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  1. For MHW you don't need the Gold Crown for Deviljho and Lunastra or any of the crossover Monsters in the base game, a lot of the base game Monsters can be found in these events which hopefully are still running. Deep Green Blues ( Ancient forest) - Great Jagras / Pukei - Pukei / Tobi - Kadachi / Anjanath / RathalosWildspire Bolero ( WildSpire Waste) - Barroth / Jyuratodus / Rathian / Diablos / Kulu - Ya- KuCoral Waltz (Coral Highlands) - Tzitzi - Ya - Ku / Paolumu / Legiana / Pink RathianEffluvial Opera (Rotten Vale) - Great Girros / Radobaan / Odogaron / BazelgeuseRock N' Roll Recess (Elders Recess) - Dodogama / Uragaan / Lavasioth / Azure Rathalos (Credit to FuzzyRabbidDogg for this information ^) For the Elder Dragons tho......prepare for a long ass grind or not...maybe you'll get lucky. Try to do the investigations that have a least two silver and one gold reward as this will increase your chances for Giant or Mini Gold Crowns. You can get them in Silver-only investigations I believe but it's really crazy rare. However, if you do decide to get Iceborne then you'd need Gold Crown for both Deviljho and Lunasta.
  2. Amateur mistake......I've already mastered this stage...just waiting on Kotaku or Eurogamer to write about me completing this game only using a Guitar Hero guitar and the DDR mat. Grind - Refreshing online retail stores can take around 6-12 months until you're finally able to purchase a PS5. Once you get past this point you'll have to rely on RNG if the package will make it to your doorstep. Difficulty - As mentioned above. It's pretty hard to look at myself after playing this. 8/10 chance of inducing a mid-life crisis. Missable - I miss my wife........... but for you my friend....a guide you shall... Walkthrough Step 1 - Order or buy just anything above a 30% alcohol level at a 1 Litre capacity (unless you're underage, then you better off sticking to 70cl bottles) Step 2 - Gotta remember to give my wife a call, God I miss my wife.... Step 3 - SOsjsnthing abjoiut Pigs or sum shhit sorji - !/. snif R1 Had a few people DM me with this issue. Plugin the Wii U via SCART lead and boot up Youtube to look at a tutorial on how a PS4 controller is made....still writing up a guide for PS5 controllers I would consider checking in on Reddit to see if anyone has a similar issue but it's a frustratingly slightly different issue to what you have so you're not quite sure if the solution provided is gonna work but it's the best you got. Like...I get you're mad about this and you have every right to feel mad about it. If this is something that affects and bothers you...but these posts have about as much relevance as a plotline in a Family Guy episode... Like by all means, make a thread for this but I don't think anyone looking up Forum posts on The Pig D is gonna be the same sort of people interested in debating these topics. Like, it's a genuine discussion to have (I personally strongly disagree with any censorship in games DMC V was a particularly odd-case) but this may be the wrong forum for it.
  3. It's funny I did try making a Guide for this game to allow for a bit of humour because of how stupidly easy and ridiculous this game is. But I guess I wasn't allowed to publish it because it didn't meet the 'utmost criteria' I mean on one hand I can respect that. I understand now why the guides on PSNProfiles are amongst the best.....but I mean......c'mon.......the hardest part of this game is looking at yourself in the mirror afterwards ...... It is what it is I suppose.
  4. Man, I'm 27 years old. I don't care what people are telling me what I should and shouldn't play 😃 I will say tho this game was just.....nothingness. At least with My Name is Mayo 1 & 2 I chuckled at a few moments and to pay 99p for something that'll make me laugh, then screw it I think it's worth it. At times, I have more fun with the smaller Ratalaika games than some 50% grind in modern open-worlds or some RNG bullshit. Trophies literally mean nothing so the fact there are some people who play the same game in different languages just to boost their trophy count is meh. It's not like Sony ever gives a shit about us or rewards us (Oh except with PlayStation themes that PS5 users can't use........thanks Sony 👍) . Bottom line. Play what you wanna play, your money, your time and your enjoyment. (But seriously this 'game' was ass)
  5. So much criticism and love I just can't handle it all being popular and a genius. You can but you run the risk of deleting your PlayStation so it's wether you want to take that risk. Bro, it's fine. I thought the same thing but I watched a bunch of speedrun videos and it helped me so much for figuring out techniques to avoid the more difficult parts. I dunno this kind of feels like cheating you know. Like I guess you could do this but I want to feel like I earned the Trophy ya'know! I mean if I use your method then I might as well ask someone to Remote Play the game for me using the Gaming Sessions tab same thing really 😒
  6. Unless you have a really decent weapon the Dragons take a looooong ass time. I felt in the long run, setting the game to Easy Mode and doing the arena was faster but then maybe I had crappy weapons. Jumped from 31 to 35 in roughly an hour in the TVM arena. Compared to the 19 hours of hunting the Chubby an hour was a breeze!
