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  1. I figure they would go down sometime between 3am and 6am since it’s 12 hours ahead of US, I can see why @Potent_Delusions would say it was awful , it did crash a lot, but when I was doing the 4 player trophies(first trophies I went for) it didn’t crash once, but my partner had it crash quite a few times. For a free FPS it was alright it, reminded me of the PS3 game Snipers
  2. The complete version is Grid 2 Reloaded... it was digital only unfortunately.....I went through my download list and thankfully I have all the DLCs cause of me purchasing the reloaded edition even tho I had the disc version
  3. Grid 2’s DLC was delisted, so if you didn’t buy the dlc than you can’t get 100%
  4. Nice, I figure it would, it’s totally worth $15 , even tho a sale would’ve been nice, but by now I highly doubt you’ll see any “newish different” PS3 digital games that haven’t been on sale before
  5. The cheapest it went down to was $5.99... and that was in 2016... I actually don’t see it going on sale anytime if it didn’t this weekend I doubt it ever will before it’s removed...
  6. Think it got removed from EU stores still on US... get it while you still can
  7. The problem will be after the 25th... I believe after the 25th any newcomer will get an error when you goto the download episodes 2-5... but maybe I’m wrong so you have about a week left to get them on your download list
  8. Sweet I hope it does, nice work
  9. RGX Showdown is published by Telltale and they’re 2 versions EU and US not sure if it will get delisted or not....
  10. Actually that’s probably not true, as long as you’ve got credits you can still go in unlock some weapons,etc from the multiplayer.... I know I have enough to unlock a trophy, but haven’t got back around to it.
  11. Just a heads up about COD MWR... it has that training mission trophy that took me like 3 hrs replaying that same damn mission, I would suggest all people wanting Platinum may want to go for that trophy right away as I thought it was the hardest along with the Chernobyl level with Captain Price, but than again majority of players may never even go into the single player part of the game... but yea like most of you 2 games a month is definitely a hit in the stomach... if it was still $49 it wouldn’t be as bad
  12. Much appreciated
  13. I downloaded the 3 DLCs but when I try to host a game I only have 14 tracks, I don’t see any from Big City or Arctic... anybody know what I’m doing wrong? I do have 2 tracks from Far East and got that trophy
  14. I decided to go for a 300 the most expensive, I had to email them a pic of an I’d and my credit card because of the amount... $60 USD = 300rb... so if you get a smaller amount you may not have to email them pictures of your stuff even tho I blocked out all the personal info... seemed sketchy, and borderline identity theft, but they put 300 on my account. There’s a few stacks that’s on sale the big ones for the price for I think about 100rb can get you PlayStation VR worlds and Rayman legends stacks along with the just dance games are on sale too
  15. Wow..., 100 some current players for an old ass vita game. Looks like you did an excellent job @JorgeSleep reminding people. Good job to all that got it... I had to run to a LameSpot 20 miles away since they were the only ones that had a copy