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  1. 15 but it Doesnt bother me Because They Are DLCs and i HATE em
  2. i will add only people once Sony removes the Auto Follow when you add someone
  3. I platinumed this game Twice and IF i Go for a 3rd Time you can Then find me in The Hospital lol
  4. who are those girls in your profile which anime? and this game seems to be hard even harder than Street Fighter V
  5. I would help but EA banned me and that is also my own fault for Buying Coins
  6. Thanks Bro you saved my Life
  7. Its in FIFA 20 again but this Time you have to play a Match in Div 4 and i Wonder IF the placement Matches Are There to Make it Easier If Not Then Fuck your Self EA And Good for me I have an Friend who won all 5 placement Matches with a 50k Team
  8. Same Here but i stopped it
  9. nothing new i platinumed SFV twice and MK 11 will be my 10th but i will firstly heal from my sickness and then do it a future Warning do not accept the RFID chips even if it means death dont accept it
  10. I want to know 1 Thing when will we ne able to change our IDs??
  11. Same Here i was struggling with that Too
  12. The US side sucks Not the Japanese all They do is Rip People oft with DLC
  13. I am Happy with my 7 Plats and in a Month or 2 i will start again
  14. Yes you can do them i did them with a 2nd Controller
  15. Nah They Sell Their Familys For a Freakig Game which Comes mit every Freaking Year and someone must help those Lost Souls lol