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  1. Reminiscence in the Night Trophy & Achievement Guide - Full Platinum Walkthrough You’re trapped in your apartment. You have no memory of your past. As you try to escape, you rapidly understand that you must confront your traumas, and the only way to do this is to let your choices guide you to freedom. Interact with different items in the apartment to invoke new scenes and memories, speak on the computer with your childhood friend, Sofia, to further the story Time to platinum: 10min Difficulty: 1/10 Number of trophies: 15 missable: YES Playthroughs: 2 release date: 22.10.2021. price: 4.99$ number of stacks: 4 - CROSSBUY CROSSBUY: no 00:00 Intro & Settings 00:39 Guitar & Guilt Playthrough 05:14 Freedom & Acceptance Endings 05:39 Teddy Bear & Relief Playthrough 09:38 A Fascinating Novel & Love Ending Trophies: 00:40 First day 00:46 Your Best Friend 01:21 A song from the past 02:38 I saw a friend 03:13 Living a nightmare 03:58 Guilt 04:46 Friendship 05:18 Freedom 05:33 Acceptance 05:58 An Argument 06:58 A gift of goodbye 09:03 Relief 09:53 A fascinating novel 10:08 Love 10:13 Platinum night
  2. Yes free upgrade
  3. Kick it Bunny is going te ba an easy platinum with lot of miscellaneous trophies. We also need to collect all chests, 37 rings and solve 10 puzzles. Puzzles can be hard, but I will provide you with a solution, both video and graphically. By holding R2 and R2 you can run and swim faster, with X you jump, with square you hit other animals. In options menu you can choose animals not to be agressive. There are 27 trophies in total and all miscellaneous you can get in about 20 to 30minutes. Platinum time – 2hr Difficulty – 2/10 with guide, 4/10 without PRICE – 9.99$ Only 1 stack RELEASE DATE . 13.10.2021 PlayStation 00:00 Intro 00:05 Score 10 goals trophy 00:25 Lie on deck chair for 10 secs 00:50 Grinding trophies for kicking animals and getting kicked 01:01 Don't bother me I am watching trophy 01:19 Grinding trophies for kicking animals and getting kicked 01:37 Kicking a toucan 01:46 Colorful trophy 01:55 Kick it Bunny trophy 02:42 Leap of faith trophy 02:55 Kick 20 chickens trophy 03:08 Hatman Trophy 03:25 Hidden Chest 03:45 All chest – MAP WITH ALL CHESTS 04:07 Square Ring Trophy 04:28 Wet Jump trophy 04:55 ALL 37 RINGS 10:03 Puzzle Nr.1 – Heart Mini 11:43 Puzzle 2 – Crocodile 13:25 Puzzle 3 - Deer 16:20 Puzzle 4 – Fir Mini 17:30 Puzzle 5 – Key 20:20 Puzzle 6 – Monkey 25:55 Puzzle 7 – Wolf 30:00 Puzzle 8 – Amanita 32:00 Puzzle 9 – Batman 37:35 Puzzle 10 – Candy
  4. Main goal of this game is to lead spirits to their portal. You can do that by assembling boxes to the right positions. Different levels offer different challenges, but game mechanic is mostly the same. You can put boxes with cross button, delete them with circle button and let spirits go to their portal when you are ready with square button. Some levels have limited amount of boxes that you can put, but most of them have a free will how ever you want to assemble. I made this guide by showing you the final moments of each level, so you can easily follow. You can just stop the video and start assembling the same position as me. Certain levels require additional action during the final moments, so be aware for that. Game is not a crossbuy, costs only 5$ and has 4 stacks total. Playtime – 1hour for plat Difficulty – 2/10, 1/10 with guide Missable - nothing 00:00 Levels 1 – 5 01:46 Levels 6-10 05:12 Levels 11-15 10:46 Levels 16-20 15:31 Levels 21-25 19:23 Levels 26-30
  5. it seems that they need to be in cup or league
  6. Super Arcade Soccer is going to be easy platinum, but unfortunately game itself is quite bad due to its old school controls. Ball is uncontrollable, players receiving balls is something that doesnt exist, you constantly need to use L1 to switch players because game is not doing good job there. The game costs around 8$, verdict is wait for sale. 100 goals are easily boostable via second controller, but this doesn't apply when playing cups and leagues. However you can simulate matches and that is a great feature. 100 goals to boost with second controller took me around 20mins, rest of the game 40mins. Full guide:
  7. Underland Trophy Guide Achievement Guide 100% Walkthrough Underland is a very easy platinum if you follow the guide. Trophies are very straightforward, we get each trophy for finished level. There are 30 levels in total. Some levels are quite harder than the others. Basically you have 2 guys which you can switch with R1/L1. Sometimes you need to go to final platform with only one guy, sometimes with 2. You will also get a drill and drill is also switchable characther. Later in some levels you will get explosive carts, helicopter, cannon and all of them are playable. I will leave here chapters divided in 5 levels, so you can easily search for level that bothers you. 00:00 Levels 1 - 5 03:32 Levels 6 - 10 08:59 Levels 11 – 15 15:24 Levels 16 - 20 31:17 Levels 21 - 25 37:44 Levels 26 - 30
