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  1. July 13-15 Just Dance 2014 So, I get home from work and I am dog tired. I mean dog tired like, "walk in the door, sit on the couch and immediately pass out," kind of dog tired. I wake up and it's 6:30pm and I'm like, "Holy crap! I fell asleep! Now, I'm gonna be up all night, and even more tired tomorrow." What's the best way to get an ol' geezer like myself all tuckered out again? Thou shalt get thine grooveth on, bretheren. So, I dance in a section of the game called "Just Sweat," where they count your calories burned and total time during the workout. I think the counter might be a tad faulty because I was sweating my bum cheeks off and it was all, "Yeah. You like lost a calorie, or whatever." I rail off 7 more new trophies and, what I forgot to mention last night, add them on top of my newest 100 Uplay points game. One last thing; if you earn trophies for dancing, would that be called "poppin' and unlockin'?"
  2. July 13-15 Just Dance 2014 Okay. So, there are a few things I'd like to make perfectly clear first. 1. I love dancing. 2. Me likey trophies. Even though I was pretty tired from a rough day at work, I still ploughed through the urge to perma-chill for the night and slapped in the disc. An itsy bitsy update and then we're off to the... dances. I dive right in and dance my ass off for 3 hours, scoring 17 new trophies. I spent the majority of the evening crushing the competition online; dancing for about twenty+ straight songs and only finishing lower than 1st or 2nd a couple of times (usually in groups of 7-10). And this was a game I've never played before, to songs I've never heard before. So yeah. Dancey McGrooverton is in full effect. ...ladies.
  3. July 10-12 Heavy Fire Shattered Spear Trophies: +18/32 (7,537 - 7,555) I load up the game again, thinking, "Well, it's almost been fun, but I'm glad this game's time is finally up and I can move on to something new and exciting." I play the game for a few levels, score 3 more trophies, put away the Sharpshooter attachment, and then come back here to give my final thoughts. Then, I start to notice everyone else's posts are their first impressions and second day thoughts on their games. Oh, geez. Today's only the 11th. I still have another day of this poop. I only played 3 levels (6, 7, and 8 of 12) and I noticed a pretty huge flaw in the game. The game's calibration messes up every time you lay the gun down. I'd calibrate, aaand immediately calibrate again because it was crap, declare it "good enough," earn a trophy, press the and sync, put down the gun while it was syncing, and update my PSNProfile. Then, when I picked up the gun again to resume playing, it was like 5 inches off of what it was. I did it a few more times just to confirm and it happens each time. So stupid. The Move controls were a bit wonky during this play session, too. I'd see the prompt on the screen to tilt, or jerk, or fart, and couldn't get it to register for the life of me. Anywhoozle. Tomorrow's the end of this Lame McCheaperton. P.S. Where are all of the people? Rach bailed, Hemiak is pulling a Clawz, and Clawz is just being Clawz.
  4. Just scored the for EyePet & Friends. Platinum Pet Unlock all other trophies in the game #133 and 100% #168.
  5. July 10-12 Heavy Fire Shattered Spear Well, I managed to find a friend that would loan me a second PS Move wand, so I'll be able to quickly bang out the last two trophies needed for the in EyePet & Friends. Before I do that, I decided to give Heavy Fire Lime Green (as opposed to Heavy Fire Apple Red) a run for its money. A digital purchase, which I picked up for $0.69 back in that Flash Sale last year, Heavy Fire Shattered Spear sat all of this time because I had already played Afghanistan and, my stars, that was enough of that for a while. Now, I hear everyone saying the collectibles need to be done over 2 playthroughs, in a single sitting, because the game doesn't save them correctly if you quit your game and turn off the system. I'd like to add that, while I'm playing this, not only will I be using both the PS Move wand and motion controller, I'll also be using the Sharpshooter attachment. I used it for Afghanistan too and can say that, because the Dualshock 3 controls for the games are such a hot mess, it adds to the enjoyment considerably. So, I load up the game, play a few levels, and realize that the collectibles are quite hard to differentiate from the rest of the garbage strewn about the levels. I missed the radio in level 1 and replayed it to get it. I missed the radio in level 3 and replayed it to get it. I missed the radio in level 4 and just said, "Alright. I'm following a guide and there is clearly still an issue, so screw it. I'm just gonna do everything else and leave the collectibles for a time when I don't want to commit harakiri over this stupid game anymore." So, I played the next level (5), decided to replay that 4 or 5 times to score some trophies dependant on crowds, and then turned it off. I nabbed 15/32 trophies, but I'm already annoyed with the game. I'm gonna take an hour or so to finish off EyePet & Friends and then slowly work on the rest of Heavy Fire Shattered Spear. If I play my cards right, I might score 2 in 24 hours.
