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  1. I ordered my PS5 Disc version from, and i had to go on the website logged into my account and under 'digital items' there was a code for me to redeem to recieve the Car Packs and the Credits. Hope this helps anyone out
  2. I would like to join please Update 01 January; PS4 - Outlast 2 - £7.99 PS4 - Meme Run 2 - £6.99 PS5 - Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six Extraction - £39.99 February; PS5 - Futbol Break - £5 PS4 - Pool Nation - £5 PS4 - Days Gone - £10 PS4 / PS5 - Nape Retroverse £5 PS4 - Watch Dogs 2 DLC - £30 PS5 - Watch Dogs Legion £20 Total: £129.97
  3. My trophys played up on PS4 and PS5, i had to close the game a few times and delete the save. In the end, got them all to pop.
  4. According to BadDriver it is across the 3 Nightmare levels highscores, So you could have 300 + 300 + 400 to make 1000. But, i did 1000 in 1 level and it popped. Cheers for the heads up!
  5. Nightmare scoreScore a cumulative score of 1000 anyone else not getting this to pop?
  6. Time to let my son play it now its fixed 😜
  7. give it a few days and it will be fixed, hopefully, i have the same issue. don't worry.
  8. its relatively a easy platinum, can cheese some of the Rift Lord difficulty levels with kill-box funnelling.
  9. yes, but playing the game twice, for 2 platinums, well, goodluck with the Grind lol
  10. nope, you cannot.
  11. i can confirm it is free to play right now =D
  12. my wifi is fast and fine, its only this game that ive ever experienced it on, pretty weird
  13. happened to me about 5 times in the last few hours, while playing mainly during a cut-scene the game randomly restarts itself back to the main menu? have to do the quest all over again. but, do not get a blue error PS Screen, also, im still connected to the servers so its not a disconnection. anyone else had this?
  14. im not sure, but it will be a grind to platinum in that time frame regardless
  15. Does anyone know if they auto pop on PS4 if they are earned on PS5? may be a silly question, apologise in advance!