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I FINALLY GOT THE FUCKER!!!! 16th hour! Location: Unassuming Docks Difficulty: True Vault Hunter Mode Easy Mode: Disabled Single/Co-op: Single solo player So I found mine coming down the stairs from the House near the Flamerock Refuge. I only farmed the area on the left with the Golem and the area with the boss. I found that if the same kind of skeleton was spawning over and over. I would stop using Save and Quit and proceed to close down the game and reboot it. Good luck with this fucking sucks....
  8. Still farming after 10 hours I'm so damn jealous 😭 Just a few questions (although I don't think these matter) Were you in True Vault Hunter mode? Did you farm the whole area? Or just those two specific areas?
  9. Ah then forgive me, but regardless I got rid of Electric to be rid of the possibility of healing. I guess it depends what weapons you have, how good of a shot you are and what your preference is as HuntingFever state a different order.
  10. Yeah what HuntingFever said. Go into Options > Gameplay and turn on Easy Mode. And you'll take waaaaay less damage, make sure you have some extra Eridium to top up ammo and health using the power-ups nearby I believe they only take 1 Eridium per use. However, even with Easy Mode, these dragons take a long ass time to kill (especially as similar to you I was level 21 when I tackled them). The order in which you should fight them is: 1st) Electric 2nd) Fire 3rd) Corrosion 4th) Slag Honestly, you could swap 3 and 4 around but absolutely kill the Electric Dragon first as it will heal the other Dragons constantly as it's flying around. With Easy Mode it's just a boring ol' endurance because whilst easy, it's still long.
  11. On my 7th hour of grinding out the Unassuming Docks... this sucks man plain and simple. It really shouldn't be this rare and take this long.. I can now say for sure that because of this I won't be buying the new game anytime soon haha this could have been a short little piece to play to get me excited for Borderlands again but instead, it's left a huge sour taste in my mouth and I've had my fill of Borderlands for probably the next nice job Gearbox/2K! (Whoever was responsible for this atrocity)
  12. I know that they probably barely considered the Trophies for this game and just ported any old ones over...but why....why this one?! For a game that's supposed to be a short one-shot DLC this trophy makes no fucking sense....
  13. Scouring topics for this and it seems to be a really rare spawn. But it says that 5.1% people have obtained Cute Loot whereas only 4.1% has reached level 25. Just wondering if someone found a concrete method for spawning one.
  14. I really don't care about 3 starring each floor I just want to pass the damn thing. Was just wondering if anyone had some good advice for passing this fucking abomination of a feature. And please please, I know some Genshin Players are super-elite and that's great I'm really glad you've found your niche but I don't need people to tell me to spend money or fucking telling me to git gud. Only legit, advice probably more from the F2P community. For a general idea of my damage, I can clear 95% of Domains in under a minute, and the newest weekly boss maybe under 2:30 - 3 minutes. Edit I should also include that currently on 19/10/2021 I have gotten up to Floor 11-3.
