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  1. Platinum #149 & 100% #184 - The Wolf Among Us (PS Vita). It’s the first time in 300+ games that I platinumed a game that I’d already played once before on a different console (PS3). Ended up being 1 trophy away from doing it in PSASBR (PS3 and PS Vita), but they closed the online servers.

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    2. effdeegee



      @skateak I really enjoyed it (enough so that I played it twice). :P I loved how they made the children’s characters dark and real.


      @Vanilla :kiss: 


      @Condemned09 Spanks for the congrats! :D


      @KingGuy420 Ahoy, fellow Nova Scotianer! :wave: 

    3. Distant


      When did they close the All Stars servers?

    4. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

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