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  1. You might have better luck if you post in the CoD forums instead of general ps3 discussion.
  2. I guess the easiest way to look at it would be: What do actual hunters do? They search for animals and try to get them. They "hunt" them down. They enter the woods looking for them. They get a sense of satisfaction when they get them. They might even display them. What do actual whores do? Disregard everything and everyone in order to satisfy their own desire for self satisfaction. It's like an addiction. It's compulsive. It's a way of life. Many don't like their own life and wish they could make it stop but, by now it's routine. They need their next fix but, they've developed a tolerance level so, the next fix has to be bigger than the last so that they can still feel the rush. I don't know. I just got up and I'm groggy. Think people; "hunter" and "whore". /thread
  3. That would be cool of you. I'm going to keep trying a few times every day because I just read a fairly recent post on .org where someone had trouble uploading a replay for a while and then, one random day, one made it through. I don't know if this means much but, it's the smallest bit of hope. I would hope that the guy from Ubisoft support wasn't lying or just copying a cookie-cutter response that didn't actually apply to the situation.
  4. I totally understand the situation. Burnout + too many games = familiar territory.
  5. I'm glad you said "personally". You've only played 2 of the 5 games and you haven't even finished either one of them. You're like the only person in the world that hasn't gotten the platinum for ACII and seriously, 6/61 trophies for Brotherhood? C'mon man.
  6. The email I got from Henry at Ubisoft: "Hi effdeegee, Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Support. I'm sorry to inform you but the Shawn White Snowboard servers for the PS3 has been disabled. Since the game has been released, the amount of players playing the game online has diminished and it was costing too much money to keep them up and running. So they decided to close the servers and that is why you cannot connect to the Ubisoft servers." I followed up the question by asking if there was a chance that they could do a press release and open the servers for one day in the future so that all of the people needing the one trophy can drop by and do a quick upload to get the platinum. I'm waiting to hear back. The weird thing is; I've been playing this game online for the last 24 hours and I've been connected to several people while completing the multiplayer challenges (Rat Race and Kill of the Hill) on each mountain. It seems like there's two different servers or something for connecting with players and storing uploaded videos. Very strange that I can play with others but not upload a video. What's even more strange is; 4 people have earned the Generation 2.0 trophy this month. 1. Why would the support guy say the servers are disabled if they're not? or 2. How could these people earn the trophy if the servers were disabled? This is pissing me off.
  7. Every game has it's own separate forum. https://psnprofiles.com/forums/forum/1659-need-for-speed-most-wanted/
  8. Nobody liked the Assassin's Creed games?
  9. The Beatles: Rock Band Green Day: Rock Band LEGO: Rock Band
  10. It bothers me, for sure. It's a waste of time and makes me resent the producers for being lame with their lack of insight to the gaming world. If I can beat it on hard, I can obviously beat it on easy. Don't make me play it again (and again). *coughcoughPrinceofPersiatrilogycoughcough 1 - 1.5 playthroughs: Necessary. Play the story and then maybe a little clean up for the collectibles and other trophies. Happens almost every time/to be expected/the norm etc. 2 playthroughs: It's kind of pushing it but, it's only one more, you know the levels/controls and it might be possible to do a speedrun (unless it's one of those games where your first run on hard unlocks a higher difficulty). 3+ playthroughs: I won't play it and the company can piss off. It's almost 2014; you should know better than to pretend to provide replayability. Lazy bastards. I'll give my money to the 2,000 other games that won't rape the hours of my life.
  11. Organizing games by genre usually turns out to be a nightmare for more than a few reasons because so many games fall into multiple categories (not to mention, the amount of complaints that happen when a game is filed under a genre that a person thinks is wrong). Consider something like Uncharted; - Action - Adventure - Action/Adventure - 3rd Person Action - 3rd Person Adventure - 3rd Person Action/Adventure - Shooter - 3rd Person Shooter - Playstation Exclusive etc, etc, etc. Now, file the other 2,000 games...
  12. I've also wondered about this topic. I be happy to see Sly chime in on the matter. I just figured it was hackers.
  13. ^This. A thousand times, this.
  14. This thread makes me laugh. A bunch of folks putting labels on other people when they have no clue what they're talking about. Point being; only a trophy whore knows what a trophy whore is. Not to mention, isn't the thread supposed to be about defining trophy hunter?
  15. Well done. For me, I'd say Ezio. I like when he's older and he's got the salt and pepper beard. Old man teaching the young bucks an trying to quit being an assassin so he can settle down with some good woman tail.
  16. This was the second thing I thought when I saw the thread title. The first thing I thought was:http://quickmeme.com/meme/3ow4d5/
  17. I think it was Crackpots on the Atari (summer of 1983).
  18. Why don't you start it yourself? Make a thread called "100% Leaderboards" and do a Top 40 or 50 and update everything yourself once a month? It's something to fill your time. It's something to look forward to. It's something that would get you respect around the community. Just sayin'.
  19. I see what you're saying. You want a code for; when you click "hide 0%'s" it also hides the missing trophies from all of the different menus and trophy stats. Basically, pretend this game never existed on my account and hide everything that has to do with it. I'm not a tech nerd but, that seems like an awful lot of code. Of course, me not being code savy, it might only take 5 minutes. I don't friggin' know.
  20. I personally don't use the platinums card but, that is a pretty decent suggestion. I wouldn't be surprised if it was implemented. The only problem is, then, you would have set a precedent where minor changes can be made to cards. What if someone wants 0 small images and 3 big images? Or 1 really, really big image? 4 types of cards then turns into it's own forum for requesting changes and Sly having no time to work on the things that actually need to be worked on. I know it seems extreme but, that's how it starts. Anywho. Decent idea, though.
  21. Sly you should add a...done. It would be neat if there was a...done. What about feature where you can...already done before. Sly's the man.
  22. It's so warm here because you're in hell. HA! jk I agree with your assessment that this is a cool place to come to. Although, I don't quite understand the "the site is so small, community wise" comment. I'm pretty sure it's one of the leaders when it comes to number of members. Meh. Whatevs.
  23. You have to sync your trophies to the server before you update your PSNProfiles.
  24. I've used the same avatar since the day I signed up. Other than that, I like the big, round animals (tiger, elephant, pig etc).
  25. Your profile isn't too shabby either. A big kudos to you as well.