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  1. Arenas usually operate like this: Find someone with the same WIN / LOST number If the time was long, look for someone with the same number of WIN but LOST +/- 1 Winnings are the main factor. I drew a table, which by definition shows how many players and how many rounds are needed to reach 6 wins. Remember: 9 wins or 3 losses -> you're out.
  2. Arena in Hearthstone, GWENT and most card games work the same. Your opponent should have same wins/lost as you. So 4 players isnt enough to do this.
  3. Yee. I think also about this but ill try help. Playing arenas and after reach arena 6. I'll surrender all games
  4. So i made a info about all trophies that i think are unobtainable: 100% unobtainable for now: Deal With The Devil - Play one arena game. - ..... Dupe The Devil - Finish a contract with Gaunter (complete an arena run). - ... Traditionalist - Have 3 copies of the same card in an arena deck. - ... Apple of his Eye - Complete an arena run with at least 6 wins. - ... 50/50% , not sure: Trouper - Reach Rank 20 - i got some rank points last day so maybe its still able Kickin' Up Dust - Play one ranked game. - like upper one. I think, maybe u can got it So 4 trophies for arena and 2 trophies for ranked games, which im not sure are unobtainable
  5. Ive add also my twitter message for him and link that post Players, like my post to make it even wider! There is a chance that we will act! PS. I've got platinium but wanna help you
  6. If I understand correctly, the arenas will be turned off today (or already turned off). If this is true then today, anyone who does not have trophies for the arena will no longer be able to get platinum in this game.
  7. U got normal one instantly. After complete game on 100% u will get all cards golden and few other goodies
  8. Buy Thronebreaker. Easy helper and awesome story
  9. Because [] give us cards into GWENT and some kinds of 'addons' -> Platinium in Thronebreaker can be helpfull for some people. I created a topic in Thronebreaker, so you can look there. About 'Not available Arenas'.I believe that this is the case (I hope so!). Because, today, all payments for real money have been disabled. It means that we could enter the arena for GOLD or REAL CURRENCY. I hope that the patch, which is expected next week, will unlock the arena for GOLD and we will be able to play and roll in 6 wins. The only drawback to all this is that after the patch we will only be able to play for PS4 players -> longer queues and waiting.
  10. Hi. I planned to write the guide later because I was sticking everything with a friend on my computer. We have currently received information about the withdrawal of GWENT from PS4. What does this have in common here? If we get some stuff in Thronebreaker then we get some additions in GWENT. If we hit platinum, we automatically have everything collected. The best decision now (if someone plans to play GWENT on PC / Mobile) is to platinum in GWNET and Thronebreaker. By moving the account we will have all the rewards from Thronebreaker and we will not have to buy it again on the PC to get these rewards. My question: Is anyone writing a guide for this game? If not, I will try to write it calmly until mid-January to maintain good quality.
  11. Problem is... ARENA is not working now
  12. OMG. How this game got some players now?! They're testers or what?!
  13. It’s Not Their Fault They’re Mad - can take some time and practise for someone who didnt play game earlier. And some collectables can be "little" time consuming.
  14. First. Its start of the game. This game can be dead in few months or maybe they add this in PS+ later to revive it. Second. This game got multi games, easly find games in few minutes. Dunno what u think about "dead online" .
  15. 2 of them only for 1000 points. I got some berries from online. I got this from no-damage. So its working Using double controller for trophies here is kinda cheating for me