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  1. Sticking to what PlayStation is best known for, their exclusives. Obviously not going to list them all, though, but some. Gravity Rush/Gravity Rush Remastered Gravity Rush 2 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Jak II Jak 3 Jak X: Combat Racing Horizon Zero Dawn Days Gone Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Detroit Become Human God of War inFAMOUS First Light inFAMOUS Second Son Killzone Shadow Fall Marvel Spider-Man The Last Guardian Ratchet & Clank Shadow of the Colossus Until Dawn Wipeout Omega Collection
  2. Not at all. I'd love to use a remaster as a PSNP milestone (given this is like the only place they exist), but if it has the typo still, then that won't be possible.
  3. One of the biggest misconceptions, it's a loud vocal minority at best. The overall fanbase has considered Jak II to be the best in the series for countless years, which isn't shocking whatsoever when actually looking at what the game offers and improves over its prequel. TPL, actually, is fairly overrated given how shallow of a game it is and undercooked a good deal of its gameplay is.
  4. I do need a new kart racing game that I can regularly revisit to combat the kart racing gameplay urges that comes and go. Team Sonic Racing was doing a great job for a while (and still can), but the servers just aren't populated enough to get a consistent level of satisfaction. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled was doing a borderline passable job, but the game has outdated and terrible gameplay designs (including severe balancing issues) and netcode, and with it all still being in this state nearly 5 months after launch it's just become beyond infuriating playing it online, not to mention when it literally has only one racing mode/format (no mirror, no cups, no itemless, etc, literally unlike every other game I mention in this overall post), which is the lowest standard possible in a racing game. (Cosmestic content and one new stage per month doesn't change that.) ModNation Racers was amazing, especially with its endless potential to make brand new stages and characters (or replicate ones from various other kart racers), but the online servers were shut down last year. The two kart racers from last year most people don't even seem to care about, but neither have online play anyway, so they'd do me no good. Mario Kart 8D would obviously be perfect, but I don't have a Nintendo Switch atm. Garfield Furious Kart Racing is somewhere along the lines with Race with Ryan and Meow Motors in terms of quality (looking at various animations, visuals, graphics, sound, content, etc). This game doesn't look like its worth its price-tag outside its customization content(?); $25, like some games in the store currently are, would be better. None of these games are purely bad, and MM nor RwR have online play, unlike GFKR. If online is active, I'd consider getting it on a sale rather than a deep sale, but if not, then deep sale it is. (Still waiting for video reviews, too, as people are more concerned with just showing pure gameplay than reviewing the actual game.)
  5. Once again, nope. UK/EU also has avatars that places like the US does not have, such as certain avatars from Final Fantasy (though this might go both ways), at least one from Horizon Zero Dawn (I've always wanted), the Sonic Forces (I literally only need Shadow, nothing more!) and Sonic Mania avatar set, the Until Dawn avatar set, one from Alien Isolation, and even objectively better designed versions, like the Jak series (which I'll obviously envy to my grave) and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 set. (They still got that Sonic Heroes game I want also, which has trophies.)
  6. (Sigh... here we go.) Uncharted or The Last of Us, given their exact and ongoing to this day praise, typical spot in people's favorite/best game list (including this forum's top favorite game list of last generation), relatively basic and non-innovative gameplay (regardless of how well its 'animated') that doesn't push the gaming industry forward or encourage developers to try new innovative things with gameplay (unlike say Call of Duty 4, Dead Space, Demon Souls, Dying Light, etc, did), glaring omission of MP critiquing in reviews when rating the game so a higher arbitrary score can be given to it, claims to be the "best game of a generation" and/or "best game ever made" (this includes Naughty Dog being "the best game developers", because it directly displays the mentality people have in thinking they make the best games), which is a very pitiful claim, and sales data. Other highly rated series I can't list because they're at least delivering on high quality gameplay—the aspect of video games that matter the most in any kind of non-interactive drama, non-visual novel, non-point and click, non-etc but action game—a lot of which have fine graphics, animation, sound, etc, yet also providing high quality storytelling. The gameplay isn't taking a backseat, getting overshadowed, or being underdeveloped because of narrative prioritization in those games. Naughty Dog once had this gameplay & story-telling balance perfected in their Jak and Daxter series. None of the two were favored or given notably more attention to the other. Sad thing is, 3/4 of the developer's created game IPs are among the most overrated in history: Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, and The Last of Us. Crash Bandicoot didn't surpass Sonic the Hedgehog (series) or Super Mario Bros. (series) platformers, so the reception, attention, and praise it was getting is nonsensical. Then there's the racing installment Crash Team Racing; at the time yes it was a fair rival for the latest Mario Kart entry (no idea for Diddy Kong Racing), but overtime it's still being claimed as the best kart racing game of all time and similar claims... Just, no. Mario Kart improved and surpassed it shortly afterwards; Sonic did the same with his racing series that succeeded the Drift (and Rider) series; and new IPs within the genre like Modnation Racers also are on another level, period. Uncharted wasn't special until its sequel, and even then it was most of the game's less relevant game aspects outside the setpieces that impressed people. But gameplay wise once again it was still lagging behind, with its still horrendous focus on (hand holding) scripting over player freedom and difficulty and the core elements like the platforming/climbing and puzzles being inferior to similar themed series like Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider. (Can't say much of the cover-shooting gameplay because I didn't play enough of Gears of War, a series that inspired Uncharted's c.shooting gameplay). The Last of Us is even weirder, but it has been no Resident Evil or Dead Space, and it will remain below those two series. The game has gotten all this appeal primarily because of its non-gameplay related narrative quality... under the premise of an actual boring and shallow storyline. I'd really, really love to see a world where its and Uncharted's narrative are notably weaker, to then see the thoughts had on these games.
  7. Nope. Good change of pace from the grounded sections, and they're fairly challenging.
  8. Yep, but I omitted it because I think it's not an as established place around the world in the way Gamestop is. I've been doing mix-ups for years. Never does one place have everything you need unless you're getting very little things, especially since there's this weird consistency with some places that got the same games having their sales differ in price—one higher, while the other lower.
  9. Well, since someone made it public, I guess I won't delay my excitement. I was looking at the sales earlier today, and I am extremely pleased with what's on sale and the prices for them. This is only from two retailers. There is still Amazon, Gamestop, and PlayStation's ADs that are unknown. With or without those three, i'm getting a good amount of games this Black Friday. Easily the best BF for me purely in terms of game selection.
  10. It's common enough, and you have 246 platinums, so I'd bet you have.
  11. I honestly cannot believe the distribution of avatars has been evolving (negatively), especially twice this generation. This generation has been about locking avatars behind digital preorders more frequently than ever, having become a standard . Now it's truly on the next level with them being exclusive to the deluxe editions of games (which I think Naughty Dog started last generation with the Joel and Ellie avatars in their beyond-deluxe edition The Last of Us). Meanwhile, physical purchasers still get shafted most of the time AND people still don't have the option to purchase them post-release, because they're never released. This is extremely unacceptable and pitiful.


