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  1. This episode is a MASTERPIECE!
  2. Haha okey...I ve been waiting whole day to purchase the game, so now I purchased it i get to go to work for 10hrs ....f**k my life
  3. This is one badass person with all the awesome games - this player has a great taste in games!
  4. Try it, this one was my 36th
  5. How did you manage to get the game so early?
  6. Right now is on sale!
  7. Yes I know, for me it was ieasy to go to level 3 to explain.
  8. It is great. Really makes you think. Fun...more of an iq games where you think with both sides of brain. Plat is straight forward really. Something like tetra escape
  9. First we need to go to the third level...just follow my steps and go to the selected path. Once there - YOU NEED TO MAKE BOTH CHARACTERS TO SLEEP AT THE SAME TIME - so just push controls in a different way so they cannot move and wait for about 3 to 5 seconds
  10. Yes I saw now when I unlocked them
  11. Got all eight Stem cells - trophy didnt unlock. Anyone with same problem?
  12. Do not get fooled by trophies, game is very simple, but quite hard
  13. This sound really interesting to me...anyone knows the release date?
  14. I did, I bought a 4K TV Samsung and i really see the difference. Thank You all for making my gaming experience so much better!