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  1. My experience (regarding trophy unlocks)- "Glug Glug" didn't unlock for me after I had five or even a few more drinks after that. Was worried about that one, but it popped after I had drunk around 10 beverages. "Walk-In Closet"/"Fashionista"/etc all unlocked for me properly. . . thankfully! "True Talent" didn't unlock when I booted up and played the game regularly, after already doing the training in the trial version (though I possibly didn't do the first 5 levels during it). It also didn't unlock when I did all 10 levels in the full game. After a later second attempt, it unlocked though. "You Shall Not Pass" was weird. Either the trophy pop was delayed, or the requirements are not entirely accurate. It didn't pop after doing what was required, but when it did it was in a spot way off the bridge. "Wreck 'Em!" didn't unlock the first or second time(?) I tried it, but it unlocked the next. "Taking Out the Trash" didn't unlock the first attempt, but it did the second. "Earning Miles" would have to have incorrect requirements, because I didn't do it from anywhere near the band stand; I just jumped from the rooftop in the center and glided to the garden and got the trophy that way. "Point Guard" i'm not too sure about; the trophy didn't unlock until, according to the contract, I was over 1,500 KO assist. "Welcome to the Big Leagues" has to be bugged, or just may'be I was spoiled by the XP from all of the easier contracts earlier on? And of course, "Rollin' Round the City" (travel 100km in ball form) is a dumb trophy.
  2. Yes, the fanbase. . . does indeed (often at the very least) consider Jak II to be the best in the series (your shocking reaction is something I had already experienced and accepted many years ago), and in addition to that making plenty of sense I'd probably have to agree, even though Jak 3 is my favorite in the trilogy. And there is nothing "wrong" for people thinking the sequels are better. Saying or thinking that in itself is just narrowminded and ignorant (especially when the claim is made from anyone who has only played 1/3 or 2/3 of the trilogy). With the Prince of Persia thing, as with other overlooked series that took a similar path that JII did in its series (like SuperSaiyan3985 said), PoP is one of them too. A lot of Youtubers (especially popular ones) that reviewed either game have even (frequently) done comparisons between them and other platformers when discussing it. J3 has (its merits but also) enough disappointing aspects (of which were heavily attributed to a rushed development) to argue JII as the better game. JII is most definitely not a "cartoon GTA"; that's an outdated argument and poor observation of the game design. There's influenced by and there's the copycat; JII is the former, and a lot of TPL's DNA remains intact in the game(s). There is a lot of actual credibility to this post, with that small minor portion being all I disagree with (of which I'd just slightly change some of the wording). With your last line, it's a pity how literal few acknowledge how great the transition actually was handled. Could have been better, yes, but what they did and at that time was really impressive and still is. Every once in a while you'll see some intelligent fellow bother to give a detailed explanation of why.
  3. Hopefully there won't be any issues unlocking all the trophies for the November lineup game, Knockout City. Would like to get this platinum the same month I start it, at least (@DangerSpice). Not worried about enjoying the game, however, as the beta and trial assured me it will be a fun time.

  4. Well, "Medievil meets Jak and Daxter in Pumpkin Jack!" stated from the developers themselves! Combining such great games as those (which I totally see), it should be good. Definitely picking it up myself (now that I've played and enjoyed Medievil earlier this year) this sale.
