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  1. Glad the info helped you out! Wish I would have known earlier that epics only drop when you land the killing blow. Would've saved me a lot of time.
  2. You don't need the DLC to help you with my method. What I ended up doing was going after a warchief who I death threated. Normally that would mean greater chances of epic runes EXCEPT you don't need to kill them yourself. Convert a few bodyguards to your side and get them to land the killing blow. Guaranteed not to be an epic. So warchief +2, death threat +1, Know their weaknesses/strengths +1 and let them kill you beforehand so that you get the +1 for revenge. As long as they're level 20 that will result in a level 25 rune. From start to finish it shouldn't take more than an hour. I did this and got it on my first attempt. That was AFTER about 8 hours of grinding where I got about 25 epics in a row. I even spent about 2 hours reloading saves to save time and got epic after epic that way too. That was all without the death threats, I just couldn't get a non-epic rune. Hope this helps!
  3. So according to PSNProfiles the new CoD has under 20k game owners. I realise that this site only tracks some profiles and not all, but the site tracks over 4 millions accounts. Out of 4 million accounts tracked fewer than 20 thousand own one of the biggest games of the year? If just doesn't seem correct. Fewer than 1 in 200 profiles own the game? Either the number of game owners shown is radically lower than it is in reality or PSNProfiles tracks a couple of hundred thousand profiles at most. I've observed this with loads of games. I'm just using CoD 2019 as an example. I'd love for someone to be able to explain this to me.
  4. So yeah I'm brand new here. I have no idea how to quote you guys like you've both done. I had no idea I could update my profile more regularly than every 6 hours.
  5. Can't help but feel that 6 hour updates for a paid service is a joke. Rocket League Tracker reviews ALL users every 5 minutes. FOR FREE. Paid service should update much more regularly.