  6. July 7-9 EyePet & Friends Trophies: +33/36 (7,501 - 7,534) Well, I didn't play the game yesterday because I worked, made many phone calls regarding my future, and got a new tattoo, so I decided to bunker down and see all of the things I was missing in this game since the first day. During the first play session, I got a bunch of tutorials, followed by a bunch of trophies for "first feeding," "first bath," and "first check up." Today, was actually playing all of the minigames and seeing what the game really had to offer in terms of content. I played for 2:31:00 and scored 20 trophies ( 16 and 4 ). It's a pretty good game and I think it's better than EyePet. It has more games to play and they're better quality. Everything's better and there's more of it? Count me in. EDIT: I started the game up again at about 11pm, played for an hour or so and scored 2 for my efforts. Now I'm only 2 trophies away from the and would have gotten it tonight if I had a second Move controller.
  7. July 7-9 EyePet & Friends First off; lol @ Hemiak. I came home, popped in the disc, tiny initial install, and here we go! Right out of the gate, the new voice of the franchise has the most irritating voice ever. The first game had some older, gentleman professor. Not this time. "Hey, kids! Are you ready to have some fun?!" Um, not if you're going to keep speaking, sir, no. "Oh, well, guess what, kids?! I'm gonna do a 30 second tutorial every time you click any of the 50 different things on the screen!!!" OMG what did I start? Which button do I press to gouge my eardrums out? Next step is to calibrate. Point the wand at the Eye and hold the Move button. Beep. Check. Now touch the wand to the floor and hold the Move button. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep BEEP BEEP BEEP OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT FIND THE FLOOR?!?! It's like RIGHT THERE! Touch floor, hold button; this isn't space shuttle engineering. It took like 10 minutes of opening and closing window blinds, turning on and off lights, and holding the Move button at different spots/heights. Not even joking. Third step is to hatch the egg. "Use the hair dryer to heat up the egg," the souless Ken doll explains. Now we get to experience the depth perception issues. A bazillion years later, we heat the egg enough that it cracks. "The EyePet likes to play a game before he leaves the egg. Just poke the side of the egg where the EyePet pokes." Aaaand the camera isn't picking up my hand movements and the wand doesn't register during this part. My 90th birthday comes and goes and the egg finally cracks open. "But wait, he needs to be petted to fully exit because he's shy." So help me sweet Jebus, if this little rat doesn't exit this egg in less than 2.1 seconds, I will buy a plane ticket to EyePetsville and kick the developer right in the meat and two veg. Now, I have a little baby monkey cat thing named Jeffery. He's pink with black stripes and wears a ninja headband. Don't be a h8ter cuz he's fabulous. I check around the menus, check the PS Store for free stuff, go back to the game, recalibrate without an issue, and the trophies start pouring out. Fed him, DING! Washed him, DING! Made a sticker, DING! 11 trophies in 1 hour. The worst thing about this is that I totally forgot how it requires me ol' crippled arse to be sitting on the floor while playing.
  8. July 7-9 EyePet & Friends I'm just visiting family, sipping on a coffee, anticipating going home and inserting the EyePet & Friends disc. I'll admit, I was a pretty big fan of EyePet and played it faithfully for an entire month straight, so the thought of playing this game makes my pickle tickle. I've got Deadliest Catch in its case and back on the shelf and Eyepet & Friends is already removed from the shelf, sitting on the coffee table, and ready to insert/install the moment I walk in the door. I can't wait to share my initial thoughts, so keep it locked to this channel, folks!
