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  1. :platinum: #175 & 100% #210 - Fallout 3. After being forced to take a few months off with a broken hand, I got back into it and, very slowly, started chipping away at the remaining DLC pack and main game karma trophies. The backlog gets another huge karate chop in the bum. :)

  2. I just realized my 9-year anniversary on PSNP was 3 days ago! :) 

  3. 100% #209 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. My gaming has slowed to a crawl over the past two months but, after paying $13.49 for the pathetically-minuscule arena DLC, and $13.49 for the robust Claptrap DLC, I can finally say that's all four of the PS3 Borderlands games @ 100% (BL1, BL2, TPS, and Tales). :)


    Was going through my old screenshots and found this, IIRC it was the moment I first noticed I passed you? Can’t believe it has been this long since I played Papo & Yo.

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      Embed failed so heres a link instead lol


      That was the wrong link, this one is right 😓 Sorry for the notification spam lol

    2. effdeegee


      Wow blast from the past! Couple of good looking profiles right there. :) 

  5. :platinum: #174 & 100% #208 - Mad Max. It took over 4hrs to get the final boarder to spawn lolwtf. One of the better movie games, and a pretty satisfying platinum to get. 8th :platinum: so far this year, with the last four being 7%, 5%, 6%, and 2%. The backlog is getting smoked. B) 

  6. Pretty happy to check my old Mad Max save file from 2 years ago and find that it has the 2 online scrap challenges completed. :) 

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I thought its patch now and you can still do it now without the online servers.

      But good work nevertheless.

  7. 37/48 - Lord of the Rings: Conquest. It's no :platinum: or 100%, but it's the most trophies you can get out of the game (closed mp servers), so it's sort of like a completed game. :dunno: Scored my 300th trophy this year and they're all backlog. :)

  8. :platinum: #173 & 100% #207 - Split/Second. I take back all of the negative things I said about it. It turns out that I finished in 1st place for each of the 72 events AND THEN I learned how to properly play the game. It then quickly became a spectacle and loads of fun. Cheers to the mp boosters that helped finish off the last couple of trophies. :) 

  9. Thanks for the help before getting your :platinum: 

  10. Finding my latest game, Split/Second, to be a huge pile of burning garbage. I finished in 1st place for the first 29 races (in 1 day, mind you). Race #30 takes 2hrs of the most focussed grinding ever, and I just barely manage to finally cheese out a win by 0.06s. Then, I win Race #31 on my second try and beat the record by more than 30s. This is why your game is trash. :spank:

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    2. Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      I still have that load of poop. The premise was good, just poorly executed. I never got close to a plat though. :/

    3. effdeegee


      Jamm in da house. Hope all is well. :)

    4. Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      Ya, it's been a minute. Basically haven't used this old place in a long while and barely play games for the trophies anymore. 

  11. :platinum: #172 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! After taking a break from it for 3 or 4 years, it ended up being better than I remembered. I'll probably end up buying the dlc and eventually score the 100%. The assault on the backlog gets another boost with my 6th :platinum: in 2 months. :)

