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  1. I held the controller upside down and act like a cop banging on a door got it that way without a miss, tried the circle motion, tried the masturbating method and both had misses
  2. DOTPW and dlc is on the UK store
  3. Not sure there’s a Ps4 JP stack yet... think it’s only US/EU.. I think Dead Nation and maybe another are the only digital Z rated games... back on topic, there’s no workaround that I know of, you’ll have to know someone from Japan to get Z rated items or atleast have a Japanese credit card
  4. Well you’re in luck like @NamoPh said the game and expansion packs along with decks and foils are still on the UK/EU store... I just checked they have more MTG than our store..., unfortunately you’ll have to re buy the base game if you’ve bought it from the NA store... but yea here’s people final warning these games could be removed at anytime
  5. The 2013 is still on the Hong Kong store along with the expansion or you can buy the gold bundle for like 270ish HK. Might want to snag it before it gets delisted there too, but from the looks of it,like Helyx said the OG and 2012 and technically 2013 are delisted... since the USA one you can’t add to cart
  6. If you want to get it before it gets delisted from HK store... pretty sure it will give you this list, I believe the EU is completely delisted...
  7. It’s not too bad like Helyx said it’s around a 7/10... you gotta grow your tornado while sprinting around looking for those flames. If you like Katamari games you’ll like this just a few levels were a pain... it’s been probably a decade since I platinumed it so kinda of hazy on the details
  8. It’s showing 9.99 on the US store
  9. It’s completely in English....
  10. It’s on my YaPSNapp as long as you play online(which this game is online-only) it tracks how many hours and also sessions(each time played) so I’m at 204 hrs with 177 sessions played also tells you your longest session which mine is 24 hours.... I played it an entire day once... It’s a very cool app that every trophy hunter should have.... I re read the OP, This is a genuine Free-to-play game... like you don’t have to wait hours/days for battles like some FTP games are.... there’s no limit or restrictions that would hold you up on playing this game. Like most ppl have never spent any real money on this game it’s just a grind grind grind game... You need everything.... Gems, Gold, Glory, minor traitstones, major traitstones, Arcane stones, ingots, souls, deeds....
  11. You’re fine not spending a single dime, but if you did buy stuff that makes your VIP level go up which the higher you are the better daily things you get, but that’s forking over real money.... no matter if you do it free or spend money you’re looking at 1000s of hours and months if not years going for 100%. I love the game, play it everyday for the past 5 months and with 204 hours in you can see my progress... took forever just to get a bronze badge on a card still not gold... then do that 99 more times.... it’s like a billion hours 😜 but it is fun Like ppl said getting in a good guild is essential, so your strategy should be to get and power level as many kingdoms as you can first and eventually have enough to cover the weekly requirements of your guild. Hell just trying for the 100% In pets will take months just cause you have to level it up and it’s different pets each time except a few weeks ago it had back to back cat pets... but the base 100% should be under 100hrs especially after you get the XP bonus for in guild wars when your guild wins each day
  12. You should be fine, the devs posted on Twitter that it will be back on the US store March 9
  13. Nice, that’s now the HK stores second game’s DLC that worked with other regions, the first was Xcom and that delisted DLC is still on the HK store
  14. I’ll check it after I get off work I still needed a leaderboard trophy so hopefully they’re up. I’ll found out in about 8 hrs
  15. Even tho it’s not on the list of activision titles....Tony Hawk Pro-skater HD is still up 😀