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  1. 3,500 replies and 100,000 views is worth celebrating. Congratulations to xZoneHunter, and a big thanks for the contribution and continued dedication to the community!
  2. It appears to be that time again, folks! Another installment of The Lottery is ready to launch! I took the maiden attempt, ironed out a couple kinks and have returned with a much better event. So... Have you ever looked at your games and had absolutely no frickin' clue what to play? Ever wish someone would just pick it for you? Has it ever gotten so bad that you don't even care what you play? Are you tired of the same ol' same ol' and would rather just play something completely new and different? Well, this is definitely the place to get exactly that! The point of this event is to agree to take a leap of faith and play whatever unknown, random game title is thrown your way by the fellow PSNP community members. You might get an RPG, a rhythm game, a Japanese game, a FPS, a dancing game; WHO KNOWS?!? You might already own the game and haven't started it yet, it might be at a used store down the road for $5, or you might have to search hard and pay $50 for it online. It might need a PS Eye camera for dancing, a microphone for singing, or some funky, little peripheral and toys. You sign up, you hunt it down, you buy it, you play it. Needless to say, considering the risk of potential cost and large array of odd game possibilities, only the most bold will apply here. The event, which will now happen every 3rd month like clockwork, will run approximately 6+ weeks, followed by a one month rest. That's ~2 weeks to get set up, signed up and get the assigned games drawn for you right in time for the end of the month, where hunting down/ordering the game and buying it will be the most accessible, followed by ~3 weeks of waiting for any shipped games to arrive, game playing, forum discussing etc., and then ~1 week for the cool down process and figuring out the winners. I'm sorry, did someone say winners? Like the last time, there will be a points system in place for cooperation and overall level of involvement. If you sign up and get a game, play the game, get trophies, maybe the platinum?, post in the thread, write a guide, whatever. The best part about this event, is the strengthening of the PSNP community through our everyday interactions but, prizes never hurt, amirite? For all of the above actions, there will be ballots entered into a draw for the final prizes. The more you participate, the more entries you get. Now, spamming up the joint will get you nowhere and getting a platinum doesn't mean you're definitely the Super King Monkey but, rest assured, I'll see everything that happens and you gotta wake up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on ol' effy boy. The prizes won't be anything massive like a frickin' PS4 or a bazillion dollars (who am I, Joe Hollywood over here or something?) but, I'm thinking it will be more along the lines of a couple of $10/$20 PSN cards and lifetime premium upgrades for the ones that participate the most. Now, for a (shouldn't be necessary, but history proves otherwise) serious moment: by entering, you agree to play whatever game is drawn for you and you agree to take whatever measures are needed in order to obtain said game. Those that say yes and then flake out will be disqualified from all future events and will be publicly named and shamed within this community. If you can't hang with the big boys, don't waste a space for someone else that wants to play. I'd also like to add (and strongly stress) that this is not, in any way, a contest, race, or competition. It's not about quickly finishing your game and getting the most trophies and the platinum. This is nothing more than a simple event, created solely for the purpose of building a stronger, friendlier, PSNP community. Lastly, you don't need every possible PlayStation console to participate. I have a very simple, but perfectly structured, blueprint for applying, suggesting games, and selecting games. As long as you own at least one PlayStation console, it works exactly the same for those that own two, or all three. With that out of the way, this is it, folks! Let's do it again! 1. effdeegee (confirmed) 2. xZoneHunter (confirmed) 3. Edunstar84 (confirmed) 4. MutinyTeddie (confirmed) 5. AkiraTheFox (confirmed) 6. cjshaitan (confirmed) 7. Precision-Playy (confirmed) 8. whoadreader (confirmed) 9. HcG-_Clawz (confirmed) 10. pese-97 (confirmed) I'll leave it at 8 for now, until I see what kind of reception is had. It is a very solid number to handle, but if others want in, I might bump it up to 10 or 12. - If you'd like to take a little peeky poo at the first installment, you can get your fill of reading material RIGHT HERE. UPDATES: - To see the pairings and games being played, you can read that RIGHT HERE. - To see the midpoint trophy progress, you can read that RIGHT HERE. - To see more in-depth midpoint stats, you can read that RIGHT HERE. - To see my final thoughts and the prize announcement for this installment, you can read that RIGHT HERE. Thanks folks and happy gaming!
