toggle options to make you invincible and such. (Which is a topic for another thread) which has drastically lowered the 'competitiveness' of trophies. Plus all the open world games that require less skill and talent and more of doing something 100+ times because Devs know they can force trophy/achievement hunters to stay in their games with stuff like this. TLDR Don't allow games trophy lists to dictate what you play. I used to do that and it's a miserable path to follow. Push yourself to aim for a percentage (mine is 70% yours can be higher if you want) and that way you can play the games you want to and have fun.
  2. I'm wondering if you could cheese this by successfully getting full combo on a song and then uploading the save to the cloud each time so if you do mess up you don't have to restart the combo.
  3. Super bummed out about this... Finally decided to play FFXV to play all the updated content and DLC as I played it on release for the Xbox years ago only to find that they've deleted Comrades Was really intrigued about it too. Did it play into the story at all? Also mildly annoyed that I'll have two DLC segments that will remain at 0%
  4. As a pro strat guy myself when it comes to the Pig D I can confirm that I only had to hold R1. Pro strats yo! (for real tho, it wouldn't surprise me if the trophies were bugged when it came to this sort of game, quality isn't exactly the the first word that came to mind when booting the game up)
  5. Ah yes, Nice my guy. It's such a good feeling. Although it's a mega pain in the ass it did feel really good in just getting it done. Felt so proud of my little teams. Nice teams too, I remember adding Xingqiu and Xiangling to my team after sleeping on them, and damn! I never ever doubted them again after the Abyss, love those two and paired with Raiden as you did too = the big pp damage. I think Klee was my golden girl for the final stage with the Ruin enemies but for sure I hear Kokomi is an absolute boss after Mihoyo started to release better artifacts for her, I'm leveling her up myself now. Really happy for you man, It's such a relief when it's done.
  6. Oh absolutely don't sleep on Xingqiu that boy is one of my heroes during the Abyss constantly applies the Wet status with his ultimate and in turn, can create freeze with Ayaka or better yet pair him with Xiangling and have both of their Ultimates activated and then switch to a DPS.....enemies start'a falling. I personally found that with the Abyss Lector: Violet Lighting (Electro) - Using a Cryo character seemed to drain the shield somewhat faster but then I do have Ayaka so that can greatly differ for others. You probably could use Pyro to make a good dent in the shield damage. For the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents - I found that Pyro works a little faster to take the shields down due to the Vaporise damage. Honestly, someone here could probably give a more precise tactic but both shields go down somewhat faster with either Freeze or Vaporize at least in my experience. I'd imagine Kazaha would be one of the best choices here because he can combine elements like there's no tomorrow. It honestly depends on your Build but the general meta for four-star characters at least is to take Xingqiu and Xiangling in the Abyss followed by Bennett and Diona. Good luck, unfortunately they only seem to keep making the Abyss harder (but keeping the rewards the exact same 😬)
  7. It's a long long journey. In the end, I passed it with: Team 1 - Hu Tao, Jean, Xingqiu and Ayaka Team 2 - Klee, Raiden Shogun, Rosaria, and Bennett So I didn't use any shield characters in the end but if you do end up getting Zhongli in the upcoming banner it may go a long way. Due to the damage requirements that are pretty much compulsory for clearing the Abyss Bennett is a must, ideally a C4. The most surprising change that I implemented was Xingqiu but he was a C6 and dang did he make a huge difference especially with Ayaka in tow. There are many ways to approach Abyss but none of them are particularly short asides from spending buckets of money on the banners. Unfortunately, it does seem Mihoyo are set on constantly making the Abyss harder every major update rather than just adding more Floors or adding a selectable Extreme difficulty for those who want to flex their $10,000s built characters which is...fantastic 😩 But you will get there in the end. I went from not being able to do the Abyss at all based on the OG post to now being able to achieve all nine stars for Floors 9 & 10 and obtain eight on Floor 11 and six or five on Floor 12. Good luck. Everyone's advice here was tremendously helpful so I'm glad this post helped someone else too.
  8. For MHW you don't need the Gold Crown for Deviljho and Lunastra or any of the crossover Monsters in the base game, a lot of the base game Monsters can be found in these events which hopefully are still running. Deep Green Blues ( Ancient forest) - Great Jagras / Pukei - Pukei / Tobi - Kadachi / Anjanath / RathalosWildspire Bolero ( WildSpire Waste) - Barroth / Jyuratodus / Rathian / Diablos / Kulu - Ya- KuCoral Waltz (Coral Highlands) - Tzitzi - Ya - Ku / Paolumu / Legiana / Pink RathianEffluvial Opera (Rotten Vale) - Great Girros / Radobaan / Odogaron / BazelgeuseRock N' Roll Recess (Elders Recess) - Dodogama / Uragaan / Lavasioth / Azure Rathalos (Credit to FuzzyRabbidDogg for this information ^) For the Elder Dragons tho......prepare for a long ass grind or not...maybe you'll get lucky. Try to do the investigations that have a least two silver and one gold reward as this will increase your chances for Giant or Mini Gold Crowns. You can get them in Silver-only investigations I believe but it's really crazy rare. However, if you do decide to get Iceborne then you'd need Gold Crown for both Deviljho and Lunasta.