  9. July 4-6 Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos Trophies: +2/17 (7,499 - 7,501) Well, I won't go too deep into this overall review because I didn't exactly go very deep into the game itself. It's poop, but it's fun. I can imagine it would be a total blast for folks that are a fan of the show, but some of the most fun I had was watching the hour long television episode that was included on the disc. The graphics are incredibly bare bones and all of the minigames consist of press to drop a trap, press to throw a buoy hook, press to grab a crab, ad nauseum. It's all very simple and cheap looking, yet manages to work as a game. It actually requires a great deal of intelligence when it comes to the management of time, crew, and money. I cannot stress just how many things need to be considered during a fishing season. From the stamina of each crew member, to their potential share in the net profits, their increase in experience, the cost of fuel, the weather's effect on your ship, and how valuable it is that every single hour in a day be planned out and used to the maximum. I was genuinely surprised at the amount of content that went into this game. It did a great job at advertising what crab fishing would be all about and it gave me a better understanding and appreciation for the Captains' job. Lastly, a few thoughts: 1. I never even noticed this game didn't have a until last night. 2. It sucks that Rach had to bounce. I hope everything get's taken care of and ends up being okay. 3. lololol MStalker got Castlevania and is sad trophies aren't flying out at him. Longest. Game. Ever. 4. voodoo doing video reviews is super cool.
  10. July 4-6 Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos Just a quick update because it's getting late and I gotta hit the hay soon. I load up this game, turn on the PS Move, start the tutorial and HOLY CRAP this game is a PS Move abomination. I tried to steer my boat for about 5 minutes and couldn't get a handle on it at all. There is no calibration function and the... just no. Worst Move controls ever. Like, ever ever. So, I turn off the PS Move (cuz compatible and not required, thank Jebus) and turn on my Dualshock 3, only to find that my controller has something wrong with it and the left analog stick constantly presses up. I tried doing circles with the stick, clicking it, blowing in it, wiping it; nothing worked, so I calmly got out of my chair, walked into the kitchen, touchdown spiked it right in the middle of the kitchen floor and watched as it exploded into dozens of tiny pieces. I pull out another controller and soldier on with this crappy start, only to find that, while yes, it seems to be okay now, there are still some serious control flaws, like having to continuously tap the analog stick to make the cursor move, rather than hold it. Seriously. In the bazillion years that we've had game maps and navigation arrows, who suddenly thought it was clever to have to flick, flick, flick, flick, flick, flick, flick the stick to make the arrow move across the screen? The game is the epitome of a media cash-in game. Less than basic graphics, preschool easy, single button, game functions, loading screens galore; this game makes Terminator Salvation look like Uncharted 4. I finished the tutorial, scored trophy #7,500, completed the first campaign and then finished off the session by watching the bonus, hour-long episode of Deadliest Catch that's included on the disc, that pays tribute to one of the Captains that passed away during one of the seasons. I enjoyed the whole night's experience. It's just a game filled with 8 or 9 minigames. It's cheap, but it's fun. Capable Finish the Tutorial.
  11. July 1-3 Child of Eden Trophies: +15/50 (7,484 - 7,499) Here we are at the end of the first of ten games. Not a bad start, ol' Hemmy boy. Look at them views and replies, eh? You've hit the big times. I replayed a few more levels, both last night and this morning, and found that I was unable to score 100% purification, or get 100% of the bonus items, in any of the levels. I still had fun, but didn't feel like reaching the point of stressing myself out over a video game, so I decided that was my limit. I've never been a fan of games that demand perfection because I'm not perfect and neither is the hardware, and if you miss one shot, you screw both trophies, so it would just be hours of me banging my head against a digital wall, for no physical reward. Before I decided that I'd had my fill of the three-day trial, I tried the level "Hope" once. I made it to level 6 (of however many) and was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds. As the levels progress, the music and obstacles speed up to point where you have less than a second to react and your ears are being raped by ten 'drummers,' simultaneously playing different songs. I failed and said, "Well, now I know why that's a 1% trophy." A plus for me was finding out you could use the trigger to launch your Octo-locks. That made keeping/increasing my multiplier much easier than flicking the wand with my wrist. A minus for me was the fact that I never attempted the game while using the Dualshock 3. With all of that being said, Child of Eden was still a fantastic game. It is simple, colourful, entertaining, and most of all, fun. If you own a PS Move, this game is a genuine reason to blow the dust of that wand and use it. If you don't own a PS Move and ever thought about buying one, this title should be one of the first games you experience. If you liked games like Flower, Journey, and flOw, you'll also enjoy this one. Lastly, I realized that, if my completion only goes down by 0.30% per game, 3.0% over the course of the event isn't so much "killing" my completion, as it is giving it a little slap on the bum.
  12. Judging by the incredible drop in trophy rarity, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that the Archive's name "Hope" stems from people always hoping that they could at least survive to the end of the level.