  3. My final thoughts: I killed my completion by 1.72%, scored 200+ trophies, and it was a decent way to take up the month. Props to the crew that stuck around and a big fuck you to the flake outs (and omg I don't mean Rach). 10 PS Move games and a long awaited zombie co-op made for a nice month of gaming. Almost all of the games were pleasant surprises, now making the PS Move an underrated peripheral, in my opinion. Those that bitch must not have any experience with it. Thank you and congratulations to Hemiak for the cool event. :thumbsup:
  4. Nice post, dude. :thumbsup:
  5. July 28-30 TV Superstars Trophies: +14/51 (7,689 - 7,702) Since I'm off on vacation for the rest of the month, I can say that, for me, this event is finally over. 10 PS Move titles, 1 extra title, and a whopping 218 trophies this month, are now officially in the books. For the record, TV Superstars is a unique game and continued the trend of pleasant Move surprises for me during this event. You play as a celebrity; your actual name, facial captures, voice recordings, and written signature, and you have to work your way up the fame ladder by participating in tv show parodies like Wipeout, Project Runway, Top Chef, Extreme Home Makeover, etc. When your fame rises enough, you shoot a commercial for a product and get more exposure on the TV and in the magazines. The PS Move controls are what can best be described as adequate for the games they're used in. They feel like there's a slight delay, but it still functions fine. Nabbed trophy #7,700, too.
  6. 7 more games for the shelves. I've purchased dozens over the last few months, but only make updates when the purchase is 5 or 6+ games at once. - Destiny - FIFA 14 - Prototype - Rock Band Metal Track Pack - Thief - WWE 2K14 - WWE 2K15 My collection now sits at 294 on my shelves + 168 completed (then sold/deleted), for a total of 462 games purchased.
  7. July 25-27 Start the Party! Trophies: +34/48 (7,655 - 7,688) After not playing it yesterday, I decided I'd better put this game in today, before I fell into the "I'll just play it on the final day" trap and just go back to getting the Dead Island . This game is a friggin' riot. An absolute party smash hit. Up to four can play and you only need one Move wand. All of the games are simple, yet fun. There's lots of Whack-a-Mole and other Fruit Ninja-esque games, like swatting flies with a tennis racket, cutting hair with clippers, mining jewels with a pick axe, and catching toppings on a pizza. The game shines the brightest when it's multiple players going against each other. Everyone takes their picture, voice records their name, and tries to do better than everyone else. The trick is that, in the multiplayer section, there's unique games for sabotaging scores and generally messing with other players, like drawing on their face, or remixing their name. I played for a little over 2 hours and nabbed 34 trophies, too. Lastly, I'm thinking that, since I'm going on vacation from the 29th - 2nd, I'll be playing my last game a tad early, so that I have the experience needed for the review.
  8. Scored a surprising 21 trophies today (6 from Racquet Sports and 15 from Dead Island). 10 x and 11 x is the breakdown. Even with an extra game started during this event so far, my completion has only been 'killed' by 1.5% (79.91% - 78.41%).
  9. July 22-24 Racquet Sports Trophies: +6/35 (7,626 - 7,631) I'll be honest; with the way the last three days have been going, you guys are lucky I even touched the case. Having pretty serious issues at work, the weather has been absolutely ridiculous (+30C one moment, and torrential downpour with thunder and lightning moments later, on and off for the whole weekend), surprise co-op gaming sessions, and I've been sick as a dog. I only played the game for a whopping 33 minutes, but managed to score 6 fairly easy trophies. Pardon the pun, but this game is the definition of "hit or miss." Sometimes you think it's the most accurate game ever made, going, "Wow. The game actually recognized that I twisted my wrist on that shot!" and many other times you're left thinking, "How the hell can you possibly think that THAT swing meant for the ball to go over THERE?!" Yet another Ubisoft Move game without Uplay points, so kinda bummed about that, too. Anywho. It's pretty fun, but the platinum rarity is certainly there for a reason. Broken controls that repeatedly call for precision = stab fork in own eye sockets. But yeah, fun stuff.
