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  1. 15k didnt pop for me. Deleted game data and tried and popped. But 1 trophy out of order.
  2. amazing game! recommend!
  3. is anyone else having trouble with this Trophy? I should have it unlocked but..
  4. I personally don't see any issues with the game at the moment, but thats just me
  5. This has been in the game from the start, if not this one, one very close to this using the dates
  6. Do the trophies you are owed just pop?
  7. its 6 playthroughs for the Platinum. look at the guide for your missing ending guide.
  8. you wonna try Hex A Gone. when you fall through a solid tile. done it to me 6 times yesterday. Maybe 6 extra crown? oh well..
  9. Man! i was on a 4 streak earlier, and went to options instead off leave lol. after that i couldnt be arsed at all. i was about to give up, then i won 3 on the trot without leaving. and eventually got the 5! its still so hard with the exploit! Still working as of now! Goodluck all! Get that ridiculous Trophy!
  10. Happened to me, we had 2 balls, safely in the back no pressure of losing them, then it come up Eliminated after about 6 hours of trying. Im finished with the game now, im not bothered about the Platinum after that
  11. Obviously events with time limits are the best (yeah survival) so you know how long you have before you have to leave, instant death stay away from them in my opinion. Im currently on a 4 win streak. I've been leaving for the last 2 hours because im not happy with the gamemodes and taking Zero risks.
  12. the lowest i have had is 4 people and ive played the game a hell of alot over the past week, it helps if people leave as soon as the game starts too.
  13. whos in PS5 Trophies livestream telling him about this exploit and all his watchers lol
  14. not a clue, never heard of this happening before
  15. i kind of agree, you need skill to a degree, but its mainly Luck & jumping is a must on the seesaws too. My Tip, never grab anyone unless its a Tails or Jynx game, you just end up screwing yourself over more than the other person, its not worth it.