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  1. As always, glad to see best cartoon ghost boy, Danny Phantom. Hopefully Jenny XJ9 is here. She can be absent in some of the kart racers, but a party brawler? Hell no. This genre is where she's most suited! Two characters I can make from this that I care about are Korra and Catdog, which is great. Aang should be a guarantee alongside Korra.
  2. Physical releases had already been confirmed for these two games around their announcement. Full AAA - Detroit: Become Human - price for a Life is Strange game, one that also only includes Season 3? I can't recommend and it seems like an obvious wait for a sale stance, especially considering its disappointing predecessors(s). Had the S1 and BtS remasters not been tied to the Ultimate Edition but the Regular Edition instead, then my answer would probably be different. This has only been the case graphically due to WIP builds being advertised heavily, which is still happening. Post announcement trailer, alongside the outdated displays, they have shown a number of significant improvements that can be seen in certain E3 footage, especially certain screenshots, the Symphony footage, and now the latest HD Updates trailer (which still uses some old build designs). Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have been going through an extremely similar situation; they announced the games using a WIP build (also at a Direct based event); it received a lot of heat for looking low quality, and then just recently it was shown in a noticeably improved state during a N.Switch trailer. All music has been remixed, some of which sound great, but the original soundtrack was indirectly confirmed to still be in the game during an E3 gameplay video. These issues come from the game being ported to a completely different engine. Like what I said above, they've been showing off WIP builds a lot. However, lighting related improvements have been seen across Sonic's models and environments/levels, including the top most complained about like Tropical Resort, Starlight Carnival, and Aquarium Park. "Lifeless" is a poor term. In addition to the multiple animations Sonic has already had pre-level-start countdown, result screens, tricks, idles, etc, Sonic now has (universal) blinking animations, something that was previously exclusive to one specific idle animation in the original game. Not even the other boost games have Sonic blinking during his movement animations, only idle ones. The issue that the SC:U model currently faces is that his irises are fixed looking in one position, unlike the original, which I think is obviously due to the new blinking animations they gave him. I see no reason why, like with other aspects of the game, this won't be cleaned up as well. The game is ultimately a reimagining given the abundance of changes and additions added to it: numerous gameplay updates, entire soundtrack system remixed, other new animations, possibly newly recorded voice lines, etc.
  3. edit: Am looking to host the Sonic PPT. 👀 There seems to be a process one has to go through before making a PP.
  4. I'll take it. It had already been on my mind for a while 😅. Just been trying to get info on this topic in order to make it, since things seem kind of unclear.
  5. I definitely don't. Its main appeal is addressing the major subplot/cliffhanger from the first game and focusing on Raven, all of which proves to be utterly redundant by the end. Additionally, Raven being playable during parts of the main game's story and also swappable with Kat for the mining sites, decreases some of the DLC's appeal in terms of Raven playability. The DLC has boring parts, contains a notably forced stealth segment (several of which also exist in the first game that people constantly pretend or forget exist), and has inferior combat. Objectively, the combat system is stripped down and regressed because of no skill tree at all, no talisman, and no alternate gravity styles. This non-ambitious, low-effort DLC does not even remotely touch the second game, and it's not better than the first game for that matter either. You just prefer Raven's few unique abilities, even though her version of the Gravity Kick is inferior and defective, as it frequently slides off enemies upon contact & mid-animation and has no chain effect, just to list some examples. None of the pros individually or together does enough to elevate the DLC above any of the full games, and the second game has little to nothing to learn from it. If it was designed more like inFAMOUS First Light, then you'd have a point, but it's not.
  6. Spyro. Korra or Aang?
  7. Bluepoint Games have not been acquired by Sony and are still an independent company.
  8. . . . You're speaking solely from the perspective of a PS5 owner, a system many still don't have. PS5 owners have a superior lineup and experience to PS4 owners all 12 months of a year. Should go without saying that PS5 having a decent/good lineup doesn't mean PS4 does too. PS4 owners are getting only two games, one of which (WWE 2K Battlegrounds) rated TERRIBLY - scored below average, across various platforms. That leaves Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (a game from a recurring series in these lineups) - another title reviewed below average across multiple platforms, from actual players. That's 2/2 badly reviewed games for PS4 owners, and 2/3 for PS5 owners. This is not a decent month, let alone a good one, especially for PS4 owners. --- It's also pitiful how a series [CoD] that is often hated on or skipped over, mainly multiplayer focused (something many on this site are very much against), and has grind-heavy trophy lists that people on this (trophy based) site usually choose to utterly ignore, is out of nowhere being defended here and treated as a quality title.
  9. I truly did not expect July's lineup to be inferior to June's. Really unfortunate, especially for non-PS5 owners who do not receive any version of the quality A Plague Tale: Innocence.
  10. It's a shame that Shantae, who's among one of the richest characters that could ever be added to the Smash Bros. roster (stage wise, personality wise, soundtracks wise, moveset wise, etc), was just recently disconfirmed and given the Mii costume treatment, albeit Premium design. Prediction wise, except for Hollow Knight, I'd say that's a logical list, but I think who you think would be a great addition makes for a better topic. Crash Bandicoot would generally be a fitting choice (even though CB4:IAT underperformed), but given this is the final DLC character I'd rather see other characters myself. . . Not saying Spyro would be the absolute best choice among any other character, but similar to Shantae he'd be an excellent addition and at least a more interesting choice design wise than his rival.
  11. I've seen a couple of reports that says SI would work, but I prefer not to concur with or recommend information that I'm not sure is accurate, so I'd say just do SII so you'll get all the difficulty trophies at once guaranteed, like @HuntingFever said.
  12. Usually I wouldn't devote a status to this subject, but there has been this strange and sudden wave of name changes going on here within the past days to a week alone. I guess I'm interested in why that is, since I've been seeing it happen with numerous accounts in such a small timeframe.

    1. StygianWolf4


      I did this a couple of months ago, mostly cos I grew to hate my original PSN name. 

    2. EcoShifter


      I'm mostly referring to forum usernames, especially when the PSN ID doesn't see a name change alongside it. 


      PSN name changes, though, I understand and most of the time is for the reason you said or one very similar to it, yes.

    3. AK-1138


      The Cell is awakened. Repent, all. The End of Days is coming.


    This incredible Sonic Symphony exceeded expectations—a truly spectacular and memorable event. The only omission I'm sad about is music from Sonic Riders, since that series seen no representation as a whole.


    Happy 30th Anniversary, Sonic! Regardless of the genre, can always count on your games and especially your other media content for fun and compelling experiences. May you continue to run and be unstoppable for more generations—best wishes.

    1. GalrenTrueshot


      There's a big 30th anniversary comic that came out today too. I manage a shop and several people came in to pick it up, even the pricier variants.

    2. EcoShifter


      Yep, Sonic printed media has been insanely popular and successful for decades. Just wait till you get The IDW Collection, Vol. 1 that comes out in a few days.

    3. GloriousFury9414


      Johnny Gioeli has an awesome voice, even now in his 50's. Never understood why he didn't end up in a major 80's hard rock band. 


      An iconic soundtrack and game series!

  14. Any form of a new (single-player focused) game release from the IP is worthy of excitement. This reimagining idea could be the best approach for the series right now, especially considering the series Dead Space initially took inspiration from, Resident Evil, seen incredible success with the exact same format in 2019 (merely two years ago) with Resident Evil 2, which itself took inspiration from Dead Space. We don't know anything about the game to give an informed answer to that. I mean, this rumored reimagining could end up being the best entry in the series for all we know,