  5. The Last of Us / The Last of Us: Part II (especially). The gameplay in these games have always been either below standard (TLOU) or at standard level (TLOU:PII). It's never provided the same depth, innovation, or compelling (let alone revolutionary) gameplay as in other games of its genre: Resident Evil, Far Cry, and Dying Light, just to name some. This applies to all the genres the series is associated with—shooting, stealth, survival-horror, etc. A game so heavily reliant on high quality storytelling, specifically when it's made under the same genre as the average game instead of the Interactive Movie genre, could never be the best video game of all time/generation. The gameplay, by default, is compromised too much by the all the prioritized efforts gone into the story (which is partly strange for the fact that the developers did show a perfect gameplay:story balance specifically with their Jak and Daxter series), something interactive movie games like Detroit Become Human, Telltale's The Walking Dead, etc can never suffer from, and thus why those games deserve all the praise they get if their writing is that good. Unlike conventional games, there's not much gameplay responsibility these games have, definitely nothing to the point where the gameplay has to be at the same level, better, or not far off from that of the story's. Series like TLOU, however, instead aggressively insist on traditional video game design, constantly combining its mediocre gameplay designs with efforts gone into creating strong storytelling. TLOU got away with it, in addition to the consistently overlooked ruination of its once good many-many-years-ago multiplayer (filled with incompetent matchmaking, poor gameplay balance, and introduction of Pay To Win designs, all since the mid-2010s and of which were carried over and not whatsoever changed in the remaster), but TLOU:PII getting such massive criticism to the point of being labeled a bad game primarily because of its writing quality (which is legitimately bad) is a testament to how overrated the series is when the quality of the story is so essential to its sales and reception - as if it was a Quantic Dreams, DONTNOD, Telltale Game, etc. While the gameplay is technically improved, it wasn't enough for the game to stand on its own without great storytelling, let alone carry it (like TLOU story did for its gameplay), but the sequel still primarily got away with it.
  6. A lot of good ones I would have said were either listed (Prey) or are already owned (Alien Isolation). That leaves an eligible title, one probably no-one else will say. Sonic Colors: Ultimate (preferably on Xbox Series X, with Switch being the dead last option). Normally wouldn't recommend a Sonic game to a non-fan of the series or one with little context of the series after the genesis era titles, in general, but as an outer-space-themed experience this game is a must-have. The environments, backgrounds, level design, and music are all memorable and high quality.
  7. 9:53 edit: before
  8. Avatar gang 👀
  9. Before release I was trying to figure out if "player icons" was synonymous with avatars or if they were going to be avatars also. I found out fairly quickly that they weren't avatars, months ahead of release—it wasn't "false" or "shit" advertisement". Despite that one advertised line mentioned in the OP, there is more overlooked advertisement alongside that (videos and interviews) which clarified it not being avatars. There were even some giveaways without any comments or text from Sega from the beginning, such as the icons being round, something (last generation) PS4 games like this don't use. Something else worth mentioning is that the game was originally planned to have online multiplayer, with the in-game player icon system being linked to that whole system. So going back to that one specific advertised line, it was more than likely referring to that but wasn't updated. Even Microsoft's page still mentions online multiplayer, despite its non-existence.
  10. This. Most of these type of people, including the third unmentioned group who aren't "journalist" or "fans", haven't even played half the series' games, yet still form these incomplete and ignorant generalized opinions out of their ass. . . Among the seemingly endless number of red-flags, a typically immediate one in particular is the mentioning of the usually irrelevant 15-16yr old title known as 06—a game that in no way speaks for the quality/state of the entire series, has been followed by more titles than can be counted on two hands, and among those new titles may'be only one has ended up in a vaguely similar situation to it in the past 14yrs. That title, belonging to the full-on spinoff Sonic Boom series, entirely separated from the core series (incl. being non-canon) and is not developed by Sonic Team. As for the fanbase, they are simultaneously one of the worse and best parts of the franchise. Worse in terms of social interactions (mainly with the game series; that's where a lot of the toxicity lies). . ., and best in terms of content creation (the good fan games, game mods, fanfiction, and impressive animations and fanart). The media and community in general are both extra large topics just on their own, but I digress. The titles overall that get an unwarranted amount of hate, including S.Forces, have mostly at worse just been average, flawed, and/or inferior to a predecessor or different title (all games suffer from at least one of those), none of which equate to "bad" games, let alone the horribly disgusting misuse of associated adjectives, like "trash/garbage", "awful", "horrible", and so on. . .