  9. Amateur mistake......I've already mastered this stage...just waiting on Kotaku or Eurogamer to write about me completing this game only using a Guitar Hero guitar and the DDR mat. Grind - Refreshing online retail stores can take around 6-12 months until you're finally able to purchase a PS5. Once you get past this point you'll have to rely on RNG if the package will make it to your doorstep. Difficulty - As mentioned above. It's pretty hard to look at myself after playing this. 8/10 chance of inducing a mid-life crisis. Missable - I miss my wife........... but for you my friend....a guide you shall... Walkthrough Step 1 - Order or buy just anything above a 30% alcohol level at a 1 Litre capacity (unless you're underage, then you better off sticking to 70cl bottles) Step 2 - Gotta remember to give my wife a call, God I miss my wife.... Step 3 - SOsjsnthing abjoiut Pigs or sum shhit sorji - !/. snif R1 Had a few people DM me with this issue. Plugin the Wii U via SCART lead and boot up Youtube to look at a tutorial on how a PS4 controller is made....still writing up a guide for PS5 controllers I would consider checking in on Reddit to see if anyone has a similar issue but it's a frustratingly slightly different issue to what you have so you're not quite sure if the solution provided is gonna work but it's the best you got. Like...I get you're mad about this and you have every right to feel mad about it. If this is something that affects and bothers you...but these posts have about as much relevance as a plotline in a Family Guy episode... Like by all means, make a thread for this but I don't think anyone looking up Forum posts on The Pig D is gonna be the same sort of people interested in debating these topics. Like, it's a genuine discussion to have (I personally strongly disagree with any censorship in games DMC V was a particularly odd-case) but this may be the wrong forum for it.
  10. It's funny I did try making a Guide for this game to allow for a bit of humour because of how stupidly easy and ridiculous this game is. But I guess I wasn't allowed to publish it because it didn't meet the 'utmost criteria' I mean on one hand I can respect that. I understand now why the guides on PSNProfiles are amongst the best.....but I mean......c'mon.......the hardest part of this game is looking at yourself in the mirror afterwards ...... It is what it is I suppose.
  11. Man, I'm 27 years old. I don't care what people are telling me what I should and shouldn't play 😃 I will say tho this game was just.....nothingness. At least with My Name is Mayo 1 & 2 I chuckled at a few moments and to pay 99p for something that'll make me laugh, then screw it I think it's worth it. At times, I have more fun with the smaller Ratalaika games than some 50% grind in modern open-worlds or some RNG bullshit. Trophies literally mean nothing so the fact there are some people who play the same game in different languages just to boost their trophy count is meh. It's not like Sony ever gives a shit about us or rewards us (Oh except with PlayStation themes that PS5 users can't use........thanks Sony 👍) . Bottom line. Play what you wanna play, your money, your time and your enjoyment. (But seriously this 'game' was ass)
  12. So much criticism and love I just can't handle it all being popular and a genius. You can but you run the risk of deleting your PlayStation so it's wether you want to take that risk. Bro, it's fine. I thought the same thing but I watched a bunch of speedrun videos and it helped me so much for figuring out techniques to avoid the more difficult parts. I dunno this kind of feels like cheating you know. Like I guess you could do this but I want to feel like I earned the Trophy ya'know! I mean if I use your method then I might as well ask someone to Remote Play the game for me using the Gaming Sessions tab same thing really 😒
  13. Unless you have a really decent weapon the Dragons take a looooong ass time. I felt in the long run, setting the game to Easy Mode and doing the arena was faster but then maybe I had crappy weapons. Jumped from 31 to 35 in roughly an hour in the TVM arena. Compared to the 19 hours of hunting the Chubby an hour was a breeze!
  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I FINALLY GOT THE FUCKER!!!! 16th hour! Location: Unassuming Docks Difficulty: True Vault Hunter Mode Easy Mode: Disabled Single/Co-op: Single solo player So I found mine coming down the stairs from the House near the Flamerock Refuge. I only farmed the area on the left with the Golem and the area with the boss. I found that if the same kind of skeleton was spawning over and over. I would stop using Save and Quit and proceed to close down the game and reboot it. Good luck with this fucking sucks....