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  1. Over 10% rarity is high... :lol: 


    If that's the case, I'll try to throw a few games in the hat.

    1. Prince of Persia The Two Thrones (12%) - Twins boss fight on hard difficulty + dying and the autosave is before the entire chariot driving section before getting to the fight (also a tad rough in its own right) + unskippable cutscene.


    2. Jak II (18%) - One or two sections with wicked difficulty spikes relative to the cakewalk the other 99% of the game is.

    3. Uncharted (18%) - Crushing difficulty was a real wakeup call to gamers when it was first introduced. Plane Wreck was brutal, and thank goodness for the Blue Room glitch.

    4. God of War 1 (20%) - The elevator challenge with the Satyrs was still rough, even with knowledge of proven strategies.


    5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (24%) - Quidditch flying challenge was tight for time.


    6. Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves (38%) - Couple of the challenges were tight for time.


    7. Goat Simulator (42%) - Flappy Goat can die in a fire.


    8. Ice Age 3 (42%) - Couple of the challenges rolling an egg down an icy mountain were tight for time.


    9. Terminator Salvation (56%) - Shooting tons of OP things from the back of a terribly shaky dune buggy, on hard difficulty, with an overheating gun, health bar, and time limit. Am I remembering this correctly?


    If I included mind-numbing grinds, the list would have another 10-15.


  2. Ah, yes. The classic internet forum topic where a person asks a question they already know the answer to, just so they can talk about themselves.

    You went from 50% to 72% and then ask what the trick is? :huh::lol: 


    1. Play game with missing trophies and earn the trophies.

    2. Repeat #1.


    (...but you knew this already, didn't you?) :stalker:  :spank: 


  3. I've inverted both X and Y since the day the options were first introduced to gaming, and have fought (unsuccessfully) for years to have the option added to games, so I completely understand the OP's frustration.

    I'll make my incredibly experienced advice short and sweet:


    1. Use a special controller that has button mapping functions. Be 100% positive that the inversion of X and Y is an option, as 99% of controllers advertised as having button mapping don't actually have it. Also, be prepared as many that have the invert options are wireless, use batteries, and drain them quickly, so there's a considerable added expense to your gaming.


    2. The better option, and my suggestion to you, is to take a few days and force yourself to play "the normal" way. It will feel very awkward at first but, once it feels normal, you'll never have a reason to struggle/avoid games/complain/stress again. The sacrifice of feeling awkward for a bit is well beyond a fair trade for the sake of your mental health.

    In conclusion; they'll never change, but your brain is intelligent enough that you always can. ;)


  4. There's a lot of benefits for finding and completing the many different types of locations.


    - Tombs give an automatic skill point.
    - Ruins give ancient tablets for upgrading your ship.

    - Sync points make it easier to travel.

    - Caves give 3 types of stone/gems for upgrades to ship and gear.

    - Underwater areas are needed for a trophy.

    - Forts and Leader Houses lower the control level quickly.
    - All "?" give xp for both uncovering and completing.
    - There are challenges that unlock engravings.

    - They all have money, resources, and decent gear (which you can either break down for more resources, or sell for big money).

    - They're all great places to find a high density of enemies.


    and the biggest thing that nobody seems to consider is that they're attached to quests that give massive xp boosts (ie. Complete all objectives in 15 forts nets something like 50k xp). I've seen a few that give 65-100k xp.


    They may seem like a minuscule bit of xp during the middle levels, but the huge bonus come in really handy when you're level 40-50 and the xp needed to level up is like 500k-1mil and the side quests are only giving 35k, or, if you were completing them all during the earlier 15-35 levels and the bonus earned fills almost your whole xp bar in one shot.


    TL;DR - Do all the things cuz AC Master says iz gud.


  5. Sorry for the late reply. I just came across this post right now.


    - 100%'s game January 2016.

    - Writes lengthy shitpost March 2018.


    - 120 games played, 25% completion.

    - 7 @ 100% (and this is one of them).


    1. So, you hated the game so much that you played through it twice and did all of the extra stuff for the platinum and 100%? Making it one of the very few games you've ever completed?


    2. You say inFAMOUS 1 was a much better game, yet you didn't platinum and 100% that game?

    3. The hate must've been so intense that, even after 26 months, it was still a bubbling rage inside you, enough so that it compelled you to type up a mini hate essay on the game?

    I'm guessing you probably would've liked it more if it was called inFAMOUS: Call of Duty. :P

    The internet makes me smile sometimes. :lol:


  6. On 10/25/2019 at 3:57 PM, SoundDreams said:

    Add : Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PS3

    no Trophy too

    It doesn't have Xbox achievements either. Read the thread title again.


    On 10/25/2019 at 4:20 PM, MiloFPS said:

    There are way too many to mention, you can’t cover them all. 

    Pretty sure that's exactly what this thread did.


    On 4/21/2020 at 11:57 AM, palmersib said:

    Battle Fantasia had a trophy list on the xbox but never for the ps3


    Not 100% sure if I'm right but can't help but think Eternal Sonata was the same with having a trophy list on xbox but not ps3, please correct me if I am wrong about this one though



    Eternal Sonata was already listed.


    On 4/21/2020 at 0:04 PM, Alex_Gorbatschow said:

    saints row 2


    Saints Row 2 was already listed. Not like it would've been easy to check before posting, given that the list is in alphabetical order.


  7. How is it that I have 159 :platinum: and can't recall a single "fun" game? I've had many games with entrancing stories, visceral and cathartic combat, satisfying platinums, but I can't remember ever saying to myself "omg I'm having so much fun while playing this game."