  15. Completed my first playthrough and the game was as great as I remember especially the AI intelligence (although not cutting edge it still triumphs over many modern games). However, it's a shame they didn't use this opportunity to add some small quality of life features to make this a much better 'Remastered' title. - Allowing the Player to press a button to shift to the next manuscript page rather than backing out and going into the next one in the menu. It only takes like 1.5 seconds to back out of the page but x106 pages, that's a fair chunk of time. Just would be cool to go through the manuscript in order to hear it in full once collected. - Would it have killed them to add a tracker per chapter for the collectibles?! Having 298 collectibles in total (excluding DLC) is already pretty annoying but the fact that I found 89 thermoses naturally but I have no idea which 11 I missed is immensely infuriating because I now have to re-check every spot. Having this feature alone would have been amazing. - You can re-listen to the Radio segments but can't rewatch the Night Springs episodes via the Main Menu Extras?! That's pretty lame especially as a couple of episodes I couldn't hear too well because the music was too loud to hear the Night Springs audio too well. - Been a while since I played the Xbox 360 version I must admit but the cut-scenes were jittery as fuck on PS5 like they were 15fps. I'm not sure if this is just more apparent with better graphics and TVs nowadays and they literally just ported over the cutscenes without touching them or if they just fucked up the port. - Like many people have said it would have been cool to have American Nightmare bundled with the game too not even from a money perspective but just so it can have a bit more exposure and so that I could actually play it. But it's possible there was some sort of licensing issues that caused problems or maybe Remedy/Epic didn't feel that it was necessary/worth their time. Who knows...would have been cool tho. At least the DLC for Alan Wake came free. Can't think of any more right now but these are the things that bothered me the most but overall I'm still really glad they ported this game over to Playstation and that I was able to play it again, I had a blast with it. But please if any of the Devs at Remedy or D3T even glance at this post, please consider a tracker for collectibles per chapter, I'll even purchase the feature (if it comes with American Nightmare )
  16. This is all really great advice people, just want to take a moment to appreciate that not a single person has been even remotely toxic in this thread, and reminds me why the PSNProfiles community is my favorite. I was just super mad at the time but I realise that this is just a time sink and I'm going to have to accept that. I started to level up Xingqiu when I was on Floor 11 and I definitely began to see the difference he brought to the team (managed to clear Maguu Kenki so much easier). It just seems that on Floor 12-3 I'm just unable to do really large raw damage to bring the enemies down fast enough. I feel my Healer side of things is all good now. I think what I need is a decent shield character (Zhongli would be a godsend) because I don't have a single one leveled up and a big-hitter, I have Klee and Ayaka so I might have to boost them up a little more. My only hope is that they don't just keep making the Spiral Abyss harder. I feel that if I played Genshin earlier (I started playing a month after the PS5 release) I might have had an easier time but now they've added just harder enemies in general to the game it seems to have gotten harder as time has progressed. So my only hope is as people say to have a decent Blessing Of The Abyssal Moon and just smash my head through it. Again though, you've all been really amazing for your comments and help. Hoping I get Eula in the future both for the Spiral Abyss (and I absolutely love her in every way) hopefully they will rerun her banner soon.
  17. This is just horrible...I think I'm gonna throw in the towel.... Like I feel this whole thing is just straight up broken :/ my characters can breeze through the Campaign, Event quests, and anything else. So, I feel my characters are built somewhat well enough but the ridiculous health pool all the enemies have on Floor 12-3 is just....fucked I just don't have the DPS check characters (Eula or Hutao) whoever designed the Spiral Abyss and whoever decided to put it in the Platinum trophy list deserves a special seat somewhere in a dark fucking pit.... Out of all of the games I've ever Platinumed this one just straight feels unfair and out of reach because I didn't pay £1000+ for multiple constellation characters and weapons. Like I feel this shit should be somewhat achievable but fuck me I guess.....yet another game ruined by streamers & 'pros' because they endlessly complain that everything is too easy because they either get free shit/have multiple amounts of money to buy Constellations or have the time of day to play this shit 24/7 I apologise for the rant but this shit has left a real pile of shit taste in my mouth......Mihoyo... Fuck.You.
  18. Oh, it's absolutely a great game, it's was a blast to play through again. Honestly, I guess it depends on your playstyle and if you play stuff like Resident Evil but the Nightmare playthrough is incredibly easy depending on your playstyle. The best advice I can give is just to run checkpoint to checkpoint and whilst running away from enemies just do little flashlight focus taps on the Taken to stun them and run some more. Always save maybe 3 flares if you get cornered or low health. Plus side to this too is that because you spend more time running you save more ammo, flashbangs and flares etc.. for bosses and possessed objects. Yeah, funny enough the collectibles I missed the first time around were usually ones that were directly in front of my face haha.
