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  1. Yeah, I can understand that. I guess the potential of the highs risks were not worth it and to be fair a lot of them are purely for Achievement/Trophy purposes anyways which is most likely a really small percentage of people when you consider the entirety of everyone who plays this game. Still would have been real nice especially seeing as when this game was tested I would have thought the devs/port team would have a debug menu to display stats for collectibles in each chapter for testing purposes to make sure they're all there. But then it's possible being a port of the game, maybe not. Looks like I'm gonna have to check every location At least the game isn't that long or too big. Really? That's a shame. I remember playing the demo a long time ago and although it didn't hold a candle to Alan Wake I thought it was a nifty little arcade attachment but then I did only play the demo. I mean if it was that bad then it would have been better to be included with the Remaster rather than running a separate purchase, could have been a nice little unlock for collecting 100 thermoses but then your first point stands on this one.
  2. Completed my first playthrough and the game was as great as I remember especially the AI intelligence (although not cutting edge it still triumphs over many modern games). However, it's a shame they didn't use this opportunity to add some small quality of life features to make this a much better 'Remastered' title. - Allowing the Player to press a button to shift to the next manuscript page rather than backing out and going into the next one in the menu. It only takes like 1.5 seconds to back out of the page but x106 pages, that's a fair chunk of time. Just would be cool to go through the manuscript in order to hear it in full once collected. - Would it have killed them to add a tracker per chapter for the collectibles?! Having 298 collectibles in total (excluding DLC) is already pretty annoying but the fact that I found 89 thermoses naturally but I have no idea which 11 I missed is immensely infuriating because I now have to re-check every spot. Having this feature alone would have been amazing. - You can re-listen to the Radio segments but can't rewatch the Night Springs episodes via the Main Menu Extras?! That's pretty lame especially as a couple of episodes I couldn't hear too well because the music was too loud to hear the Night Springs audio too well. - Been a while since I played the Xbox 360 version I must admit but the cut-scenes were jittery as fuck on PS5 like they were 15fps. I'm not sure if this is just more apparent with better graphics and TVs nowadays and they literally just ported over the cutscenes without touching them or if they just fucked up the port. - Like many people have said it would have been cool to have American Nightmare bundled with the game too not even from a money perspective but just so it can have a bit more exposure and so that I could actually play it. But it's possible there was some sort of licensing issues that caused problems or maybe Remedy/Epic didn't feel that it was necessary/worth their time. Who knows...would have been cool tho. At least the DLC for Alan Wake came free. Can't think of any more right now but these are the things that bothered me the most but overall I'm still really glad they ported this game over to Playstation and that I was able to play it again, I had a blast with it. But please if any of the Devs at Remedy or D3T even glance at this post, please consider a tracker for collectibles per chapter, I'll even purchase the feature (if it comes with American Nightmare )
  3. I guess overall it's all subjective. If you took a step back and reviewed each game without any personal feeling or attachment then the answers would most likely be similar and you'd have games like Life of Black Tiger appearing on everyone's suggestion. But ultimately it all boils down to our personal emotions, what we expected from the game based on reputation or previous examples, and because of this everyone has their own personal assessment of the worst game on PS4. Looking at Shadwen I agree it looks like crap and incredibly basic as you describe but having only watched the trailer my expectations of the game are already pretty low so when actually getting around to playing it (which I won't, the game looks like crap) it won't feel as devastating. But the real question is...what in the world were you thinking when deciding to play Shadwen in the first place, haha the game really does look like ass.
  4. It's okay guys, thankfully it's not Genshin or my PS5 that was the problem. It seems that my extension cable decided to just die which is pretty much a relief seeing as it only costs £10+ to fix the problem rather than losing my PS5.
  5. A friend of mine just suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the game just in case the download had some faults and he recommended verifying my files via the game. I would agree with you in thinking that my PS5 is faulty (which would suck) but I have played other games for just as long on my PS5 recently with absolute zero issues. The only other thing that just came to me is that my extension cable may be faulty as my TV sometimes resets itself too (although on a much more rare occasion) so I might try all of those options before conceding to the fact that my PS5 may be broken. But it seems at the very least that Genshin is not the direct cause which is cool.
  6. This is a valid solution. Like anything I do in the PS4 version will transfer to the PS5 including trophies as you say. But....those load times tho...and just general performance improvements. I guess maybe if I'm still using the PS5 then the PS4 version will work better anyway and as you say it might negate any potential damage to my PS5 so it could be my only solution which is a bummer.