  8. Space Revenge is very quick, easy and cheap platinum. It can be done in around 15 to 20minutes following my guide. Trophies are pretty easy and straightforward for such a game. Few combat trophies, few for side quests and a few for exploring. The game is stackable, EU & NA stacks only and game is a crossbuy. You can get the game cheaper if you have a PS PLUS membership Time to platinum: 15 to 20mins Trophies - 12 Missable: No Difficulty: 2/10 Playthroughs: 1 Release date: 30th September PRICE: 10.99$ Cheaper with PS plus 00:00 Level 1 (Trophies: No Soldiers Alive,Discoverer, Healer,Grenades,Secondary,Master of Unlocking,Completionist) 02:55 Level 2 (Store, Trophies:Activator, No Spawners) 09:40 Level 3 (Trophies: Barrels, True Completionist) 01:43 Discoverer 01:46 Secondary 02:06 Master of Unlocking 02:16 No Soldiers Alive 02:35 Grenades 02:55 Completionist 03:44 Store 05:04 Healer 05:44 Activator 09:15 No Spawners 09:55 Barrels 09:58 True Completionist
  9. Sry but I really dont have any. Level is to complicated, I was just trying to remember the trajectory of ball and imagine it. Also I was shooting it up high all the time, not directly to the place. That way if it landed it landed softly , so I still had a posibillity to get it right
  10. The StoryTale - is a fairy tale platformer where everything goes bing-bang-boom, but everybody remain alive and healthy. It's a game where you constantly forget the spells and the weapons are cursed. But even in the midst of the swirling action you can stop and think over the next step. We can skip levels 11 to 20 if we choose streamer mode on. We need to play through first 10 levels to unlock the trophy for 10 levels, and when we skip levles we need to play level 20 in order to get the platinum. After that we need to play only 8 more leveles to get all miscellaneous trophies out of the way. 02:58 Goblin crosbow 05:25 Goblin 08:02 Goblin Archer 09:52 Level 10 Completed 11:43 Level 20 completed 12:03 A new spell 13:33 Another new spell 14:38 A New hammer 17:08 Goblin druid 21:18 Quest complete! 26:12 Goblin bomber 26:14 The StoryTale
  11. By opening the chest in village there will always be a mage. If you simply miss the trophy, dont worry. Let the time run out and try again. That way you get infinite amount of tries and no need to worry about this trophy, as long as you dont kill all enemies and finish the chest.
  12. Dont Touch This Buton is a minimalistic puzzle game with a first-person point of view. All you have to do to win is to go through a series of rooms pressing a certain button in each of them. But with each successive room it will become more and more difficult, and the danger you face will become more and more serious. You need to break 25 vases You need to find 5 different minions on 5 different levels You need to fall into space You need to die from spikes You need to die by laser I am leaving timestamps and full walkthrough here 00:00 Levels 1-15 03:44 Levels 16-30 08:49 Levels 31-45 13:49 Levels 46 – 60 19:06 Level 60 to final level 00:23 First step 00:34 Spikes 03:44 Level 15 08:49 Level 30 08:56 Fall 09:16 Lasers 12:59 Vandal 13:49 Level 45 14:31 Do not look at me! Minion 1 15: 43 Minion 2 17:33 Minion 3 19:03 Minion 4 19:08 Level 60 19:45 You can't hide Minion number 5 21:14 Last step 21:34 It was hard 21:36 Puzzle master - platinum
  13. Nothing missable, first playthrough is hard and it will be longer, but if you are stacking other times will be much easier and quicker. My first playthrough was around 1 hour, and then I got the plat in 10mins
  14. Crisis Wing is lovingly crafted to recall the frantic action of arcade classics! Featuring 7 vertical scrolling stages, upgradeable weapons and cooperative multiplayer, Crisis Wing combines modern gameplay advancements with nostalgic presentation, enriched by a ricking FM soundtrack and CRT filters for a genuine old-school vibe. Three types of powerups - red, green, blue - green is the best for one player stage, red is the best for boss rush mode Collecting medals - system - medals are not cumulative. Sometimes medals will drop in form of powerup. When you pikc first one it adds 100 bonus to your total score. Then the second one is 200,300, 400 up to 1000. After that is from 1000 to 10000 which is also a trophy. Your goal is to try boost this in first stage so you are cinstantlky adding 10 000 bonus to your score. Save bombs for boss fights and use them wisely - You can use bombs with circle button Here I explain every mode