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  1. Trophy Triumphant Acquired all trophies. Decent trophy image, but the platinum name should be something related to skill level or Dragon Ball Z. An overdue platinum I should have gotten a long time ago, with the delay caused by the infamous, grind-heavy acquisition of the $20,000,000 trophy. I actually didn't resort to any boosting for the 530,000 BP trophy or exploits for the currency related trophies, but the occasional currency offerings from the publishers that were given to players helped greatly. It is, however, a damn shame I ended up getting the following Dragon Ball game's—Dragon Ball Z: Kararot—platinum before the two year older DBFZ. The game is a little bit overrated and not the "best Dragon Ball Z game ever made", which was an especially ridiculous claim immediately after launch in 2018, simply because there's more to Dragon Ball than just fighting and fighting mechanics. But it's still a fantastic game, especially after all its significant improvements & additions post release and since Kefla's in there. If I were a competitive fighting game enthusiast, I know I would love this game. People looking for an epic adventure and/or RPG focused gameplay won't find that here—the Xenoverse series and Kararot covers those areas—but for those looking for a traditional or competitive Dragon Ball fighting game, DBFZ explicitly answers that wish/call, though it's team-focused like Marvel vs Capcom 3. Would have said more, but there's been too large of a gap in time between the first trophy and platinum earned for me to remember most additional things I would have once said.
  2. False information. Only one game in the entire series has DLC, and that's Shantae ½ Genie Hero, which is solely because the game and its DLC was crowdfunded. It's two hearts. --- Also need to point out that the developers said there are no plans of DLC for Seven Sirens. Except most Shantae games are fairly difficult. The only one not as difficult is the installment preceding Seven Sirens, which is because it's not a traditional Shantae game.
  3. It's still an overlap between SIE's two main subscription services, regardless of the duration of ownership on both of them differing. A lot of people (statistically) are subscribed to both services. Then there's the fact that the game is going to be part of a popular and annual sale the same exact month the lineup drops, which would suck if MSM were to be the second game. They certainly have, more than once. That won't be necessary. All someone has to do is download the game and check its information to see what it's looking like.
  4. Not sure about Ghost of Tsushima and TLOU:PII (which likely are), but Dying Light 2 is a cross gen game. Bluepoint Games' upcoming games, none of which are on that sheet and one recently rumored (4chan, 😞) to be a Jak and Daxter trilogy re-imagining, are PS5 exclusives.
  5. Although the screenshot for it sucks unfortunately, I got the platinum. Not resorting to bugs makes up for that, I suppose. Dragon Ball series completionist title regained! Hopefully no future Dragon Ball game ever has a grind as horrendous as earning $20,000,000, unless the pay output is high.
  6. Team Sonic Racing 2 Jak X: Combat Racing 2 ModNation Racers 2 Dragon Ball Z: Kararot 2 Alien Isolation 2 Mad Max 2 Styx 3 Gravity Rush 3 Dishonored "3" Jak and Daxter 4 Dead Space 4 Crysis 4 Resistance 4
  7. I mean, those are facts about SotC. Yes, but 1. Mts are a far bigger issue in certain games than others. 2. A lot of single player games completely lack them or just leave it to cosmetics. Naughty Dog are completely guilty of the first point. The underlying fact is that if other companies can leave multiplayer out of their true single player games (including sequels, not just new IPs), then Naughty Dog can as well, especially with the praise their "story"/games get and the revenue they receive, the latter of which makes it more absurd that they've gone off the deep end with the mts in TLOU and U4. I understand that. I don't need all the games I play to be very innovative, but with the precise praise this franchise gets—such as "best game of all time"/"best PlayStation exclusive"—one would think is because it's done something revolutionary with gameplay (because you know, it's a video game product, not a book or movie), like legacy franchises within the same genre, or different genres, that came before it. But that's not the case, the praise comes mostly from strong characterization (mainly, if not just, with the two lead characters) and not a good story but good narrative. It's at least partially disrespectful to the developers and other franchises that took and take risk and provide unique interactive gameplay experience for the player. What was the point in Resident Evil and Dead Space, as examples, if the third person survival-horror action genre was destined to regress to what is mostly or virtually a thrilling survival movie? If it does enough, possibly. But the, sequel, is adding all these features that have existed for over a decade in the genre and of others: breakable windows, crawling infected, dodging, etc. The first game should have already had the first two features at the very least, especially the second which is a staple in the genre generally. The overwhelming majority of the excitement surrounding the game comes purely from the game being a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us, rather than it appearing to be a really fun and/or unique game in its own right.
