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  1. Trophy images have been improved in areas. However, multiple of the grind inducing trophies infamous in the first game has returned, such as getting all stars on all cups across all speed difficulties and buying all items in the shop. There's no reason why this game shouldn't be superior to the first. The first is decent but lacks several modern components, including voice-over and online play.
  2. Alright, now this one i'm a bit disappointed in, despite there being a few great deals. From top to bottom there's just way too much World War Z, War Thunder, 3on3 FreeStyle, Farming., Resident Evil, and Dead By Deadlight stuff. That's almost like all I saw.
  3. I don't understand the idiocy behind blocking someone because they ask you a perfectly fine question that is not offensive, rude, or anything similar. Literally asked a guy or gal who said the quote in their about me, then they responded saying who and proceeded with an immediate block. WHY?! (Even if there is a reason, as there's probably a reason for everything, it's obviously the result of something petty or immature like "Wow/Ok this person is so uncultured that i'm just going to block them". There are people like that, as I've seen it a few times before, which is rather pathetic because everyone is ignorant in someway whether it likes to be heard/seen or not. We aren't perfect and we don't know everything, regardless of popularity and experience, pe-ri-od.) Why am I running across so many idiots and immature people this year, lord

    1. PooPooBlast


      Lately, I've run into my fare share of the people you mentioned and I've come to understand that the internet is full of smart, dumb, friendly, aloof, gentle, assholes, reserved or aggressive people and so on. 


      If you start to apply your own mindset/how you think on how they behave, you'll just end up with a headache and a miserable day. You'll never be able to understand or come to terms with how someone can behave in a certain way. 


      Just live and let live.

  4. It's sad how people get annoyed or can't handle when you call out their mistakes. It's also sad how I got deleted by someone today because I acknowledged them ignoring me. It's different when the person doing the ignoring is really busy and/or the person being ignored is constantly "bothering" them but neither of that was the case. A short-and-simple question was asked. Subsequently, the person was online, playing games (that can be paused), and was rotating different games. 

    Anyway, I've been running into a lot of immensely rude and disgusting people this year. Could have made a lot of status updates of what I've been experiencing this year, but I prefer keeping things to gaming related stuff. Between the way humanity is (everywhere), the poor game balancing in online modes, and the toxic nature (tryhards, teabaggers, cheaters, etc) in game sessions, I wonder how much more I can take of the online ecosystem whether through gameplay or social communication. Dealing with grind-heavy online trophies is bad enough as is. I just- meh I'll stop here.

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      @funboy1246 and I'll do it again!!!!

    3. IntroPhenom


      2020 has been my introduction to online gaming, and I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised.  Friday the 13th is what I've been playing, and I've met some darn nice people, folks I enjoy and look forward to chatting with.  My friend list tripled as a result.  In public lobbies a few bad eggs popped up of course (people who were overtly rude, or used racial or homophobic slurs, for example), but I either ignored them or told them off, the latter occasionally being quite satisfying.

    4. NERVergoproxy


      Sorry you have to experience that side of humanity. Hope you feel better. 

