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  1. Thanks Sly for the very detailed, open and honest update on the situation. Now that I know what the problem is, I can say that I've got no problem waiting for however long this may take you. *coughcoughexceptformaybemorethanaweekcoughcough* lol
  2. It's been over 30 hours now. Can we get some sort of educated guess on the time of completion?
  3. It's been two weeks since I've noticed the problem and just short of 4 days since I've reported it. Can I get some sort of update, please? Has anyone looked into the problem? Identified the problem? Tried to rectify the problem? Is it a simple fix? A difficult fix?
  4. I've used both types of logins. Always automatic from inception until now but, since your earlier post mentioning manual, I've tried that as well. Still no change.