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  1. Some trophies require a little bit of time for each person, like only the Host ones... Rocketbirds on the vita required I think 2-3 hours just so the host of the co-op would get the trophy, luckily I had a decent partner and I think we finished the same day or maybe the next, no one gets screwed when I’m playing with them
  2. Looks like it is still on the HK store maybe your or @ahmwe could be the test subjects I think it could work. Hell I was the first one to check Xcoms HK dlc. With that I would’ve searched for an Asian copy if the US disc didn’t work so you might want to buy the HK DLCs worse case scenario you’ll have to buy the digital one on the HK store or just live without 100%. How bad you want those trophies
  3. Nope not just EA, could be any publisher, I took a quick skim thru your profile, nothing really jumped out at me except for XCom, I’m sure you already bought the DLC from HK store as it’s the only option now. Rage has dlc, Bethesda was sold, so there could be another DLC gone down the road, I just don’t want to alarm/force people to buy something that might not get taken down, but if your a completist. I would sort ps3 only games thru psnprofiles and check which ones are digital only and which ones has DLC... I totally forgot 1 of the DeathSpanks had a DLC level and had to buy that the other day.
  4. is the only way to get CN yuan currency, you can either buy a random account or make your own and you have to give them your log-in details and they’ll add funds to your mainland China account
  5. I tried pasting a photo, forgot I gotta upload it to a site first, I’m talking about NBA Elite 11 picture in the 2nd post, it’s sealed, it has the ps3 cellophane towards the middle/bottom which is usually only done for Europe/Asia/Japan sealed games, so that’s why I was asking if anyone has ever seen it on a NTSC Region 1 game, I’ll upload a few photos later so I can get people’s thoughts
  6. Do you think this is real? Most copies I’ve seen have a holographic nba sticker and also a NBA Jam stick on most copies, since this is so rare maybe some didn’t get that or could it be fake? I think it could be real, but the 2 missing stickers and a EU looking seal on an NA game are some red flags... just was wondering what the gaming community thinks.... THanks in advance for all the input from everyone
  7. @HuntingFever @IntroPhenom that’s the thing, that’s what I’m talking about there was 2 copies of NBA Elite 11 This week alone(which is especially fishy)that had this type of seal on a region 1. The pic that you guys see my brother in law got additional pictures before the listing was removed and the seller is no longer a registered user. It is a different copy from the other NBA elite 11 that sold 2 days ago Just by seeing the ps3 cellophane was a little higher than the other, but both copies are selling from Russia and Poland..... I'm just wondering if you’ll think this is legit or fake?????
  8. Has anyone seen PS3 Region 1 (NA) games sealed like Region 2 (EU) with the PS3 logo cellophane on the bottom? I think Asian games come like that too, but has anyone ever seen a region 1 with it???
  9. Yea sales for ps3 games are pretty rare nowadays. You just have to bite the bullet and buy them at full price+ tax.... they should be in your download list if you did buy them.... no other way to get the DLC for any region...besides Japan Because it’s on the disc... as for any future delistings, always check is the only site I know. Not to make people jump the gun on un-needed purchases, but EA has delisted a few DLCs this year, Kingdoms of Amalur, NFS Hot Pursuit and Brutal Legend’s DLC have been removed. So if you don’t want an incomplete ps3 game that has DLC trophies, I would suggest you buy it now... I had to buy NFS Most Wanted and NFS Shift 2 DLcs maybe a month and half ago at full price, it sucks, but ya got to do what you got to do for them trophies. The Yu gi oh ps3 games by Konami could go whenever they lose the license... so it’s hard to judge which games/dlcs to buy first. My advice just buy the whole psn store
  10. Lol, I just did that looking to see if I had NFS Hot Pursuits DLCs, bought it years ago.... if there’s anything on the ps3 digital Only or DLC, you might want to start buying them, because they’re aren’t many sales on ps3 these days last was Sound Shapes, the Japan store had Wizardry on sale maybe a month ago. Especially anything that has real life products (cars, bikes, pinball tables, comics, tv shows, etc.) Since 2020 started I’ve been slowly getting 1 or 2 older ps3 games during PS4 sales.
  11. Little orbit loses a lot of licenses, they usually give a heads up, atleast it’s on physical so no biggie
  12. That’s awesome, I was just reading the bold warning in the DLC description... I knew XCom US disc worked with Hong Kong DLC. I had Hot pursuit DLC back in 2011 so looks like ppl have 1 last option
  13. Nope not for the US PS3 version anyways.... it’s on the Japan ps3 disc and also the PS4 Remaster.... but there is no psn store that has it, they never had a ultimate edition.... I tried to warn everyone as soon as I thought it was leaving
  14. Once you got online and accepted a challenge you get removed after beating it, so the idea is to have as many ppl in the lobby already with a score right under the person on the leaderboards and already friended them.... I was running late to one of the boosting session but was able to knock out the score before he got done with the 1st booster in was in the lobby and seen his score.... If you don’t see them, then they are gone forever, but good job helping a couple of ppl out, unfortunately you can’t help any others
  15. I looked at the DLCs on the HK store there’s 2 different ps3 hot pursuit versions, all DLCs work with either BLAS-50256 or a different BLAS50254?... in other words, nope it won’t be compatible with US disc, you can either buy the full digital version on the HK along with the appropriate DLC or try to find a physical Asian copy