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  1. Trophy #9,800 - Uncharted 4. Also hit 2,400 PSNP rep points. :) 

    1. DaivRules


      Here one more Up Arrow.

    2. ShonenCat


      Here, have some moar :awesome:

    3. ee28max


      That's awesome :) 

  2. I am enjoying it, yes. Pretty epic cinematics. Jeep handles like crap.
  3. Can’t get in on both my phone and laptop. Both caches cleared and logged back in. The one time I got in, it wouldn’t let me type in the chat. I’d hit Enter, and the text would be replaced with “Lost Connection.”
  4. Thread looks great, ol' bukky boy.
  5. Hope it's nothing serious. Any expected time to resolve?
  6. :platinum: #156 - Fallout 4. Usual Bethesda re-skin. No way in hell I’m paying $65 for the season pass. The industry’s perpetual greed tells me I’m done buying all games’ DLC now.

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work! I just keep waiting for the GoTY edition to drop to an acceptable price. 

  7. It finally happened. Had no idea I’d won 10 in a row. Quite the surprise, actually.


    Platinum #155.

    100% #189.

    Trophy #9,700.

    Most rare trophy and/or platinum I’ve unlocked @ 0.88%.

    First sub-1.0% trophy I’ve unlocked.

    PSN Level 39.



  8. Just got the 200 MVP trophy. It came in game 9 of my 9-game winning streak. Almost had the 10 streak trophy and platinum 5 minutes later, but lost by a couple. :(  https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5654-3on3-freestyle/effdeegee

    1. iGGTheEnd


      Small steps atleast, that is still impressive!

    2. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp

      Whew, that is one rare plat!


      You almost there!!!!






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    2. BlazikieronUS


      How hard or long is it? And it's online trophies only right?

    3. effdeegee


      Highly skill based and all online. I’ve been playing for a month.

    4. ee28max



  9. They keep pouring out. Always nice to see some golden goodness, too. https://psnprofiles.com/effdeegee/log

    1. MidnightDragon


      Fun game?

    2. effdeegee


      @Fat Chocobo It’s not bad, for a free game. I dropped them $20 for their efforts.

    3. MidnightDragon


      That's cool.

  10. Profile’s still as sweet as ever, BTizzle fo shizzle mah nizzle. Congrats on 19k and 1k UR. :jaymon: 

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    2. effdeegee


      @BeautifulTorment Beat cancer, went to College, now working as a Carpenter. I stalk the chat randomly and try to get in some gaming whenever I can spare an hour or so. Hope all is well with you and yours. 🇨🇦

    3. BeautifulTorment


      You should cook me up a sexy ass cat tree for my two terrors that destroy our furniture and doors

      Congrats on college and the new job though! Beating cancer... haven't you already been there, done that?

    4. effdeegee


      Old news, amirite?

  11. I’ve been on quite the little run lately. https://psnprofiles.com/effdeegee/log

  12. Platinum #154 and 100% #188 - Fallout Shelter. 180hrs and not a penny spent. Took about a week to finally go from 19 to 20 Legendary outfits. Then got the 21st 10 seconds later. :| 

  13. This free basketball game is coughing up UR trophies like it doesn’t want them anymore. :jaymon: 

  14. Bronze #6,500 - 3on3 Freestyle. Not a bad game, for being free.

    1. DamagingRob



    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