  11. Background image to be added later. "Don't just sit there and waste your precious time. When you want to do something, do it right away. Do it when you can. It’s the only way to live a life without regrets." Ah, yeah! This is happenin'! Hey all, welcome to the greatest Project Platinum—Sonic the Hedgehog. I know you have waited much too long, and I will be your shining star. In this (virtually complete) Project Platinum everyone's mission will be to gather all the platinum trophies across the Sonic series, including spinoffs that focus on the adventures of Sonic's colorful friends. Given that the Blue Blur has a sizeable amount of games without platinum trophies, those will be included as bonus challenges, just like in his world. Whether you aim to become the ultimate Sonic warrior or just want to be a mere part of this Sonic adventure, make sure you sign up. We've all gotta start from somewhere. For more information regarding what a "Project Platinum" is, click here. Special thanks to @xZoneHunter, @Xionx and anyone else involved for creating Project Platinums. Every platinum has to be earned legitimately. Hackers are uncool, will be found out and banned from the event. Using glitches in the game to earn trophies is no fun but okay, as long as they are left in by developers instead of by hacks. Only unique games are eligible; completing the same games with different region trophy lists won't affect the Rankings. When a new game with a Platinum is released, everyone will have to re-earn their place in the Rankings if necessary. The Rank requirements will be updated whenever a new game releases. Order of Rankings is determined by first come, first served, so try to keep up. Games without a Platinum trophy makes those eligible for the Bonus Tier Rankings, and all rules for the main tier apply to the bonus tier as well. When signing up, please refer to which Rank you're eligible and provide the list of the games you have completed, as it'll be quicker. () Tier — Obtain all 5 platinum trophies. "That was tight!" () Tier — Obtain 4 platinum trophies. "Hm, not bad!" () Tier — Obtain 3 platinum trophies. "That was so-so." () Tier — Obtain at least 1 platinum trophy. "Barely made it." () Tier — Obtain a mere bronze, silver, or gold trophy. "Lackluster performance, I'd say." Bonus Tier Ultimate Life Form - Obtain the platinum trophy and 100% completion in every Sonic game. "Ultimate Victory!" (DLC required.) Super Sonic Racer - Obtain the platinum trophy in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed, and Team Sonic Racing. Modernist - Reach 100% completion in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode I & II. (DLC required.) Classicist - Reach 100% completion in Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD, Sonic Mania, and Sonic the Fighters. Sonic says: "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection"—also known as "Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection" in other regions—is not included in this Project Platinum, because it's linked to and a continuation of the "Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Collection" series. Similarly, the two "Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing" titles belong to the crossover-based "All-Stars" series, unlike "Team Sonic Racing" which is a standalone title within the Sonic universe. However, all three games were grouped together to form an all-in-one racing title in the bonus tier Rankings. "Let me show you just how fast I am." "Impossible. . . At this rate, light-speed will be exceeded!" "Take a look at this! I'll show you what true speed really is!" "That was just a warm-up. You should see me when I really get going!" "Just a fake—Like I thought." Bonus Tier "Ultimate beats ordinary every time." "It's not just racing, it's racing transformed!" "I'll never look back, I've got no regrets. 'Cause time doesn't wait for me. I choose to go my own way." "I'm outta here."
  12. Beat the game 3 times and got the platinum a few days ago. My save data never got corrupted, ever. Throughout my 3 playthroughs what I did, however, experience were a couple of game freezes, 2 to be exact. Considering the majority of games I play freeze at least once, during just one playthrough, I can't consider it close to a big deal.
  13. Besides the new customizable aesthetics system, the game basically does ask you do to everything else it offers. It turns out Rival Rush is actually part of the 100% required for each planet 😃.
  14. Actually, yes they do. So the S Ranks just doesn't have its own standalone trophy/trophy set, which is good thing. (The only issue is just that the ranking system has a grind element to it that other Sonic boost games doesn't have.) The 100% trophies already require S Ranks and are the superior challenge.
  15. There it finally is. There's a few surprises I didn't expect to be here. It's honestly an. . . amazing list. The image quality is good and varied, and the list is close to, if not requires, true completion of the game. They got the trophies tied to Game Land, Egg Shuttle, Red Rings, etc, as well as varied and challenging miscellaneous ones. They even omitted online trophies entirely, something Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces didn't do. Hopefully future action/adventure titles continue this. Nitpicks: underwhelming platinum title/image (which is a generally common thing for me) and the platinum image being nearly identical to Sonic Forces's platinum. . .