    Really hope this doesn't continue with PS5 and that one can use avatars from other accounts again like on PS3.

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    2. Elvick_


      @panikoooooswhile I agree, I also buy them so... lol.


      I buy them in support of the publisher/dev/game more so than "yay pictures". I don't think I've thought, "that's cool" and bought a random avatar. *shrug* I especially do this when I felt I underpaid for the game on sale and feel a bit bad. I'd imagine the profit on a single image is pretty good, percentage wise. And I can't imagine it takes long to make most of them. Just take some key art, or hq renders from your marketing packet, crop it. Done.  An intern could do that.

      oh @ op - Yeah it's annoying the increase in 'digital deluxe' bullshit when physical gets nothing. It feels about as good as buying a CD the day it comes out, then a few months later they release a fucking deluxe edition with more songs. Fuck you, why did I support you early then? Assholes... nevermind albums with like retailer exclusive songs and nonsense like that.

    3. mecharobot


      Nevermind the avatars, remember how players actually got themes from earning trophies in FF XIII? I wonder what happened to that...

    4. DaivRules


      When my Sony rep was telling me right before PS3 came out that the console would be connected online at all times and there was this hub called Home, but Sony is really restrictive with things like avatars because they needed to make sure people were conditioned to value them, I really thought they’d be like 4/$1.


      I should have been even more skeptical and gotten in on the avatar business and retired a millionaire by now. 

  12. There's more than two, I just don't know how they're accessed (likely pre-order as it is like all the time) and don't know if Japan has more and/or different ones from other countries. I'm still and will forever stay pissed that they do have exclusive avatars from other series, though, like Dragon Ball and Gravity Rush. So unfair.
  13. Don't find them to be good, but thanks.
  14. They're laughable and shameful in large numbers. A lot, a lot of games labeled as having "easy platinums" are not easy and are instead moderate, fair, fairly challenging, and any other appropriate term above the "easy" label.
  15. Absolutely hilarious that this game has a platinum but Garfield Furious Kart Racing doesn't. Off topic, but... I just saw Wall-E, the movie your avatar is from, (successfully) for the first time almost two weeks ago.