  5. Trophies aside i'm probably going to have to say that this is slightly better than the month (even though once again one of the games is also part of PlayStation Now) with Farming Simulator (which also just got confirmation of a DLC expansion) and City Skylines, but it's still fairly disappointing. Also skeptical about October's offering, especially if it's fairly cheap horror games that's already gone on sale numerous times, like Alien Isolation, Dying Light, Days Gone, and just about Medievil as well, with the first two being much more guilty, though. Resident Evil 3 would basically be a perfect offering for October.
  6. The original version on Vita isn't bad, but the the remastered version on PS4 is the definitive experience overall, including the controls (sliding, slide-jumping, shifting, dodging, etc, as well any combination possible with those mechanics, and the camera). It even has some exclusive content, like a concept art gallery, that the original version doesn't have. Basically the only significant reason to play the Vita version is for traveling matters, as while it does utilize the Vita's hardware it's mostly on a standard level: touch screen to move to the next comic panel (optional), swipe to dodge, swipe/hold to scroll down or up on descriptive pages, touch buttons to navigate through options and menus, etc. The most unique use its gets out of the Vita is may'be the way the gravity slide works or being able to touch Kat and make her react (lol). Overall, it's nothing worth particularly checking out or prioritizing over the (superior) PS4 version.
  7. The post by fourfoldfoot is a bit of an incredible exaggeration. (First game, GR/GRR, also has multiple stealth sections that are just about consistently overlooked by people, and unlike GR2, they're all part of the main story, with a few also existent in its DLC.) Yes, get them. Among being great games, they're not even half the price they launched as. Should be able to get both games for under the price of a full AAA game. The games aren't short, especially the second game. They're all fair length, especially for their prices, but it's a bit disappointing Bluepoint Games didn't bother adding an episode select to GRR. (There's no missable trophies, btw.) The gameplay will take a bit of getting use to. It's not super intuitive, but it's not super complicated either. Some advice/tips/info: (Features/Options) Turn the motion control sensitivity all the way down. Yes, it's optional, the game doesn't force it as a mandatory mechanic. (Gameplay) Utilize and ingrain into your brain the fact that the game has an easy-to-use (and basically vital) camera centering feature while you're falling (Kat doesn't fly) everywhere or floating in place. Some people think the angles the camera is at times is the way the game is all throughout, when it's not. The feature, which is triggered by pressing R3, will without fail always realign the view to straight. Remember this. (Gameplay) Similar to inFAMOUS series, the game functions somewhat as a shooter, with most moves being required to point somewhere on the screen. However, this tip is solely about simply shifting gravity. You do not always need to aim the centered blue reticle to every single spot/area you want to land. (Gameplay) The game at least offers more flexibility and agency than people usually say and what you see in videos. The game is really rewarding when you find out it can be played differently than how it seems on the surface. If you play the game in a standard fashion, without experimenting, there's a chance your experience won't be too engaging. If you experiment, you'll find out there's things you can do that you didn't think could be done or wouldn't have ever done. This freedom is thanks to the combination of mechanics that can be chained and the smooth transitions between a lot of moves, but this is a stronger case in GR2, which improves the overall gameplay tremendously (seriously), especially the Stasis Field power (that you probably won't like in GRR). (Gameplay) Gravity Slide actually has a drifting and braking element, so while you're still learning how to master the move, remember those two aspects to the sliding. Don't worry about the acceleration. (Gameplay) You can pick up more objects in the game's world with Stasis Field than you'll initially think. (Part of that experimentation mentioned above.) Lastly, the franchise has a short tie-in animation called Gravity Rush - Overture, made by Studio Khara, that bridges the gap between the first and second game. Additionally, the DLC story expansion for GR2, The Ark of Time - Raven's Choice, is technically a continuation of the ending from the first game. Chronologically, it also takes before Overture. (I.E., GR, TAoT DLC from GR2, Overture, then GR2. Complication aside, I can suggest saving the GR2 DLC for last, while Overture should still be watched before starting GR2.) Feel like i'm forgetting something, but idk.
  8. It's very annoying when people can't truly distinguish between what is actually bad game design and when they just simply suck at the challenge provided to them.
  9. Naughty Dog Can legitimately write an essay on why. The OP barely scratches the surface with this studio (yes the studio, not just Neil). EA What they've done with Visceral Games and Dead Space alone (which includes not reactivating the series during a time when survival horror games—Alien Isolation, Dying Light, Resident Evil series, The Last of Us series, etc—are evidently thriving) is enough to put them on the list, but obviously it's not all that's wrong with them.
  10. I couldn't even finish the game once, because it's too boring (mainly the story and characters) Stopped shortly after the falsely advertised scene where "Joel" muffles Ellie from behind. Anyway, hope I can get the eventual 100% on the second playthrough rather than a third..
  11. While it's been months since I completed Wipeout, i'm just baffled that I've failed at completing the Crash Team Racing developers' (Beenox) times and Need for Speed (2015) Prestige races (silver/gold). Am I to believe Trackmania Turbo is harder than all of the aforementioned. . . (TBH, I haven't really put a sufficient amount of practice into CTR and NfS, especially the former. Just some attempts to test the difficulty, but it didn't go well.)

    1. Shadiochao


      I haven't played CTR but I'd say the NFS prestige races are significantly harder than any trophy in Trackmania or Wipeout.

    2. BB-BakkerJ


      I haven’t played NFS but I’d say beating the CTR developer’s times is significantly harder than any trophy in Trackmania or WipEout 😁.


      Luckily there isn’t a trophy for that.

  12. The game's veteran mode isn't "easy" ("One Shot One Kill" and "Weathering the Storm" to name a couple), but it's also not among the top hardest of Call of Duty Veteran modes, unlike Call of Duty Classic and World at War.
  13. Lee Everett Cole MacGrath Much respect for listing Chip. Funny thing about this character is that he and Sonic had a better relationship and chemistry than Sonic and Tail's ever had at that point. Wish the character had an avatar on PSN, though, smh.
  14. Actor has to voice more than one favorite character for me to list them. Otherwise, I'd be listing a large variety voice actors for just just one character they did that I like. Melissa Hutchison (Clementine from Telltales' The Walking Dead, Merlina from I forgot, Bianca from Spyro) Jason Griffith (Sonic and Shadow mainly, which in terms of voice performance he is still the best of, and Jet) Despite some issues with, Troy Baker for his work on Pagan Min from Far Cry 4, Joel from The Last of Us, and Sam Morgan from the Uncharted series even though I despise the character's concept. There's about 1-2 more characters he did I don't feel like searching for. Laura Bailey (Blaze the Cat from Sonic—2010-2019, Fetch from inFAMOUS First Light/Second Son, Mary Jane from Marvel's Spider-Man)
  15. So then series (more than 2 games) that you just have the platinum for. So then. . . Jak and Daxter (platinum/series) Sly Cooper (platinum/Bentley's Hackpack) Resistance (platinum/series) Uncharted (platinum/Fight for Fortune) inFAMOUS (platinum/series) Killzone (platinum/series) Dead Space (platinum/series) Crysis (platinum/series) Dragon Ball (platinum/series) Naruto (platinum/series) Dishonored (platinum/"Dunwall City Trials" DLC) Sonic (platinum/Sonic Mania -_-) Crash (platinum/series - until CB4 comes out. Not getting day one) Spyro (platinum/series) Telltale's The Walking Dead (platinum/series) BH's I'll definitely do at some point, but FfF? Meh. If given for free, may'be, but if I have to buy it's not a priority. SM is because of those damn sphere stages. Someday soon I can hopefully conquer them. I mean, I did Sonic Unleashed, Transformed Racing, and Adventure 2 (completion), so maybe 😐 Naruto has to chill with trophy list like Shinobi Strikers; I can't keep doing that often. Similarly, Dragon Ball can't be having list like FighterZ.