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  1. On the topic of music, it's not just the three stages with changed music. Competition menu, Super Sonic, and S3&K Credits music has also been changed. Worth pointing out also that some music in the museum is mislabeled. Additionally, Blue Sphere mode's music doesn't feature the sped-up feature for some reason. I was really hoping this wouldn't be the case.
  2. ... It's nice for there to finally be a classic Sonic game with a platinum trophy, but this list could have been much better. Starting with the trophy portraits, they all repetitively use the same exact image, just with different coloring to match with the trophy tier. Just like Dead Nation, God Eater Resurrection, and Indivisible, to name some. This is the only Sonic game to ever do this. The platinum title is also underwhelming. (I do like the platinum one, but it loses some appeal for being the base for the others to copy with just different coloring) (DN- , GER- , Id- ) - The difficulty required outside the Mission Mode trophies—which lets you choose your own missions and doesn't demand completion of them all (unlike every other Sonic game)—is a joke: "Fly as Tails", "Glide as Knuckles", "play mirror mode", "try boss rush", "watch opening cutscenes", several dedicated to "unlocking museum content with the [easily obtainable] coins", etc. It's disappointing literally none of the difficult achievements from PS3 and mobile devices are here. Would have been nice to have at least some of them/these implemented: StH (PS3)- Fast Green, Fast Marble, Fast Win, Perfect Win StH2 (PS3)- Fast Emerald, Fast Chemical, Extended Super, Conquering Time SCD (PS3)- Paradise Found, Take the High Road, Statue Saviour, Heavy Metal, Treasure Hunter, Just in Time! Even if Mission Mode provides a good challenge on its own, concentrating all the challenge strictly within that mode limits the creative difficulty range that could be applied outside it. And those participation trophies for simply pressing a single button are pitiful. Boss Rush mode should at least require completion (which is still the bare minimum); Mirror Mode I can settle with beating an act/zone/level in it, rather than only 'playing it'; and if avoiding multiple playthroughs with other characters is the idea, then flying as Tails and gliding as Knuckles trophies should at least be hangtime based. (All of those are fair even for casuals.) The additional fact that there is no standalone speed-run trophy at all, especially for clearing Green Hill Zone within a certain time, is so bizarre. Alongside trophies from prior individual releases and changes to Sonic Origin trophy requirements I've already mentioned, some new additions I'd have like to see are completing all "'zones' of a level in a different time period" (CD), "completing a zone/level without any rings" (homage to the original game design too), "defeating all bosses in the game without dying" (specifically in one-run; these are Sonic games, so there's no need to make the already simple boss fights's trophy exploitable with level select), and "S rank every mission" (inline with literally every single Sonic game besides Unleashed, which compensated with completion of the notoriously demanding hotdog stand missions). I've seen a lot of people question the lack of a "collect all chaos emeralds" trophy, but the Super Sonic trophy requires collecting them all, so it lives on through that trophy. The Time Stones on the other hand has no trophy associated with it, making them a completely skippable feature during any CD playthrough. So in comparison, it's collecting all the Time Stones that should have a trophy. It didn't use to always be this way, but I like my Sonic list to be challenging or hard or at least consistent with the standard set with prior titles. A literal few missions requiring some effort to S rank is insufficient and won't give me my fix.
  3. It's best you prepare yourself for a certain S3&K zone's tune in SOC... 🤐

    1. MidnightDragon


      I'm well aware, so I'm just going to listen to the original tracks or remixes when I play the zones in question.