  13. July 1-3 Child of Eden First off, congrats to Maddawgmax on his new platinum trophy and for achieving the first and only completed game in this event so far. The review was a tad harsh, but the internet and differing opinions are like my belly button and lint; it's very rare to check it and not find some. After turning off my game earlier this morning, I decided to head to the game store, grab a coffee for my buddy and I, and chillax at the store for a while. In my recent state of PS Move euphoria (pardon the Child of Eden pun, btw), I thought it would be a good idea to pick up Kung Fu Rider, still sealed, for $4.95. I checked out the controls and plot and was horrified. It's about doing Kung Fu while riding through Tokyo on an office chair and pulling off rail grinds. Yeah. It's either gonna be unique and cool, or terribly bad. I have a feeling already, but I'll reserve judgement until I play it. I came home and decided I had been "out and about/up and at 'em" enough to get the ol' bones warmed up, so I fired up Child of Eden, in order to show level 4 who was really the boss of me. I kicked the crap out of that level and the next (and final) one, too. Stupid game thinks it can tell me what for... pfft. The game was so shocked by my new found badassery, that it started hemorrhaging trophies. Completed this level, all collectibles in the level, completed that level, certain percentage of all collectibles in the game, and on and on. Yeah. That's right. I beat the game and got the final cutscene and credits. Now, all that's left is the bonus level called the "Hope Archive." Not sure what to expect, but it'll be played before my final review of the game, tomorrow.
  14. July 1-3 Child of Eden I wake up today, stretch out and say, "Hello, everyone. I hope you're all enjoying this lovely Sunday." to which someone promptly replies, "but it's not Sunday. It's Saturday." Oh. I guess I'll just turn off the ol' alarm here, seeing as how I don't have work tomorrow, and pretend this whole thing never happened. I'm sipping on my morning coffee, the game store doesn't open for a couple of hours; I guess I'll play some more Child of Eden. I turn it on and calibrate, notice I'm on level 4 of 5, the "Passion" Archive, and proceed to get my ass handed to me twice in a row; once, 5 minutes into the level, and once during the final moments of the boss fight. Did the game just introduce a difficulty spike, or am I just Poopy McSuckerton after I wake up? The amount of projectiles was ten times the amount of the previous three levels combined and the amount of screen movement was greater, as well. Combine those with the facts that there were far less health drops and I had just woken up, and you've got a recipe for WTFitis. I quickly turned off the game before I managed to put myself into a position where I no longer owned a functioning PS Move. I'll try again later, after I'm more "uppy and walky aroundy."
  15. I think it's totally worth pointing out that, on this day, July 1st, Canada Day, I just happen to have 1,867 unearned trophies. I think that is pretty friggin' cool.
  16. LOOL that part made me snort. "Hey there, buddy! How's it OOPS OH SHIT SORRY!" Poor Hemiak.
  17. Terminator Salvation; oh, the memories. There was a few rage inducing spots that made me put down the game for a while. If you need any help, just mention it in one of your posts and I'll catch it.
  18. Don't forget to add the title of the game you're playing to each update so we all know what game you're talking about.
  19. July 1-3 Child of Eden I roll over this morning, rise up from my bed and think, Happy Canad... holy sweet Jebus it's 9:30am and it's like 1,000 degrees outside. I ain't doin' shit today. Screw that noise. I open every window and door in the place and put together a load of laundry (yeah, this is how old folks party down, yo). Well, since I'm stuck in the house (because I don't have any sunblock that's SPF A BILLION), I might as well give Child of Eden a go, eh? I move the coffee table, pull up a chair, plug in the PS Eye, get the Move controllers out, turn on the PS3 and insert the game. The game boots up immediately; no patches, no install, nothing. Nice. I'm treated to a short, silent intro movie and some reading. The story is both decent and slightly retarded, but meh whatevs, we're not here for story, we're here for pretty pew pew lights and using the Move, so LET'S GO! I calibrate the Move wand (it doesn't use the nunchuck, btw) and begin. The first thing I notice is that there is a tutorial every 5 or 10 seconds and that gets pretty annoying, pretty quickly, but I digress. You hold the wand in front of you, straight up and down, like you're holding a flag, and the aiming reticle locks on to targets, where you then flick the wand forward, like you would flicking food from a spoon, and this launches little protons at the targets. You can highlight 8 targets at a time and I get the impression that every shot is judged on things like, how many you locked on, how long it took to lock a group when they entered the screen, how quickly you killed them, keeping a combo going, total targets in that section "purified," etc. There's other little things like purple enemies/items can only be shot with the trigger (T button) and there's a health bar aspect, where you can be hit and find health pickups and stuff. There's also an item you can pick up called Euphoria and that nukes every target on the screen. You activate it with the Move button and I'm not sure if it gives extra points or not. There appears to only be 5 levels, 2 difficulties and lots of upgrades and unlockables. I played the first two levels and nabbed myself 8 new trophies.