  7. I'd say some of the worst I've played is - Watchdogs 2 - Marcus is a pretty cool character and San Francisco was cool to explore but all the other characters were cringeworthy bad and the fucking 'immediately know where you are' stealth made the game nigh on unbearable. Mushroom Heroes - Buggy and annoying little easy Trophy Game where the frustration wasn't worth the easy Plat. Tearaway - The game was too long and perhaps I just wasn't the target audience but it's the most patronising and 'Dora the Explorer-esque' for me. And screw leading the little paper fucks back to their house. Party Hard - A gimmick game that wears off super quick when the frustrating detection mechanics start to settle in and fuck the last level of that game. Beyond Blue - Just really damn boring - honestly wish they had gone full-blown David Attenborough on the information about all of the sea creatures but instead you get some shitty ass whiny protagonist with some whale love story and then all the information about the various aquatic life is something you'd find in an infants encyclopedia. Uncharted 3 - It pains me because I really like the other Uncharted games a lot, Uncharted 2 is probably the best third-person shooter on the hardest mode for me but Uncharted 3 tho....forced close melee encounters where enemies would rather just charge at you constantly so Naughty Dog could show off their shiny new mechanic but when locked into a fistfight animation on the hardest mode....fuck that. Hit detection is unbelievably bad where I would clearly shoot enemies in the head when they were behind cover and it just didn't register and in general was just bad. Enemies don't react to bullets at all! they just tank through it which is a huge step back from Uncharted 2 where if you shoot enemies in the leg or stomach they would fall or recoil making for a much more strategic 3rd person shooter. I believe it was stated by someone at Naughty Dog (I could be wrong on this) that the set pieces of the game were made first and then the game/story was based around it and it shows...because it really just feels like they wanted to chuck Nathan into a bunch of different scenarios without any context or explanation as to how he got there. As you can tell, Uncharted 3 hits my sore spot the most haha.
  8. Has anyone else had any issues where their PS5 will straight just hard crash whilst playing Genshin Impact (PS5 version) or if they leave the game running for about 15-20 minutes it will also hard crash the console. Like, to the point where it flat out won't turn back on at all and I have to remove and then re-insert the power cable for it to turn back on again. I haven't had this happen whilst playing Assassin's Creed III Remaster and it only seems to happen with Genshin Impact but then I'm probably playing Genshin more than AC at the moment so it could be the console? Just want to check if anyone else had the same issue and was it specific to Genshin Impact. Oh. And before I get a bunch of comments. Yes. My rest mode is deactivated, I disabled it the day that I got my PS5 because I heard of the widespread issues.
  9. It's still active on 29/04/2021 but I've gotta say there is a special place in a dark hole for hosts that go AFK and the genius developer who decided to nothing about the situation. Can't even begin to say how long this has taken me just because I have to wait for some AFK bunghole to actually start the match in the first place. It's like some ungodly bad luck too because 9/10 times it will be a full lobby and 7 out of 8 people are active and have readied up and it's that 1 player that's the host, that decided to abandon the game. (Although considering the quality of the multiplayer I can somewhat hardly blame them) If you're looking to do the multiplayer trophies somewhat quicker I'd set up a Private Session with PSNProfiles members and just watch something whilst being AFK in the match. Just remember if you're the host that you keep an eye on when the match ends you can just start it up again. Matches take 5 minutes both BR and TD and have about 2 minutes down-time so you're looking at roughly 12 hours of some boring-ass multiplayer have fun! (I know I felt like smashing my head against something!)
  10. Honestly, I don't think miHoYo has any sway in that regard and I think it's more down to TRC requirements put down by Sony. I suppose it's very likely that Sony denies the ability to add a Platinum Trophy to an already submitted game but seeing as the PS5 would have to be a new submission they were able to add the Platinum. I hear you though, it still doesn't make it any less sucky but if it's any consolation. If you ever get a PS5 in the future it seems that all Trophies transfer over from the PS4 version to the PS5 version so there is that.
  11. Well, I'll be damned the devs for Genshin made a new Trophy list of the PS5 version which now includes a Platinum Trophy. Awesome work miHoYo!
  12. Haha, I admire your enthusiasm but Sony has very rarely ever changed their ways in regards to fan requests, and from what I hear the developers of Genshin Impact are the same. I suppose in regards to Genshin it's possible that some extra trophies will be released as DLC...maybe...but it looks like the Platinum will be a pipe dream at best.
  13. I didn't think so. I used to be a QA Tester so I can only guess that Sony would have to approve the decision and then a whole new set of TRC's would be required to be completed by the developers and then the game would have to be resubmitted which I would imagine it having to be taken off of the Digital Store and replaced and whatnot. Not to mention the costs of submission just aren't worth it just to add a Platinum Trophy. Just wondered if there was an exception somewhere but I guess not. I suppose they could add a new Trophy List for the PS5 version similar to Final Fantasy XIV.
  14. The reason my asking is really out of concern for one game, Genshin Impact. It doesn't diminish the game itself but currently, the trophy value attached to Genshin is woefully filled only with Bronze and Silver trophies and the game is easily a 100+ hours affair and I would love for them to add more Trophies and a Platinum to go with it and looking at several other forums many others are requesting the same additions but this isn't really a post about Genshin itself (As I'm sure there are already threads that go into more detail about Genshin specifically) What I want to know is, has there ever been a game to add a Platinum Trophy after the game has been released? Additional trophies have been added in the past sure but I personally cannot recollect any game that has added a Platinum Trophy some time after the release of a game. The closest example I can think of would be Monster Hunter Iceborne but then Capcom treated it as its own separate game with a separate trophy list despite being an expansion (which I loved and I wish more games would follow suit if the type of game allows such a thing)
  15. In most cases, it would mean the Trophy is bugged and I have read some reviews about this before and the game has got bugs aplenty. But on the other hand, it does say only 87 people own the game so it's possible that maybe just no one has gotten around to it yet. It looks as if AllRaceUser has unlocked the Platinum about four weeks ago so you could maybe drop them a message and see what they say.