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  1. 00:00 Intro and set PHOTOMODE ON 03:15 First key to open the door 05:00 First collectible 07:10 Second collectible 09:35 Solving first locked mechanism 15:45 Third collectible 16:15 Special wine bottle 16:55 Second locked mechanism 18:52 The key for doors in chapter 3 20:12 Locked mechanism number 3 21:47 Fourth collectible 22:59 Locked mechanism number 4 29:14 Fifth collectible 31:58 Finding flaslight 33:41 Finding the key for this chapter 35:06 Tough locked mechanism explained and solution 39:26 Last miscellaneous trophy 43:31 Sixth collectible 46:01 The next key in this chapter 51:06 7th collectible 54:41 8th collectible 01:00:00 Finding the lever 01:03:27 9th collectible 01:04:34 Final collectible 01:06:45 Toughest sequence explained with all locked mechanism solutions 01:14:56 Final part and platinum trophy 05:05 Every cat is my best friend 07:20 All you need is love and a cat 10:00 First sea of wine cleared 15:50 What greater gift than the love of the cat 16:16 special wine bottle found 17:20 The tasting completed 21:49 The smallest feline is a masterpiece 28:54 Second sea of wine cleared 29:15 I love cats more than I love most people 37:21 The Pairing completed 39:26 Returned to a familliar place 43:31Cats leave paw prints in your heart, forever and always. 50:21 Third sea of wine cleared 51:41Cats choose us; we don’t own them. 56:07 Like all pure creatures, cats are practical. 01:01:57 The sommelier completed 01:03:27 Time spent with cats is never wasted. 01:04:34 Cats rule the world. 01:13:16 The cellar challenge completed 01:15:54 Epiloque completed 01:15:57 Completionist
  2. Hi, no. I am doing my own thing
  3. 00:00 Intro 02:04 Old man – first conversation 03:00 First skill 03:38 Old man – secon conversation 05:05 Freeing heppy 05:48 First eye 06:08 First key 06:40 Old man – third conversation 07:06 Second skill 07:36 Secon eye 08:14 Giving eyes to NPC 10:04 Destroying eggs for second key 11:04 Third and final skill 14:19 Second key 15:46 Third key 16:41 Boss battle 20:06 Give a cap to an old men 21:56 Fourth key 23:06 Listening to a concert 27:37 saying yes to old men to end the game 27:57 Farming in the end for 1000 kills 02:39 Killer I 05:13 Freedom 08:14 Immense Gratitude 11:04 The strong trio 11:14 Killer II 16:06 Killer III 19:26 Swamp lord 25:07 Secret concert 27:37 Thanks for playing 27:57 Killer IV 29:29 Killer V 29:30 Platinum Apple
  4. quickest is to always choose path for mother and son and then just try a bit. Try different answers. I also tried a lot with father. I was really nice to him and checked the relationship with him to have a positive outcome. Also sometimes I was very bad to him. These 4 interactions father, jacquelline and max will get you 4/4
  5. i think it is, because it took me around 3 times for hopeful and for shady truth around 10 times
  6. 00:00 Will This Help?, Career Woman, Impress Theron, Deal Or No Deal, No One Is Safe 55:15 He's Off His Meds, Personal Life, The Marriage Is Off 01:32:57 Use Your Connections, On Your Bike 01:58:55 Save Dad 02:13:19 A Little Extra 02:26:02 Unhelpful, Pearce 02:36:45 Hopeful 02:44:32 Horrific 02:51:34 Shady Truth ______________________________________________________________________________ 01:57 Will this help? First choice in the game. Decide to give meds to your father ______________________________________________________________________________ 17:57 Career Woman Choose to take a bussiness call about selling book ______________________________________________________________________________ 32:02 Impress Theron Always choose the wisest answer, try to be precise and always be on his side. easy trophy ______________________________________________________________________________ 37:52 Deal or no deal You will get this automatically once the sale of the book is over ______________________________________________________________________________ 48:07 No one is safe Story related - just accepted cody's call and witness her on camera get possessed ______________________________________________________________________________ 55:32 He's Off his meds Dont give meds to your father ______________________________________________________________________________ 01:05:32 Personal Life Choose to talk to the family and the boy ______________________________________________________________________________ 01:31:50 The marriage is off Choose to sacrifice Pearce to the ghosts. You will then allow them to enter his computer and possess him. Watch the video for the correct path. ______________________________________________________________________________ 01:43:00 Use your connections You need to stay by Jacqueline side and interpret Jacqueline instead of Max. Then when prompted choose because of fond memories and then tell the whole truth. Watch the video for full path. ______________________________________________________________________________ 01:45:05 On your bike Once you convince max to bring you the book you will get the trophy. You must stay nice to him and plead to him for help. Also in first conversation you need to interpet jacqueline instead of him because if you interpet him he will just scan pages for you wont go with his bike. ______________________________________________________________________________ 02:10:35 Save Dad Follow the video for full path. ______________________________________________________________________________ 02:16:50 A little extra When talking with theron and other guy, other guy is a criminal and he doesnt know key words for books and how books are sold. Always before interpeting choose to look up the answer to therons words so you can help the criminal and ease his way into sale. He will then give you a little extra when conversation is done. ______________________________________________________________________________ 02:29:05 Unhelpful easiest way is to choose family and then dont get the book from max when prompted ______________________________________________________________________________ 02:35:40 Pearce This should come naturally when going for all trophies. I got mine when I saw 8 different endings. His finald ialog and final call is always the same, but the difference is the way you get to that last call. ______________________________________________________________________________ 02:38:15 Hopeful This one is tricky to get and could take a couple of tries. Watch the video for full path, Choose to interpret Max and then you will have options emphatize and show hope. ______________________________________________________________________________ 02:49:45 Horrific Tricky to get but watch the video for full path. Your dad must die and spirits need to possess you and your childs. Last call is very important and you must not convince Pearce to stand off from buildings and centre, you need to fail. ______________________________________________________________________________ 02:52:20 Shady Truth The trickiest one, had a couple of tries for this one. When in the stats section I had 4/4 for both max and jacqueline, that means I have found 4 different ways when his mother was distant and rude to him and also 4 different ways when he felt without hope and alone. Only then this one did pop for me. ______________________________________________________________________________ 02:52:26 Platinum Trophy
  7. It seems 100% is available on NA version?
  8. Hmm could be
  9. Thanks!!πŸ†
  10. 00:00 - 09:56 Playthrough 1 09:57 - 19:32 Playthrough 2 - Tell the truth 19:33 - 20:39 Load your save and lie 20:40 - 21:38 Playthrough 3
  11. I am mostly still buying PS4 games due to free PS5 upgrade and possibly getting 2 stacks (2 games for one).
  12. 00:00 – 02:00 Intro 02:01 – 02:31 Spank the Bishop Trophy 02:32 – 03:40 Whoopsie! 03:41 – 04:38 Speak to Immortal John 04:39 – 07:36 Abuse democracy trophy 07:37 – 13:07 Duped trophy(Helping the woman to fix carriage and feed the donkey) 13:08 – 16:43 Magician's Assistant Trophy number 1 16:44 – 18:39 Who's a good boy trophy & Getting the quests in the church 18:40 – 23:35 Magician's Assistant Trophy number 2 23:36 – 25:01 Magician's Assistant Trophy number 3 25:02 – 27:11 Appease the Devil trophy 27:12 – 29:05 Holy Book trophy 29:06 – 29:36 Make a friend trophy 29:37 – 32:04 Treasue hunter trophy 32:05 – 33:53 Swapsies 33:54 – 34:27 King for a day 34:28 – 41:49 Win the talent show (aquiring dress, fish and song) 41:50 – 45:33 The End Number 2 45:34 – 45:55 First blood 45:56 – 48:35 The End Number 3 48:36 – 55:19 Braweler trophy and serial killer trophy 55:19 – 58:17 Serial Killer Trophy 58:18 – 01:01:50 The End Number 1 & King of the Trophies Platinum trophy