  20. I almost can't believe it, but I managed to get some gaming time in last night and scored my first trophy in 10 days. I won't do any gaming tonight, so my official completion before the start of the event is 79.91%. I'll probably go easy on the gaming tomorrow, as it's Canada's birthday, a National, statutory holiday, a friday and I've been paid 4 times in a 10 day span and all of my bills are paid; yeah, I'm gonna be a tad busy.
  21. Alright, alright. First, I'll apologize for the delay in getting this one started. The bachelor party may have ran a couple of days longer than we had originally planned, so bear with me. So, here we are; #5. Hard to believe it's The Lottery's one year anniversary. So, let's celebrate and have some fun, eh? For those of you that may be unfamiliar with The Lottery, first, let me welcome you to the site because you must've just been born within the last 2 months and, second, I'll ask you a simple question. Do you ever wonder what game you're gonna play next and just think that you can't bring yourself to pick? Tired of the same ol' games? Wish someone would pick a game for you? A new kind of game? Hell, don't even care what game it is? Just pick something. Anything! Well, you lazy, indecisive bastard, have we got the fix for you. In The Lottery, I gather a handful of folks (9 + me), get a specific list of games from each, pair them up using a random number generator, then RNG a game from the others' list and then you have to hunt down the game and play it. Seems simple enough, but try and keep in mind that you could get ANY game. It could be a music game and need a microphone or guitar, a Move game and need a camera and wand, or an obscure foreign title and need some serious shipping fees. Whatever the case may be, this game is not for the kiddies that saved up their milk money for the last week. The event normally runs ~5-6 weeks; from mid month to the end of the next month. That gives 1 week to sign up, 2 weeks to be assigned your game, find it and ship it, 3 weeks to play it, enjoy the ongoing conversations and then shut 'er down and award the prizes. Yes, we here at Pay For Friendship Ltd. like to splash the dough around to make the event a little more entertaining, but don't expect a dump truck full of money to be backing up to your doorstep; I ain't Joe Rockafeller over here. History has shown that it's normally 3-4 prizes of $10-$20. So, during the entirety of the event, I'll be keeping tabs on things like posts (both quality and quantity), likes given and received, trophies earned, maybe write a simple review, maybe write a trophy guide, etc. and use those numbers to enter ballots for a draw at the end. Simply put, the more you participate, the better your chances are, but don't think spamming up the joint will get the juices flowing because that's my job around here. With all of that being said, the biggest point to be made is that this event is in no way a competition. I cannot stress that enough. This event was designed to help foster a more friendly, tightly knit community, and that's how it'll always be. A few things to keep in mind: - You need at least 54 posts to join. - Only games with an achievable platinum trophy qualify to be picked. - Repeat participants take a back seat to newcomers. - It doesn't matter if you have only 1, 2 or all 3 consoles, the selection process is still the same. Alrighty then. Let's rock and/or roll, shall we? PARTICPANTS 1. effdeegee (confirmed) 2. Quikdrawjoe (confirmed) 3. Chemergy (confirmed) 4. NerdRage04 (confirmed) 5. MarkusT1992 (confirmed) 6. Edunstar84 (confirmed) 7. Cassiopria (confirmed) 8. HcG Clawz (confirmed) 9. ee28max (confirmed) 10. Mesopithecus (confirmed) LINKS - Your Next Game - The Lottery - Your Next Game - The Lottery 2 - Your Next Game - The Lottery 3 - Your Next Game - The Lottery 4 - For this instalment's pairings and games, CLICK HERE. - For this instalment's midpoint stats, CLICK HERE. - For this instalment's final thoughts and prizes, CLICK HERE. Thanks for reading along, leave a LIKE if you want and happy gaming to all!