    Games seem to fall into other categories:


    1. Genuinely simple/easy and I blow right through them.

    2. I'm freakishly good at them, which makes them easy to me, and I blow right through them.

    3. Difficult and frustrating, but I press on (for whatever reasons) and make it through to the end.

    4. Just a laundry list of collectibles and things to do, which makes them a grind/tedious.

    5. Bad/poorly made games.

    games y u no fun :hmm: :angry: :shakefist: 


  8. Death from Above: If you're trying to recreate the famous PowerPyx video and finding that vehicles despawn after the third or fourth bike/jetski, please know that plane itself can count as the fourth vehicle, so all you need is the plane and three bikes/jetskis and it'll still unlock the trophy.


    Ghost Kill: Although it's not a rifle or a bow and arrow, the machine gun on a helicopter will trigger the 150m headshot trophy. You can come across enemies more frequently in a chopper than on foot, and the machine gun's bullets refill themselves, so you can keep trying indefinitely for free.


    Hope this helps. :) 


  9. Just a heads up to say I may have found something previously unmentioned about this trophy.


    The trophy requires you to play 3 hero cards in the same round and also win the match.


    I played 2 consecutive games where I had 3 hero cards, played them in the same round (also both instances were in the 3rd round), and won both matches, yet I didn't get the trophy.


    Then I noticed that, in both cases, I had a Mysterious Elf spy card, which leads me to believe that only hero cards with a point value, played on your side of the table, count.


    For those wondering, there was also a case where I had an opponent use a Mysterious Elf card on me, and I used 2 hero cards, won the match, and that didn't work either (which further adds to my above point).


    Hope this helps. Happy gaming. :) 


  10. Took me 4 tries with maxed out/best of everything. The best advice I can give is:


    1. Practice your dodging. Literally, just stand in the shop and sidestep and roll 10 times in every direction. Quickly tapping :cross::cross: gets you nowhere in this fight because her reach/hit radius is great. Learn to stretch out the limits of your dodge before the second tap (sometimes a second tap isn't even needed). Distance helps a lot in this fight. Also, there are 3 or 4 epic runes that can make your dodge longer and faster (and stack).


    2. Even with the rune specials (1 x gauntlet, 2 x axe, 2 x blades, 1 x Atreus) and 1 x maxed out rage, you can still get smoked pretty quickly. I found the key was having the resurrection stone that brings you back with full rage and low health. You can do a lot more damage, plus you can gain health back with every punch, so it ends up being full rage and (gain) half health, instead of just being low health.


    You know you're going to die at least once, so dump your first rage before you die, then have another full one when you come back. Double the damage.


    3. Try your best to keep your aim "locked on" (clicking down :r3: ) during the fight. It helps with keeping her in your sights, and helps avoid the waste of rage from swinging at air. When locked on during rage, you'll rubber-band to her, no matter the distance.


    4. Atreus' arrows will knock her down/interrupt her if she's floating up into the air.


    5. Learn to incorporate picking up health orbs during the battle. Many times I chose to ease up on the offensive combo, in exchange for picking up an orb, and that was always a good trade to make. An old boxing motto is "never chase a puncher."


    6. Switch weapons regularly. This gives you 2 runes to use while the others are refreshing.


    With these tips, the fight shouldn't take very long at all (on easy, less than 2min). Honestly, blocking and parrying isn't even necessary.


    On easy: As soon as she opens her wings, unleashed the wolves, and dump all 5 runes, and 4 arrows. Then, go into rage. After some dancing, rune refreshing, more fighting, you'll probably die. Then it's time for rage #2. Fight should be over.


    On hard: Learn how to dodge her patterns so that you can repeat the above-mentioned process several times before your first death; wolves + all runes, stay alive, wolves + all runes, stay alive.


    This fight is really quite simple. You can see her attacks coming from a mile away, she always comes to you, and she pauses for a couple of seconds after each attack. Dodge her overly dramatic nonsense and donkey punch her right in the friggin' side boob. :D xD


    I hope this helps someone in need. :) 


  11. I've only experienced 2 glitches during my time with the digital version.


    1. In the Turf Wars DLC, markers would disappear if you were about to receive a phone call.


    2. In the main game, while doing the "missing/corrupted students" portion, the guy giving the quests would always bug out and his lips wouldn't move for the first few lines of dialogue, then they would fast forward through all missed lines to catch up to the audio.


    The graphics had a bit of pop-in at certain points, 1/3rd of crimes weren't announced over the Police scanner, and sometimes enemies would stick halfway in the walls during combat (kind of funny, actually). Like, I kicked them so hard that they went face-first through a concrete wall, leaving their backsides dangling out.


    EDIT: Apparently, I spoke too soon.


    The screen went black before the final mission, in the last dlc, and I could still hear the game running in the background. Digital gaming is garbage.


  12. I ascended, got the in-game achievement for first ascension, but the trophy didn't unlock.


    I read around the internet and some folks said it would unlock on the next ascension, so I played through and ascended a second time (both legit, btw), but still no trophy.


    I deleted the save file, but my stats were still there when I restarted the game. So, I deleted the save file and the game, downloaded it again, and my stats were still there.


    I honestly don't know what to do. I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks.


    EDIT: I did a hard reset of the stats (options menu), played without time-skipping up to the point where I could ascend again, and the trophy unlocked. This leads me to be believe it has something to do with the time glitch. Maybe the trophy won't unlock if it's 2099, or if it's 2020 and your skills say 300484728 until they refresh.


    Hope this helps.