  4. Yep. There's also a mission that starts you off as Super Sonic, though the trophy says "turn into Super Sonic", so the trophy should be unobtainable under missions starting you off in that form. Special Stages can be retried with coins in Anniversary mode, making the chaos emeralds/Super Sonic much easier to get here than in the PS3 versions, and as you said it's only required in one of the games. The PS3 version also a trophy for beating a "zone" in the good future, but nothing like that is required here. I don't think there's any challenges for those. Just running through the games is stated to unlock a lot of museum content, so it's looking to just be progression-based and purchase-based. Will have more to say in the "Sonic Origins trophy thoughts" thread.
  5. Figured it'd have a platinum, since unlike the singular Sonic Mania, it's much harder to justify its omission from a collection featuring 4-5 standalone games. Seeing that trophy list though; that is underwhelming, especially for the definitive versions of the games. Unlike the prior re-releases of the games, here they're devoid of virtually any real challenge and there's somehow no speedrun-related trophies at all. Also repetitive trophy imagery. Looking to be one of the easiest Sonic trophy list. Based on the list it also looks like Sonic & Knuckles really might not be a standalone title this time around 😨. We'll see. On the side, I also can't believe this definitive release... of Sonic's origin games, which as advertised "redefined a generation", is not launching with a physical version. They're obviously going to take the Sonic Mania Plus route here :/. You're comparing compiled, emulated games with minimal enhancements to a collection of individually recreated games with more substantially new content. A collection's value should not strictly or mostly be based on the number of titles included as well. The quality and content across titles should be factored too; this is actually where Sonic Origins outclasses all three of those poorly referenced compilations. Besides multiple display options (incl. watch mode) and video interviews, anything those collections does this Sonic collection is also doing, plus some. There are even overlooked updates made to things like A.I., character sprites, effects, sound effects, and scenes. It's pretty clear a lot of efforts made in this collection would not be possible if they added all those GG/MS games and that it would then function more like a traditional compilation, like your list. The Lion King & Aladdin emulated compilation is about using ported-versions of the same 2 games. The TMNT emulated compilation adds other installments but also shares the same idea of including ported versions with some of the titles. While both compilations have seen differences with some of their included games across platforms due to technological reasons, they're still considered the same game. The GG/MS versions of StH and StH2, however, are legitimately, completely different games/non-ports to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive versions with the same name. Now the GG versions are ports of the MS version, but this Sonic collection is not using those games, so it doesn't make sense for either of those games to be in this collection. That said, after this release, Sega should most definitely focus on re-releasing other Sonic games besides these classics, as they did last year with Sonic Colors (Ultimate).
  6. A lot of news- Despite Sonic Frontiers being featured in every single Summer Game Fest trailer leading up to the event, no new trailer was shown there. Although, Sega secretly featured a by-appointment demo there and prohibited recording (video end), seemingly to be fair to other media outlets to cover the game later. Sega also had IGN delay the upload of their latest video by a day (video end), apparently so it didn't get buried under uploads of SGF videos. Sonic Team Boss/Creative Officer Takashi Lizuka explains how it came to be an 'Open-Zone' game No new gameplay in this one, and a lot of points here reinforce, overlap, and slightly adds more context to information shared in their hands-on impressions, but the additional clarification on being open-zone instead of openworld is important and something to keep in mind. --- Dialogue writer hinting at the story having dark themes, reminiscent of older titles in the series During a recent Q&A the game's writer Ian Flynn suggested playing Sonic Frontier's when asked if Sega would ever go back to exploring dark/tragic themes like in Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog (game). & (Considering these themes are some of the most iconic, memorable, and best aspects of the 2000s games + Black Knight, this is a point in Frontier's favor.) --- IGN Japan's SGF demo hands-on impressions --- G4TV host's brief thoughts on the demo --- NEW GAMEPLAY, Interview, and First hands-on impressions by other outlets, based on the SGF demo build- (The new footage was provided by Sega again—same across all videos) New Gameplay without commentary Gamespot Interview with Lizuka - How Sonic Frontiers Brings Sonic into an *'OpenZone' Nintendo Everything's first hands-on impressions Easy Allies's first hands-on impressions --- As everyone is mentioning, the SGF build looks way better than the one IGN has been showing. The game having a Highspeed style (a faster paced experience recommended for Sonic veterans), Action style (an experience aimed for casuals that slows Sonic down and gives him more weight), and multiple slider options for Sonic's control (resistance, acceleration, turning, etc) is really interesting and a revolutionary design choice for the series; Sonic's controls has been fairly controversial for decades (even the titles with the best controls), and now there's a feature to tune Sonic's controls—in a mainline game, beyond just speed, and outside equippibles—to personal preference.
  7. Release date trailer (Sonic Central) --- The music situation Sega finally addressed the music concerns people have had with the third game. When asked on stream whether the game would have all the original music, they said: A team that assisted development also had something to say on the matter: -- There's also this pretty interesting, closely related interview from a few weeks ago—Brad Buxer, a keyboardist who worked closely with MJ on the third game's soundtrack, during a part of his recent interview clarified (yet again) MJ's involvement with the title.
  8. Goddamn Sega...

