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  1. I still want to get rank 1 hahahaha, in phasing and normal mode, congratulations btw. thank you very much, you will get it, it's just a matter of practice and patience I used a controller
  2. finally folks, the platinum trophy. it was a journey of almost 2 years and it is finally over. I plan to keep playing to try out some leaderboards and some speedruns, this has become my favorite game. honorable mentions to @stealthlevel100 I watched his videos a lot when we were trying to do low% runs and it helped me strategize and motivate me to improve too. my platinum run:
  3. Finally guys after 1200 hours i complete all chars low%, it's almost 1 year since my last post and I chose to continue on controller, now only left coda My Run: starts in 4:00
  4. well, I have 680 hours of gameplay and I saw a response in a post that made me curious, that it is also possible to use a keyboard even with a cheap adapter, my biggest fear before was to buy a cheap adapter and have delay or something from like, and the most expensive ones were out of my reach so I stayed in control. what do you think? recommend a cheap adapter? will you be able to play without delay? is it worth migrating to the keyboard even after so many hours of training at the controller? I believe it would not take so long to adapt