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  1. Yeah invites to this in your game, I think it's 7 people max
  2. Damn your lucky lol, I havnt experience this, I still have 37% of activities left to 3 star. Hopefully it popping that early won't get you flagged
  3. When your start a event, none story, click R1 to start then go down to invite everyone, or invite party. But yes, noone ever joins lol
  4. After 3 good people to pop this trophy. If you don't need it please help a brother out. Thank you
  5. Thanks anyway bro 👍 appreciate it
  6. Any news ?
  7. I got 10 kills in 1 game, killed someone with a knife and got my first crown royale. But no trophy for none of them.
  8. I believe you cannot. Maybe wrong
  9. Thanks Buddy, just grabbed it
  10. I thought i would go back and 100% this because im back on that trophy grind, but sadly the servers have been shut off now its impossible to 100th this
  11. Thank you for taking your time to do this! nicely done also! Cheers!
  12. Some really good deals here! Have to purchase me a few and probably never even play them lol! 🤑