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      Hopefully they were still able to salvage Carnival Night. If not, I’ll be disappointed.

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      Sega: Sucking Since the '90s

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      @charxsetsuna I think Sega just didn't want to pay royalties.

      @MidnightDragon They won't. They'll be using the true original track for that stage.


      This will at least be the basis.

  9. So... the visual upgrades aren't as significant as I thought they'd be. It looks just about identical to the PS4 remaster, with the most noticeable change being updated character models. I expected something on the level of the Dead Space remake and others. The story will obviously be different in some parts to retroactively justify some of the retcons, nonsensical continuity and new story elements in TLOUPII (especially with that unsettling title change 😞), but one thing they should take advantage of is the confirmation of Ellie's sexuality here (via side conversation or in main dialogue is fine), instead of leaving it as the asspull that it is in the prequel DLC. I still remember Neil openly discussing being unsure or settled on Ellie's unknown sexuality post-release of the original game but then suddenly... and admittedly deciding to change it to gay for the DLC... A lot of the gameplay in the original game is extremely dated (e.g. stealth in various aspects, A.I., the vast majority of in-game props having no physics at all, including simple things like breaking glass). This is the only selling point that can potentially win me over on, especially if they include factions BUT rebalance it from scratch and ditch the P2W element. The price tag is a legit issue though; the game's now-deleted page and trailer doesn't mention any substantial new content, and there have been more ambitious looking remakes (and now-generation AAA games) with cheaper price tags. This is mainly a glorified remaster , and the inclusion of Left Behind does not warrant the price being this high either.
  10. Since at least two more videos are coming later, i'm going to post some of the newest information that hasn't been posted yet before those drop- IGN expanded upon a point they made in the hands-on impression on Twitter *Mitchell has roughly 4 hours of hands-on experience with the build he was given. And then the Sonic Central footage Finally one trailer that doesn't make me think about Shadow of the Colossus Like the last few Sonic titles, Sonic Frontiers will also have a prologue but animated
  11. I've been extremely lazy to share my overall thoughts, but I was waiting for the two footage drops yesterday before considering. I still might not say anything until the next one dropping this week at Summer Game Fest (which should be a story focused trailer). Though I will say IGN's latest video provided a ton of context generally and briefly showed off two new gameplay elements: a puzzle and Sonic having the ability to climb, instead of just running up, the towering enemies. One of the earlier things I was going to mention is the early build. The confirmation from IGN was not surprising whatsoever. The world premiere gameplay video aka Exploration/Puzzle gameplay (as titled in the files, and IGN iterates in the intro) always looked like a tech demo: HUD entirely absent, no direction or objectives, multiple unpolished/unfinished animations that would absolutely never make it to the final build of the game, trailer music played in place of actual in-game music throughout full duration, etc. (Same for combat video.) It literally was common sense, and too early to write off as MidnightDragon said. The fact they had to add this in the new video is a bit sad. IGN has had a positive outlook and experience with the game from the beginning, even with the old build they were given. I'm not sure if you're aware, but IGN's preceding screenshots showing higher quality visuals than the prior video uploads, along with their widely-talked-about "hand's-on" video (and partly the short Sonic Central gameplay video) hours later, dramatically shifted the sheer negative force behind the game. Sonic tubers, comment sections, forums, stream chats, twitter, Sonic fanbase, etc have all seen a tremendous change in perspective and expectations. Yesterday was a great day for Sonic Frontiers (Sonic Central footage also lightened the load some). If SGF really shows off a story trailer and it's good (which it should be because Ian Flynn is on it...), it'll just add to the now-more optimistic outlook on the game.
  12. A LOT of good stuff was just shown in the 40+ minute showcase of the collection on Famitsu's stream yesterday. (Starts around 12:00) - S3&K gameplay (Angel Island) - New animated story cutscene - Better look at the main menu animations - Several character sprite animations seen during music playback (including Amy kissing Sonic :0) - Missions gameplay (StH2) - 2P Multiplayer gameplay (StH2) - Mirror mode gameplay (S3&K) - Boss Rush gameplay (Sonic CD) - Sonic CD's intro vocals have also been restored 😍 (the extremely popular 2011 mobile remaster didn't even have this!) - Museum showed off the inclusion of brand new original concept art, never seen before concepts, IDW comics' covers, Sonic Harmony covers, album covers, and a lot of other cool stuff. (This is really high quality) - Museum also confirmed a video playback feature, including all the story cutscenes and. . . the entire "Sonic Mania Adventure" mini series :0