  10. Hello, fellow PSNProfiles members! Every year, at the locally owned, independent game store on my street, they host a gaming event where all donations go towards buying video games for children that have to be permanently hospitalized, for prolonged periods of time, due to the severity of their illnesses. The event is called Megamanathon and will take place all day on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016, starting at 10:00am EST. Each year sees Adam Strickland attempting to play through all Mega Man games, in one sitting, live on stream, inside the store, in an attempt to raise money for the children's charity known as Child's Play. With over $8,000 raised in the first 4 years, we all consider this to be a huge success. You can read a bit on last year's instalment right here. Child's Play provides sick children with consoles and video games, in order to keep their morale levels high during their extensive stays at the hospital. The games they provide must all be new, sealed, and sterile, to avoid any contaminates getting into the vicinity of the children. You can see the charity's official event page here. On top of the in-store gaming, their will be: - Live streaming via the store's Twitch channel. - Text chat. - Video chat. - Audio chat. - Several different consoles set up for visitor gaming. - Raffle ticket sales and prizes. - Door prizes and giveaways. - Cosplay. - Refreshments, cake, etc. You can also find lots of information regarding the event at this website, and if you'd like to donate directly, you can go here. If you're in the neighbourhood, the store is also a Pokestop and Pokemon gym, complete with FREE, ultra high speed wifi and several outlets/charging stations. The Last Gamestore Official Website Facebook Instagram Twitch Twitter So, if you're a fan of Mega Man, charities that help sick children, live streaming of games, or just conversing with gamers in general, stop by any of the above links, or find your way to the store, drop off a few nickels and dimes for the kiddies, and join in on the day of fun! Thanks for reading, having a great day, and as always, happy gaming!
  11. Major update: We set a goal that, if the online portion of the donations reached $1,000, Adam Strickland would shave his head. Within moments of that being announced, someone walked in and donated the remaining $800+ dollars. We're at $3,150 so far today and have now topped $11,000 for the 5 years!
  12. Fallout 3 GOTY sealed. Nice.
  13. The event starts in just a little over an hour from now. I hope to see you folks around the stream!
  14. Just an ordinary young dude that created the event. He does other charity events, too. In my defense, I never said he was from Germany. I already knew he was from Belgium, and only used German as an example because it's one of the 3 official languages of the country.
  15. While your sentiment is lovely, I believe you've misunderstood the premise. You donate money to the charity, and with that money, the charity purchases games for the children. The purchase of the games must be made from a reputable organization, while under supervision, to ensure the cleanliness of the product. Sending a game 4,000 miles in the public mail system is a perfect example of what the charity is trying to avoid. Also, it's worth noting that most of the games are specifically requested by the children, because they're usually very young (like ages 4-6), so lots of Pokemon, Gameboy-type stuff is frequently sought. I don't think a 4 year old Canadian girl with terminal brain cancer would be able to grasp the intricate flick-it system in a German speaking skateboarding game with mature content. Again, it's the thought that counts though, so the children sagt Danke and whatnot.
  16. July 19-21 Michael Jackson The Experience Trophies: +8/29 (7,610 - 7,617) The final day sees me singing 9 songs, saving all of the video replays, and scoring 2 trophies in the process. I also managed to nab 2 other trophies because, by the second or third song, I figured out the subtle nuances of the vocal recognition and proceeded to kick some serious bum. For any that are wondering, the game is like Just Dance 2014, only much harder to do well in. Yet another Ubisoft Move game with a rarity under 1%, and this one earns it. You need 2 Moves, 2 phenomenal dancers, 2 mics, and the scoring is super strict. Next up is Racquet Sports. You can see the trophies here.
  17. July 19-21 Michael Jackson The Experience Day 2 and I start by banging out a couple of songs for the 10 dances trophy, then switch over and start working on some singing. The pitch detection is uber strict for singing, so getting a "good," "ok," or "X" (for missing too much of the phrase), is the most likely score you'll see, causing even the most memorable, well known songs to get a final score of 2 or 3 out of 5. I've been singing for almost my entire life, actually singing these very songs too, and the vocals portion of the game is just terribly unforgiving. I forgot to save my video replays during my 10 dances, so that's something I'll have to do during my singing session tomorrow. You get one recorded video per song, and there's a trophy for 10 videos saved, and 10 songs sung, so those two trophies will come during the final efforts of my third day. Fun dancing and good music, but scoring well in singing is very difficult.