  12. I'll throw my hat in the ring and echo the same sentiments as many others; it really just boils down to patience and RNG luck. My own specialized advice would be to recognize each level's unique subtleties by using your 30-40 inevitable fails messing around with their limitations, and you'll eventually figure out the "key" to completing that specific challenge. Like one of the first death mode levels, where you can't hop on the same thing twice in a row. Trying to change directions before landing, after bouncing off, trying to get to the next node quickly; it all leads to thinking that it's impossible to change the momentum on a dime. The key was to not immediately worry where the next node was and just keep going in whatever direction I was headed because it gave an extra second to focus on the landing/bouncing/direction change and, while I was doing the switch, the node had been on the screen for a while now and easier to pick up with my eyes no longer trying to notice the node and take my eyes off of turning within the same millisecond. It almost felt like I was getting sloppy on purpose by not caring and giving myself an extra bounce per node, but it ended up going so smoothly that I beat it in a couple of tries and then felt like an idiot for trying so hard before. but, yeah, have patience and eventually you'll either figure out the key to the challenge, and/or you'll just get a really favourable spawn sequence where you pick up 5 or 6 nodes in a couple of seconds. Hope this helps.
  13. I'll be 42 this year and, yes, younger gamers can kiss every single fucking nook and cranny of my ass. Back in my day, they were selling 8bit Nintendo games for $99.99. Can you imagine such bullshit? Mario 1 for $100? Can you imagine paying $100 for Shovel Knight? Or Undertale? They tried to justify it by saying it used new technology, better than Atari, and the fact that every game was a huge chunk of plastic, with a sticker on it, in a plastic sheath, in a cardboard box, with giant manuals filled with stories, colour pictures, ink, staples, etc. Then Super Nintendo and Genesis came around and the games were better. Still, they charged $99.99 and tried to justify it because it was 16bit instead of 8bit, but the cartridges were smaller, the plastic sheath became a plastic cap on the end, the sticker was smaller, the manuals weren't as thick, less plastic, less ink, fewer staples, etc. Not to mention, sales tax had been invented, so we were now paying $115. We started to notice that we were being charged more for less, but the times were good. Nintendo 64 and others; smaller everything, but same deal. We said "No more. We want it cheaper, or you get nothing at all." So PlayStation steps in and says "OOOH DISCS" and everyone went "OOOH SLEEK AND SEXY." Then we quickly noticed that they could print a bazillion copies for pennies, thin little cases, most games didn't even have a manual (just a single slip of paper) and they were being hyped as only $89.99 because they were saving so much on plastic, paper and ink, but we weren't having it. New tech be damned and we stopped. They quickly dropped the price to $59.99 and that seemed like a fair "middle ground." PS2 comes around and the games are fairly long time-wise, and large technical-wise, so they flirt with the idea of raising the price back up around $69.99 and we were divided; $60? $65? $70? Either way, the games were pretty awesome and we had managed to keep the greed at bay for yet another generation. So now they needed to figure out how to get back to that $100 sweet spot. PS3 comes around and now dlc is a new thing. Thanks to our diligence, the games are still $60, but now there are extra costs like hardware, peripherals, PS+, and dlc that was hacked off of the original game and flogged for an extra $10-$20. Kind of cheeky, but these were the best games up to that point, cost millions to make, came on Blu-Ray discs, so we didn't raise too much of a fuss. Then came PS4 and Star Wars Battlefront... Online multiplayer-only with a $50 season pass? and the little turds ate it right up. Then Bethesda jizzed in their pants and said "Wow, the kids are dumb enough to pay $50 for dlc?" and promptly raised their prices for dlc to $50. Imagine the bullshit. Fallout 3 dlc was $5 a piece, or 5 packs for $20. Now a 10-year-old game has a $50 season pass? Same with Fallout 4 being $20. Then the season pass was $55. Then $60. Then $65. Now it's $70. Then Fallout 76 happened. Then someone got a bullet in the head and they sold the company to Disney. Now every game has a $50-$60 season pass. Remember Evolve? Titanfall? Destiny? CoD Blops III? Yeah, me neither. Now games are almost exclusively created to fleece money from dimwits by using manipulative practices like slot machines, gambling, loot boxes, micro transactions, paywalls, and other garbage that stems from mobile gaming (yet another virus that managed to fester due to the kids' complacency). And the little shits have the audacity to point the finger and say older generations fucked up the world and left them a worthless pile of shit to deal with, then twist the knife by judging me for whatever games I choose to play. I actually had several people call me a pedophile because I was 40 years old and played a few games like Kung Fu Panda and Toy Story 3. To which I use my age and experience to point the finger right back at them and say no. We were the last generation to push back against the bullshit and you little bastards gave up as soon as you walked in the door. Now we have to deal with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 super turbo deluxe digital-only day-one gold definitive edition copy paste online-only multiplayer-only $60 season pass micro transaction gambling garbage for $149.99 on Steam and sit back and watch as our children use memes that say shut up and take my money and how straws are the biggest threat to the planet. So munch on all sorts of my ass. Kung Fu Panda and Toy Story 3 were awesome movies and really fun and enjoyable games. Enjoy your 99% rarity stacks of indie trash and we'll be seeing you when you're the one who's 40 and the future kids are calling you a retard for liking Pokemon and Taco Bell. If your age doesn't start with a 4, I've got no problem spitting on your VR helmet and telling you to shove your anime up your confused ass. Just shut the fuck up and go back to pawing at your computer like a lab rat where you belong because YOU fucked it up. Maybe your precious Amazon Prime will deliver you some brains. Fuuuck. Wait... What was the question? What were we talking about again? I'm tired. I need a grilled cheese and some medium-temperature soup, a nice cardigan and my rocker recliner. Fucking whippersnappers need a belt whoopin' ... getting me all riled up and ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz...
  14. 70% completion.

    1. jiichangmin


      that's awesome, wish mine was that high

    2. Burek_san


      congrats i am trying for that last 2 years and again i am on 69,53 so close :devil:

  15. :platinum: #171 & 100% #206 - Frozen Synapse Prime. Holy crap, this game was a tedious slow burn. Oh, and it had the damn nerve to freeze on the results screen after I beat the final stage, which took away one of the few pleasures in my life (the closure of seeing the platinum come up on the screen and giving it the ol' fist pump). 5 straight URs makes it alright, though. The assault on the backlog gets another wicked karate chop with my 4th plat/100% in 9 days! :)