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  1. Same here
  2. Actually no, there is 2 of them every 8 hours so you can practically finish 4 in a day, 5 if you are willing to get up 😂😂😂
  3. Anyone got the problem solved? I am still stuck on 9/10 container with every campaign mission done. I ve been driving like crazy and for Mary almost every trailer is container and it doesnt count. Neither of cargos does not count to me, only David Sungs for skilled driver. Dont know what to do...
  4. I got it with fourth character. Deleted third. Redid same locations with other character and got trophy.
  5. I know that during my gameplay game had all wrong statistics. I got the trophy for killing 12 enemies stealthy after 40hrs of play. I ll try to do with all three characters now once again so will see.
  6. I did it with third and didnt get trophy
  7. Would be crazy if it works haha
  8. I am looking forward to these too. Thanks guys
  9. You have to search them
  10. Saw it. Thanks!
  11. How can we start elite missions?
  12. A lot of trophies are glitched to me also, but what I found out - you need to do more than they ask.
  13. Two. Yesterday glitched to me. Unlocked after fourth mission. All the achievements I need to do much more than is needed
  14. Look at this glitch