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  1. Possibly! Or it's just the game regardless. Which, it more than likely is! I am level 10, if I earn xp from challenges, it doesn't actually give me the xp, my bar doesn't go up, so I can't reach level 11, and the trophy for level 10 hasn't popped either! I mean, it took for long for the trophys to be added and beable to sync them, not suprised they actually don't work all together!
  2. Apparently, to other forums, if you buy the unlock all cups bundle like I did, it locks you out of the cups trophy, so if you did this is why. That will help for the 100k trophy. Thanks for the info
  3. Play 7 Cups Trophy & Win 25 Races in a Row not unlocking. anyone else experiencing this? or maybe with different trophy's?
  4. Definitely picking one of these badboys up!
  5. I ordered my PS5 Disc version from, and i had to go on the website logged into my account and under 'digital items' there was a code for me to redeem to recieve the Car Packs and the Credits. Hope this helps anyone out
  6. I would like to join please Update 01 January; PS4 - Outlast 2 - £7.99 PS4 - Meme Run 2 - £6.99 PS5 - Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six Extraction - £39.99 February; PS5 - Futbol Break - £5 PS4 - Pool Nation - £5 PS4 - Days Gone - £10 PS4 / PS5 - Nape Retroverse £5 PS4 - Watch Dogs 2 DLC - £30 PS5 - Watch Dogs Legion £20 Total: £129.97
  7. My trophys played up on PS4 and PS5, i had to close the game a few times and delete the save. In the end, got them all to pop.
  8. According to BadDriver it is across the 3 Nightmare levels highscores, So you could have 300 + 300 + 400 to make 1000. But, i did 1000 in 1 level and it popped. Cheers for the heads up!
  9. Nightmare scoreScore a cumulative score of 1000 anyone else not getting this to pop?
  10. Time to let my son play it now its fixed 😜
  11. give it a few days and it will be fixed, hopefully, i have the same issue. don't worry.
  12. its relatively a easy platinum, can cheese some of the Rift Lord difficulty levels with kill-box funnelling.
  13. yes, but playing the game twice, for 2 platinums, well, goodluck with the Grind lol
  14. nope, you cannot.
  15. i can confirm it is free to play right now =D