  8. So it seems Call of Duty: WWII is actually 1/2 monthly lineup games for June, releasing ahead of time because of Memorial Day, rather than being a free third game in addition to the two games. 😞
  9. They've been getting progressively worse since the Uncharted series. But i'm not going to waste my time detailing the history timeline. One notable area of their decline in game design has been the multiplayer in every single game since Uncharted 2. Poor balancing is one of the recurring issues in their multiplayer, but it's the microtransactions that seems to be the more generally discussed topic recently, and it's been getting worse continuously every single game release. Their two latest games even have pay to have an advantage and pay to win elements. TLOUPII has omitted an online mode, but it took a unique case internally for what is usually a staple feature in all their game releases for that to happen. (They're still releasing a standalone multiplayer variant based on the game post TLOU2, anyway.) That's both childish and an unnecessary risk. Just a reminder that there are other people, besides you, who take action exactly like that for things that you dislike or hate, too. Just know that next time you want someone to not support something, or you want to convince someone not to support something you feel doesn't deserve it. You can just do some sufficient actual research on the game after it releases to see if it's something you might like. Except that's practically all there is to the game. There's no exposition in-between the boss fights, there's no backstory for the characters or world during the game, there's no character development, no kind of side stories or character interactions and relationships, little to no world-building, a shallow, unnecessary and very poorly utilized open-world, etc. As for TLOUPII, with how far gaming has come, TLOUPII does come across very disappointing based on all the information out there so far, even excluding the spoilers, especially for a sequel and game releasing at the end of this console's generation. It's not reinventing the wheel, it's not pushing the gaming industry forward, etc. Video games like Ghost of Tsushima, Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light 2 are far more interesting based on what's been shown and said about them from those developers because of their story concepts and/or what they're doing with gameplay.
  10. I actually purchased it last year, because i'm a casual Spider-Man fan and took the patient approach to wait for a good sale or a GOTY-like edition, which I have, and now that will prove to have been mostly redundant if MSM is one of the select titles. The GOTYE and the base game especially have gone on sale a good amount of times for $15-20, which is simply cheap. Anyone can say that for any game, though. Why can't others and myself be happy, together? It's on you if you don't mind your money going to waste, but part of why I pay for PS+ is to gain access to titles that I for whatever reason didn't get, not to see other people happy with game titles I already have or played.
  11. Not too bad as the "third" game. (It could be worse). This is already a good select, personally speaking, even though this one according to Call of Duty veterans isn't up to par in overall quality as most of the games in the series and that I'll have to eventually buy the DLC for. As for the two core games for the June IGC, I strongly hope Marvel's Spider-Man isn't one of them, part of which is because I just recently got the game's platinum.
  12. Having dived in the World War II time-period yet again recently, through Call of Duty classic, I've developed an appetite for more WW2 content and entertainment. This led me to a classic movie that I've vaguely known of but never watched. This is a great movie overall, but there are a few things that I find lacking or dislike. I don't like the story, and that is only because it focuses entirely on the mostly wasteful "saving private Ryan" subplot early on to the end of the movie. The story explain why a squad is tasked to save him, so that's not the issue. It's just not worth the trouble or reward. (Would elaborate, but it'd lead to spoilers.) Secondly, the absence of powerful complimentary background music. In a way it's more realistic that way, but it proved to make the movie slightly dull—especially after I played Call of Duty, which does the complete opposite; in the composer's words when creating the music for the game he wanted it to reflect the "chaos that surrounds you in times of combat and also of the millions of prayers that must have been said in the darkest of moments." That exact quote perfectly fits the atmosphere of this movie. Though, to rewind and clarify, there is one recurring, powerful piece, but it somewhat doesn't play too often and is basically the only prominent piece played in the movie. Lastly is just, simply, how forgettable most of the cast is. Overall, the movie is still worth a watch
  13. I've been testing that to see if it is true. I've been getting it, so yes.
  14. If new lists have been made for these games, then this is the max level of stupidity and illogicality for trophy stacking. Unlike other types of re-releases, these are actually the same exact games on the same exact platform with the same exact trophy list as the ones found in the remastered collection. It's not justified like the PS4 version of the Uncharted trilogy, because those have a different trophy list and at the very least exist on a separate platform from the one on PS3. The PS3 and PS4 version of Resident Evil 3 do have a duplicate list, which is also stupid, but at least the PS4 version of the game isn't the exact same as the PS3's and evidently exist on a different platform. It's not like the remastered BioShock Collection suffers from an unified platinum encompassing all the games like the Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection and Wipeout Omega Collection, so this isn't a "splitting the games up to give them their own individual platinum" situation either, because they already have been treated that way. There's no rational reason for an entirely new and separate list for these games.
  15. Not a bad start. I'd swap a few of those out for better titles, but what you have is good. Of what you have, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War i'm aware of. Generally, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019, even though the classic-remaster looks stunning as well), Marvel Spider-Man, Wipeout Omega Collection, and Days' Gone are some i'm aware of. From what I've seen of Ratchet & Clank and The Witcher 3, they look good but not as impressive. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a hard recommend on PC over PS4. It's not that the PS4 version is poorly optimized, it's just that the PC version is purely superior, as it can actually run at 60fps, and the chances of getting motion sickness is much lower to none.