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  1. yes, but playing the game twice, for 2 platinums, well, goodluck with the Grind lol
  2. nope, you cannot.
  3. i can confirm it is free to play right now =D
  4. my wifi is fast and fine, its only this game that ive ever experienced it on, pretty weird
  5. happened to me about 5 times in the last few hours, while playing mainly during a cut-scene the game randomly restarts itself back to the main menu? have to do the quest all over again. but, do not get a blue error PS Screen, also, im still connected to the servers so its not a disconnection. anyone else had this?
  6. im not sure, but it will be a grind to platinum in that time frame regardless
  7. Does anyone know if they auto pop on PS4 if they are earned on PS5? may be a silly question, apologise in advance!
  8. I've tried messaging you on Discord but it says your tag is wrong? As soon as I join, I keep getting disconnected 😔
  9. Yes it is possible. Just takes a very very very very long time.
  10. F in the chat for the people who Grinded for hours to do this Legit
  11. F in the Chat.
  12. i found having it on Strong feels smoother to me
  13. You must unfogg the whole map. You should get this while getting the collectibles.
  14. This game looked good in trailers, but, in reality, it's one of the most boring games I've ever played in my life, I had to force myself to play it. To repetitive and boring. They patched a farming method too, which made the game even more grindy and boring.
  15. What a stupid thing to say. I love NFS games, but, I did find it too repetitive. That's why I have put the platinum on hold untill I have nothing else left to play. Good game though. But, can be boring quickly. IMO.