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  1. Contact me in PM
  2. Hey didnt realize that. I am just learning but also I think it is ok. I dont want kids or teens to spend their money on me. They should spend on games and girls 😀😄
  3. Thank you so much! Yep, I also prefer gameplay with light or no commentary
  4. Yeah I am working on walkthroughs. Want to better my accent because it is quite rough for now coming from balkan countries, but in the future I want to do complete voice over walkthroughs, once I get the better of it. OST is what I personally like to do, I really like game soundtracks, so I do it because I feel it represents who I am on my channel. Thanks for advice, helps a lot!
  5. Thank you very much!! Thanks for nice words!
  6. Thank you very much!
  7. Yeah I am going to get PS5 day one. Thanks Guys, I think I am gonna go for it!
  8. Now it is on sale for days of play...I would like to play ironman once he is out next month and also blood and truth...but what do you think? Will sony announce new VR also maybe? I dont want to buy now and then see that new one is coming this year
  9. i am at the last boss and I am way overpowered but have the coins. I cannot defeat him because my attacks are to weak and I have low health. Is there any way I can get back to map to upgrade characther or I really do need to start a new game? It offers me only continue and new game... EDIT - Sry for bothering ....just defeated the fucker regularly . Thx.
  10. All of space dlc trophies glitched on me... Okay...all of them today....wtf? Currebtky on mission 13 and didnt get for we re takin over and tower defense....
  11. If you are going for platinum in Maneater, here is a little help Nothing else is needed as collectibles will appear automatically when you search for them, but if you cant find one, then check this map
  12. Hey friends, first of all I dont want any negativity - I dont want to ask you to subscribe or like anything - if you feel like doing it and only if you like content I would be happy to see you as a member. The reason for this post - I would like to have your response as a trophy hunter - how helping do you see my channel? I need some guidelines, would like some response from you. Do you as a trophy hunter get something useful from my channel? What do you often look as a trophy hunter? What is the biggest thing why you subscribe to someone? I just want to be better. Thank you for your response. Link is down bellow. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN0tDkHv30t-0d0PywU7d0w/videos?view_as=subscriber
  13. Never played minecraft. Should I buy it? I want to experience this kind of game
  14. Missable or there is chapter select?