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  1. Just checked Nascar Heat 2 & 3 are now done for
  2. Yea it should be alright, but who knows if they decide to get rid of the email app like they are doing with the vita messaging
  3. Nope it’s gone from all stores unless you know someone that has it and can play on their PS4
  4. Nice i forgot about Ivan and Santa... I suggest Hung Lo over Scurv Dawg since there’s another trophy just for Hung Lo
  5. I’ve put in 48 hours so far and now I see a new dlc to upgrade 100 troops to gold elite with medals.... think it’s going to take forever, but it is a very enjoyable game and for free has a ton of content not just trophy wise...
  6. Even if it is you can grab the physical copy that has both games.... that might go up in price once store shuts down
  7. You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending You might want Asura DLCs because it has the true ending
  8. I wouldn’t mine if this had a EU stack(fingers crossed) even tho it’s not an easy platinum
  9. I let my nephew play this and I saw he got in a couple of vehicles a hover bike and a car.... I platinumed it 3 times and never notice you could press X on certain vehicles to drive them.... I was wondering if the game was updated, but it wasn’t, just can’t believe I missed that.
  10. Lol.... I didn’t even notice the Bible stuff.... you’ll finish it in 1 minute to even notice... took me almost half hour since I was doing restarts and not turning it off....and didn’t even notice that Thessalonians quote
  11. Yea if I remember correctly it has to be done thru invite, But than again I didn’t have anyone close to me that had a vita and Rocketbirds to try ad-hoc... guess some1 can try it out and report back, but that’s like a 2-3 hr waste if it doesn’t work
  12. Think they meant certain items(mostly DLCs or cross/buys) you buy you have to actually add each individual DLC/game manually, ex. I got the season passes for Drakengard, that actually added all the DLC, but Sniper Elite 3 season pass was purchased I had to put each DLC into the cart and “buy” them.
  13. Killzone 1 has a physical... as for All stars you do know the online was shut down and can’t be platinum
  14. Remember when I said Sony maid a billion earlier last week??????? I was wrong it’s probably a trillion now..... Jesus my vita and PS3 games are going to skyrocket it in prices... Ppl looking for COD DLCs not sure if they’re not expired but the Hardened and CEs have the season passes.... sucks, but I had a feeling when I saw the rumor they would pull this shit, but I have pretty much the entire PS3 library just gotta do vita before August
  15. There’s 2 different versions with separate trophy lists, JP will be cheaper than the Asia version
  16. Think it’s been delisted, there’s a EU physical copy, but no NA
  17. Badlands said they were asking Sony about it..... not sure if the US version will come back or not.....
  18. If your a sam’s club member you can get a $100 for $94.98, so you save a little bit... also OffGamers has a fee at the end of transaction, but usually still has decent prices
  19. Forgot to add Battle Rockets gets Delisted at the end of the month, get it now before it’s too late, plus you’ll get the new version free and can stack the platinums
  20. As long as your accounts have that PS3 activated, all your accounts could get the trophies if you wanted, someone confirmed that US version and HK DLC are compatible, they aren’t a 100KB “paid” day 1 add-on that unlock on whatever profile it purchased it on...
  21. If you ever want the 100% in KOA you’ll need to buy the 2 DLC levels now before they’re removed from the store.
  22. I try to get things when there on sale, but the sales for PS3 and vita are pretty much done for so I’ve been rounding out the digital PS3 stuff since they removed the PS3 from the online store... since of the rumor I finally popped on Drakenguard DLC and Asuras Wrath DLC along with the ps eye game Kung-Fu Live
  23. Touché Now I was hoping I would get the PS3/vita answer....but I wanted to put a spoiler text in saying what YOU choose, goes for EVERYONE, still have the same answer????? Meaning you just screwed all PS4 owners just so you can save a few bucks on ME3 and Drakengard DLC 😅😅😅😂 Thought I 😈 for a second Yea it’s pretty much done for on the sales, think the last price drop was Deadfall went from $20 to $5 and Sound Shapes only cause of cross-buy... I was just just seeing who my die hard PS3/Vita ppl are 😀 I love my PS3s and Vitas
  24. For the ppl who are waiting on Sony to confirm or deny is irrelevant or are waiting on a sale for specific PS3 game/DLC... tomorrow is Sony’s big Play @ home with a ton of free PS4 games... they don’t give a shit about the PS3 or Vita... in fact let me ask you all this.... If Sony said hey we’ll give you 1 last final sale on the PS3/Vita, but you couldn’t get the Play @ home games for free no more, which would you choose? It doesn’t matter if you buy your older stuff now or in a couple of months, it most likely will be the same price....
  25. Love your optimism, but there hasn’t been a sale on the PS3 stuff in years, just look at the Mass Effect 3 dlc thread, guess I got that DLC long ago when it was on sale... or like a horrible Trials clone called Motorbike, it’s never went on sale I bought that last year full price. It would be awesome if they did a sale at the end, the only time I saw that was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC, they had it on sale before delisting...and it could all be false I just don’t see any old stuff being on sale atleast not in NA/EU... maybe a month or two ago I saw Japan had some PS3 only titles on sale and was shocked. edit- actually I remember before Adventure Time (Vita) and another little orbit game went on sale before delisting