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  1. Finding my latest game, Split/Second, to be a huge pile of burning garbage. I finished in 1st place for the first 29 races (in 1 day, mind you). Race #30 takes 2hrs of the most focussed grinding ever, and I just barely manage to finally cheese out a win by 0.06s. Then, I win Race #31 on my second try and beat the record by more than 30s. This is why your game is trash. :spank:

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    2. Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      I still have that load of poop. The premise was good, just poorly executed. I never got close to a plat though. :/

    3. effdeegee


      Jamm in da house. Hope all is well. :)

    4. Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      Ya, it's been a minute. Basically haven't used this old place in a long while and barely play games for the trophies anymore.