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  1. What AfroMan say about walking past a fish market????? “Morning Ladies” sorry couldn’t resist...... good job Neko
  2. So...the only digital (EU) Vita lists are the ones that will be gone for good? Since they’re physical copies for PS4 for NA and EU... they said the vita version of Prelude is also digital only, but it shares the PS4 List. Hmmm... not sure if I want to get the EU vita versions at that price and not sure how long the vita region switch trick would work.....
  3. The dude hacked it, it said it took him 3 years, but all trophy stamps are in July 2020... Plus you can’t even load up the game it does some sort of error, I’ll check it out after work since I believe I still have it downloaded, but yeah there’s no possible way to get any trophy in it nowadays.
  4. RIP Great rapper, think I first heard him on the old adult swim cartoons, than when I saw his CD at my local used CD store(yes I’m that old) had to get it. Think I have the Danger Mouse cd too, thought that was really good... can’t really remember the name of it... I haven’t played a CD in years....... damn 2020 sucked....
  5. Think I got a diamond on the ps3 maybe a few months ago, but there was 4 of us playing, so yea if you really want the higher cups you need 4 controllers and 3 other ppl helping, ive took a little break from all versions was playing daily, but hey atleast it wasn’t a bronze 😂 sometimes I was just content with that, just a 1 run and done type mentality
  6. Certain challenges are better with more ppl helping you doing local co op like collect the lums and dojo’s, but not the falling challenges, some ppl are hackers, but if you think the ps3 one is hard, the vita is the worst just cause of the low player count
  7. Think my cousin had the same issue was able to get in the cart, but was gone before checkout.... my ps5 arrived earlier today, got a text message saying signature required, but he left it at the door, think god I bought a Ring doorbell this week and knew fed ex dropped it off
  8. Get you a big boy card 64 or atleast a 32 😜
  9. Actually they both are on the old US store atleast I found them, Most Ratlaikia games are cross buy, I am the Hero is on sale right now 60% off and it’s cross but so buy the PS4 if you can’t find the vita version. Pantsu hunter is on the PS4 and vita, but isn’t cross buy so you have to buy it twice, the PS4 version is also on sale, along with many other ratlaikia games, but if anyone knows of digital only games not on the vita store like the EU versions of Utawaremu please post want you can.
  10. Nice Find. looks like people still have a last option
  11. Some trophies require a little bit of time for each person, like only the Host ones... Rocketbirds on the vita required I think 2-3 hours just so the host of the co-op would get the trophy, luckily I had a decent partner and I think we finished the same day or maybe the next, no one gets screwed when I’m playing with them
  12. Looks like it is still on the HK store maybe your or @ahmwe could be the test subjects I think it could work. Hell I was the first one to check Xcoms HK dlc. With that I would’ve searched for an Asian copy if the US disc didn’t work so you might want to buy the HK DLCs worse case scenario you’ll have to buy the digital one on the HK store or just live without 100%. How bad you want those trophies
  13. Nope not just EA, could be any publisher, I took a quick skim thru your profile, nothing really jumped out at me except for XCom, I’m sure you already bought the DLC from HK store as it’s the only option now. Rage has dlc, Bethesda was sold, so there could be another DLC gone down the road, I just don’t want to alarm/force people to buy something that might not get taken down, but if your a completist. I would sort ps3 only games thru psnprofiles and check which ones are digital only and which ones has DLC... I totally forgot 1 of the DeathSpanks had a DLC level and had to buy that the other day.
  14. is the only way to get CN yuan currency, you can either buy a random account or make your own and you have to give them your log-in details and they’ll add funds to your mainland China account