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  1. The division 2 because of the 12 specific card collectibles. Very grindy.
  2. I get to main screen and it acts like my controller isnt even connected. I cannot move cursor or anything. Anyone had same problem?
  3. When will it be available in europe? Thx
  4. Nope 😁
  5. Almost 112 platinums that can be achieved in two to three weeks for the most dedicated trophy hunters.
  6. Can confirm that when you finish Turno track and Slide Colliseum trophy pops. Thanks guys
  7. Will try thx
  8. Sorry I see that now. Will do that
  9. Nitrostalgia - trophy for winning every race in adventure and cnk classic didnt pop to me. Anyone same problems? I even played some tracks again and played bonus track. Any more requirements?
  10. Do the reverse, easier method across the bridge, and the trophy will pop up.
  11. So you need to finish the fame and start a bew fame plus. After that finish chapter 1 and select final chapter?
  12. Okay, I need to rush now back to metro to finish it until the ffix it
  13. I work 12hrs a day my friend. I sleep 4 or 6. So yeah I get a bit frustrated that I need to finish AC or any other game in three weeks when there are so good games out there
  14. I wanted to know how other people, trophyhunters, play their games. I don't know whether should I play through some games to experience only story, and then come back later to finish off to platinum or to play one game to its platinum. My problem is when I start a game then I need to finish it. Currently for sekiro I have at least 6 hours to grind some skill points for plat, but don't really feel like doing so. How do you play? Do you play some other games and then get back to the first or you play one game until you finish?