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  1. My finale and second trophy for menu didnt pop on either version, I played a review copy...seems i could have unobtainable lists on my profile since the game doesnt let me restart campaign Anyone know is there any way to trigger the finale trophy?
  2. no I couldnt at all
  3. So basically that is the only unobtainable one after servers shutdown? Everything else is not missable but just harder due to gathering materials offline and not having them online? I am just asking because I am fine with the grind, but wouldnt want to have something unimissable. Thanks
  4. 00:00 Session 1 01:23 Session 2 01:45 Session 3 02:18 Session 4 Divination is a very easy platinum following a guide. Your gameplay is divided in four different sessions and to get the platinum you need to reach maximum chaos. trophy for maximum chaos is missable so I do recommend to follow a guide. All other trophies are story related, for starting and finishing sessions and story mode.
  5. Chapters: 00:00 Monday 09:07 Tuesday 15:28 Wednesday 21:25 Thursday 27:49 Road to stage 1 30:54 Stage 1 32:40 Stage 2 34:28 Stage 3 36:19 Stage 4 38:13 First boss battle 40:10 Caves section 51:14 Second boss battle 52:32 Winterland 57:29 Final boss battle 59:51 First ending 01:00:05 Second ending Trophies: 02:18 First memory 02:53 Second memory 03:17 Third memory 04:05 Fourth memory 08:27 Who's that? 08:39 Memory keeper 09:05 Monday 15:28 Tuesday 21:24 Wednesday 27:49 Thursday 32:38 Stage 1 34:28 Stage 2 36:19 Stage 3 38:13 Stage 4 38:34 Get the crystal 39:27 Familliar friend 46:07 Greedy 49:49 Exterminator 51:41 Round 2 55:35 Pyromancer 57:21 Hilt 59:15 Final boss 59:57 Never ending loop 01:03:09 Was it the right thing to do 01:03:11 Behind closed doors platinum
  6. It doesnt work, again
  7. Thanks a lot, I will try to start it this week
  8. Is it still possible to get all multilplayer trophies in this span of time? How long does it take to get to mission 22 aproximately? I should worry only about these 3 trophies? Deterrence Disarmament Intruder
  9. I would also like to know that. Got today by accident new copy of the game but the code unfortunately expired
  10. hey. its corey benoit. I was the winner of the weekly draw for the $10 psn card.


    Awesome videos. thanks

  11. Anyone tried buying Ferrari 330 P4 '67 multiple times?
  12. yes I got the trophy from PS5 to PS4 with cloud saving
  13. it was uploading, I added it later, now the guide is full
  14. Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Mastery Challenge The Reckoning (Part 2) - Anderitum Hideout ALL GOLD 00:00 Location 00:12 Anderitum Hideout BEAR CHALLENGE 07:02 Anderitum Hideout WOLF CHALLENGE 11:50 Anderitum Hideout RAVEN CHALLENGE Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Mastery Challenge The Reckoning (Part 2) - Uffentune ALL GOLD 00:00 Location 00:29 Uffentune BEAR CHALLENGE 03:57 Uffentune WOLF CHALLENGE 11:50 Uffentune RAVEN CHALLENGE Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Mastery Challenge The Reckoning (Part 2) - Saint Guthlac's Point ALL GOLD 00:00 Location 00:15 Saint Guthlac's Point BEAR CHALLENGE 02:52 Saint Guthlac's Point WOLF CHALLENGE 07:34 Saint Guthlac's Point RAVEN CHALLENGE 00:00 Location 00:10 Dunwick BEAR CHALLENGE 07:32 Dunwick WOLF CHALLENGE 10:43 Dunwick RAVEN CHALLENGE