  18. July 19-21 Michael Jackson The Experience The intro was nice, the user interface is full of pictues and album covers, and well, the music; c'mon. It's Michael Jackson, yo. My very first thought was that it was like The Beatles Rock Band, when it comes to the initial viewing of the available content. Then, I flick through the first few songs and sure enough, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's "The Girl Is Mine" is there, with an old picture of the two of them on the cover of the single. So cool. It's plays exactly like Just Dance 2014 (no surprise considering it's made by the same company, Ubisoft), but it's much more strict on the motion recognition, and I don't really care that much; I'm having way too much doing the actual choreography to all of the music videos I grew up watching. I nabbed a single trophy for finishing my first dance song, and ended the night after song #8. There's an upcoming trophy for dancing to ten songs. The other neat thing about this game is that it's also a singing game. You can dance to (I believe it's) 29 of his best songs, or plug in a microphone and sing them instead. There's also 2-player co-op for both dancing and singing. I haven't tried the singing yet. I'll probably try a few tomorrow, after I dance another two songs for the trophy. Lastly, stupid me, I was relieved to think a dancing game would be easier on my injured arm; I completely forgot it uses the wand just as much as any other game.
  19. July 16-18 Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest Trophies: +3/46 (7,584 - 7,587) You would think it's just another crappy game for Sony to push their Move gimmick. Cheap looking in design with weak or broken controls. Then you see that the rarities are all 0.50% and 1.00% and think that it must be so broken, that it's hard to play. It's actually a good game with decent graphics and responsive controls, and the rarities are only there because everything is a grind. If you're that starving for a 0.4% UR , you can totally do this one easily. There was an accident at work today and my arm was injured. I really don't feel comfortable swinging a Move controller around, but luckily, tomorrow's game is a dancing game, so I'm still kickin'. Lastly, I never meant Rach. I think everyone knows full well the ones I spoke of.
  20. 500 replies and 10,000 views in less than a month, ol' Hemmy boy! Not too shabby at all. Just past the midway point of the event and I feel I need to take it upon myself and publicly chastise the participants displaying the lowest levels of consideration for, and dedication to, Hemiak's contribution to our community. You're lame and I hope karma is creative with your comeuppance. I'll be playing the final session of Medieval Moves tonight and I'll do the review in a bit.
  21. Yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and leave this right here.
  22. July 16-18 Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest Time for game #6, folks. Although the game is from 2011, I still had a sealed new one on my shelf. I tear off the plastic and take a whiff of that new game smell. This time it's a Move "required" game about a young boy, the heir to the throne, that gets cursed and ahh I don't know wtf is going on here. It's a nice story and there's countless, what can best be described as, adequate drawings to help you get the gist of it, but who cares? This is about a young man swinging his magic wand in front of a webcam and getting an old man to give me his fortune. Oops, sorry. I meant, uh... ahem. MOVING ON. It's not a bad game. You can reach the wand up over your shoulder, pull the trigger, and simulate pulling out an arrow from the quiver. You can hold the PS Move button and that'll pull out your shield. Point the wand at the floor, pull the trigger and raise forward, and that's your grapple hook gun, and the basic wand swinging is your sword. Four simple moves and we're off. The controls are pretty responsive and the levels aren't overwhelming. I did the training and the first level. A couple of trophies later and I'd say it was a good experience. Not a bad workout either.
  23. I just realized that the last trophy I earned in Just Dance 2014 was trophy #100 for me during this event. I think that's pretty neat. Float like a butterfly... Win a Battle
  24. July 13-15 Just Dance 2014 Trophies: +29/43 (7,555 - 7,584) I put in yet another day of busting my ass in muggy weather, run a few errands on the way home, do a bit of shopping for games and treats, head home, hit the couch, and then look over at the game case... I am exhausted... I really can't... but you're so close to a couple of trophies, and you know it's a fun time... OH, ALRIGHT! Back I dive into the Sweat-O-Tron 3000 and start to ugh tis ugh tis ugh tis ugh tis. Oh yeah. Uh huh. Check me out, yo. Starting to 5-star routines more frequently, burning more calories (but not "focussing" on it ), unlocking some expected trophies, as well as some unexpected ones, like the one for finishing a song with over 90% "Perfect" moves. I've turned it off, synced, showered my jiggly bits, put the game back on the shelf and can now honestly say that the game is one of the better ones I've played this year, and I would highly recommend it as a "must own" for anyone that enjoys either dancing, or working out.
  25. Wow, that's a LOT of unsolicited advice...