  22. *looks over at the calendar... "Oh for the love of... Is it November friggin' 15th already? My goodness; didn't I just do one of these damn things? ffs whatever...Let's just try to get through this piece of... Oh, hey there! Didn't see you come in! Well, don't just stand there; come in, come in. Have a seat. If you'd like, you can go ahead and just click this button right here and we'll pack up the whole fam damily and get this road on the show. Alrighty, folks! It's that time again fooor... Your Next Game - The Lottery! Are you bored with your games? Sick of the same ol' poop? Want to try something different? Don't know what to play next? Don't even care what you play next? Just wish someone would pick a game for you? You've come to the right spot. The concept is simple; you sign up, you get a random game chosen for you, you play it. Seems simple enough, eh? Before you go thinking that it's all easy peasy lemon squeezy, let me remind you that you might get ANY game and that game might be very expensive to find and play. It might be a PS Move game and need a camera and wand, a music game and need a mic or guitar, or a foreign game that's impossible to find and costs a fortune to import. So, you may want to ask yourself, are you: 1. A baller and/or shot caller (either one is totally acceptable) aka. Big daddy fat sack with pockets on swol? 2. A person that's gone full retard and has disposable income? You just don't give a crap and got tha dough? 3. Living a life that's half crippling depression and half bloody reckless? You need to be told what to do and would do it just because it's something different? 4. So lazy that you can't even muster the gumption to ask Google or the chat box for game recommendations? "Like, OMFG seriously?! I have to point the remote AT the tv?! FML." We here at FDG Inc. accept every type of freak. We simply ask that you bring money, or security will immediately ask you to stfu and gtfo. Don't worry; we've cleared it with our legal department and it's fine. Okay, seriously; the way it works is; I will gather a pool of participants, ask each of you for a specific list of game titles that you think others should play, randomly pair you up with another and then use an RNG to select a game for them to play from your list. In order to suggest a game, you had to have played it before and the must still be attainable. For the recipient to play it, they must own the system and not have played the game before (or it has 0 trophies on their profile). It is a ~6 week event (mid Nov to end Dec/start Jan); a few days to sign up, be confirmed, get assigned a game and begin the hunt for said game, 4+ weeks to recieve your game and play it and finally, a few days to shut 'er down, draw ballots and issue prizes. Ballots and prizes, you say? Oh yeah, baby. It should be made perfectly clear that is in no way a competition or a race. You don't need to finish the game, or 100% all dlc, etc. This is nothing more than a fun event, created with the spirit of building a stronger, more tightly knit, friendlier PSNP community. During the event, I'll be awarding extra ballots, for the prize draw at the end, for each person's level of participation. I'll be looking at things like posts in this thread, likes given, likes received, if you got your game, trophies you earn, maybe write an event review, game review or a trophy guide; it's all gravy. I always say, the best part(s) about this event are the conversations that happen during it. Now, be aware that I can giveth and I can taketh away so, don't think that spamming up the joint will get you anywhere. There's only room for one Like whore in this house and you're lookin' at him. The prizes will depend on the number of participants and their level of participation but, we'll be shooting for 3-4 prizes of $10-$20 each. They usually come in the form of PSN cards, PSNP lifetime premium memberships, PayPal cash deposits; whatever. So, let's open the phone banks and start taking callers, shall we? List of Participants 1. effdeegee (confirmed) 2. Boooda56 (confirmed) 3. cybershark91 (confirmed) 4. Cassiopria (confirmed) 5. ryansvader (confirmed) 6. chubaqc (confirmed) 7. Melanogaster1987 (confirmed) 8. kittyxiii (confirmed) 9. Mendant909 (confirmed) 10. EpicNogg4 (confirmed) Links and Updates - To read about the first installment of Your Next Game - The Lottery CLICK HERE. - To read about the second installment of Your Next Game - The Lottery CLICK HERE. - To read the pairings and games chosen for this installment CLICK HERE. - To read the midpoint stats of this installment CLICK HERE. - To read the final thoughts and see who won prizes CLICK HERE. Thanks for reading, have fun, happy gaming, Don't forget to Like this, or I'll be forced to karate chop you right in the esophagus.
  23. Settle down there, young buck. Thou shalt not tempt imitations of the second coming of The Lottery.
  24. Just saw Judas Priest in concert and they did Turbo Lover in the setlist.
  25. I figured, just for the sake of nostalgia... The Lottery 1: DmC: Devil May Cry from youngjr25. The Lottery 2: Rayman Legends from Edunstar84. The Lottery 3: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow from chubaqc. The Lottery 4: Frozen Synapse Prime from pese-97. The Lottery 5: Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland from RachP13.