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  1. In the Soul Sand Area towards the end will be a Square Room and you'll just need to walk to the back wall.
  2. Is it possible if anyone knows if this is still bugged or if they patched it? Thanks!
  3. Yeah snooker plus, I will take your info onboard and try that! Thanks for the input
  4. i have gotten 147+ break many times, anyone else? any work around? thank you
  5. Runs like a Ninja on PS5
  6. i aint doing all the maps again. guess ill be missing 1 trophy. unless they patch it. thanks for the video
  7. When I beat him I got my first error screen of PS5. Luckily when I reloaded i had to start the level again not the game! Hope it works this time round for you
  8. Luckily, I backed up to a USB at 77, just incase, but some people wasn't so lucky:(
  9. i just got Gold in all Racer Events, and Golddigger didnt pop
  10. Level 17 trophy popped fine for me +100 appeared a few times with no trophy, about the 6th time, the trophy popped up.
  11. Yeah Story mode, well for me.
  12. I will get level 17 tomorrow, I will return to confirm if mine pops or not!
  13. Mine seem to be fine now! Hope all yours are popping as they Should!
  14. do you mean Snakebite trophy? is so; 'Fox Lair Pass' location & Hot Pursuit called 'Avalanche'
  15. ill keep an eye out for you