  19. I'm so damn close man..... that Maguu Kenki...... on Floor 12-2. I can get him down to quarter health and then the asshole just constantly starts warping everywhere 😭 Yeah, it's totally my own fault that I didn't work on any of the support characters early on. I've got Bennett but he's still a work in progress, I've heard Sucrose is good too and I've just recently got a C6 Xingqiu but never bothered to build him's soo long
  20. I just tried to link my PSN to the HoyoLabs and it gave me a fucking migraine, have no idea what backwards yokel was in charge of linking accounts but fuck me, even Ubisoft can figure that shit out. So, unfortunately, I can't post a link to my characters . So I have.... (in order of Character > Level > Weapon > Artifact Set My Primary Team Klee - Lvl 90 - Skyward Atlus - 4 Set Crimson Witch of Flames Ayaka - Lvl 90 - Amenoma Kageuchi - 4 Set Blizzard Strayer Jean - Lvl 90 - The Black Sword - 4 Set Gladiator's Finale Raiden - Lvl 90 - The Catch - 4 Set Emblem of Severed Fate My Secondary Team Mona - Lvl 88 - The Widsith - 4 Set Noblesse Oblige Bennet - Lvl 80 - Aquila Favonia - 4 Set Noblesse Oblige Rosaria - Lvl 90 - Dragonspine Spear - 4 Set Gladiator's Finale Barbara - Lvl 50 - Have no idea - (Earning the Healing artifacts right now) This is absolutely my weak point, needed a second healer so I'm currently building her. I'm still in the process of building and perfecting my secondary Team, and I mix and match these characters from both teams when in the Spiral Abyss.
  21. Yeah, I can understand that. I guess the potential of the highs risks were not worth it and to be fair a lot of them are purely for Achievement/Trophy purposes anyways which is most likely a really small percentage of people when you consider the entirety of everyone who plays this game. Still would have been real nice especially seeing as when this game was tested I would have thought the devs/port team would have a debug menu to display stats for collectibles in each chapter for testing purposes to make sure they're all there. But then it's possible being a port of the game, maybe not. Looks like I'm gonna have to check every location At least the game isn't that long or too big. Really? That's a shame. I remember playing the demo a long time ago and although it didn't hold a candle to Alan Wake I thought it was a nifty little arcade attachment but then I did only play the demo. I mean if it was that bad then it would have been better to be included with the Remaster rather than running a separate purchase, could have been a nice little unlock for collecting 100 thermoses but then your first point stands on this one.
  22. I guess overall it's all subjective. If you took a step back and reviewed each game without any personal feeling or attachment then the answers would most likely be similar and you'd have games like Life of Black Tiger appearing on everyone's suggestion. But ultimately it all boils down to our personal emotions, what we expected from the game based on reputation or previous examples, and because of this everyone has their own personal assessment of the worst game on PS4. Looking at Shadwen I agree it looks like crap and incredibly basic as you describe but having only watched the trailer my expectations of the game are already pretty low so when actually getting around to playing it (which I won't, the game looks like crap) it won't feel as devastating. But the real question is...what in the world were you thinking when deciding to play Shadwen in the first place, haha the game really does look like ass.
  23. It's okay guys, thankfully it's not Genshin or my PS5 that was the problem. It seems that my extension cable decided to just die which is pretty much a relief seeing as it only costs £10+ to fix the problem rather than losing my PS5.
  24. Has anyone else had any issues where their PS5 will straight just hard crash whilst playing Genshin Impact (PS5 version) or if they leave the game running for about 15-20 minutes it will also hard crash the console. Like, to the point where it flat out won't turn back on at all and I have to remove and then re-insert the power cable for it to turn back on again. I haven't had this happen whilst playing Assassin's Creed III Remaster and it only seems to happen with Genshin Impact but then I'm probably playing Genshin more than AC at the moment so it could be the console? Just want to check if anyone else had the same issue and was it specific to Genshin Impact. Oh. And before I get a bunch of comments. Yes. My rest mode is deactivated, I disabled it the day that I got my PS5 because I heard of the widespread issues.