  13. Same. It's only every now and then. I can't even find the motivation to finish unquoted comments most of the time. But you was repeating your claims in following comments, so... Unlike other large franchises, it's impossible to please the Sonic fanbase with any singular release, or ever use as guiding light or consensus on certain subjects, because it's far too conglomerated. So many sub styles within the 2D and 3D space; you can't generalize people in either group because some 2D fans only like particular 2D titles and same goes for 3D. The critics and fans want completely different things... We don't want blockbuster-level titles, the critics do. The reception for the games doesn't need to be overwhelming great for the points to stand. A game being well received doesn't mean it's one of the greatest games of all time. It can just be fairly good. You haven't seen it over the years, but I have. You can get at least a few confirmations from some quick wikipedia searches, even.
  14. ... It's moreso that you're heavily out of touch. Not to offend, but it has to be said that you're factually wrong on several points to say the least and don't really know the series's well. The boost gameplay is infact well regarded by critics and fans; Unleashed's daytime stages, Colors, and Generations have all been praised in this regard (graphics as well). As a Sonic follower you should know formulas usually don't stick past two installments (part of that being due to the producer's philosophy of constantly wanting to try new things tbh), but here we have one of the longest—actually the longest—3D Sonic formula ever, even surpassing Adventure's. It has stuck around largely because of its wide appeal and success but also because it works well for Sonic. So in general not a huge amount but enough 3D Sonic titles have been praised, including the blatant go-to SA2, which received a 91 score (higher than both releases of Sonic Mania) and came out after the genesis games. Sonic has done that and succeeded on several occasions. Not as often as Mario, who by the way has immensely more titles mind you, but there have still been multiple cases. Even though it's technically not his game, which doesn't stop everyone from treating it as such, S&ASRT as one other blatant example has constantly been compared and commonly agreed upon to be better than the relevant Mario Kart installment(s) at that time (and held its own against MK8 as well). The sameway DKR and CTR have been praised for being the best kart racer of all time for decades, yes SASRT has been too. Also, no, Sonic and Mario's rivalry ended in the early-mid 2000s (confirmed by a Sega rep but also obvious). There's also a massive difference between how Nintendo treats Mario versus how Sega had been treating Sonic for a long time, with some exceptions. No-one also takes into consideration the significant advantage for decades Mario has of being a predominantly single platform franchise, while Sonic has all the shenanigans that comes with being a predominantly multi-platform franchise. Sega were also known for having issues adapting to and designing titles for other consoles after their own, and even today there's still some issues with any multiplatform Sonic title at launch (including one serious one Mania once had). They're known for their strict deadlines/rushed production schedules as well, which they admitted to and then mostly addressed starting with one of the Boom sequels in 2016. Additionally, Sega reps have stated in the 90s and modern times that designing 3D Sonic games are really hard (and expensive) because of his speed. Remember when you brought up wanting a modern Flash game? One thing the developers stated about the cancelled Flash game was that balancing his high speed was hard and that they simply had to slow him down, regardless that people would think he's too slow. Other mascot platformers like Mario, Crash, and Ratchet, etc, obviously never had to worry about this aspect, and I recall one of those developers being glad their mascot didn't have superspeed like Sonic as they knew how stressful it'd be. Lastly, the best 3D games scoring in the high 70s, low 80s, mid-high 80s, and low 90s isn't lukewarm status. And the SA titles and the boost titles (again) did actually have people say "this is how Sonic should be". Sonic (and Shadow's) stages were enjoyed so much in SA2 that a common criticism ended up being there weren't enough stages for him (especially Shadow who has only 4 stages). SU was the game that reinvented the 3D formula, with everyone singing the praises for the daytime stages and commonly agreeing that the game should have been just that. Colors somewhat answered that prayer and was primarily praised for "ditching" the nighttime stages from SU, and then the game was hailed as not just a good 3D Sonic game but also one of its best. Generations got the same praises but is usually considered the better game and fairly often called the best 3D game. (It's not the best, but it's up there.) Feel like I missed something there.. Realistically speaking, it doesn't matter what Sonic does. (Because it's Sonic!) You're opposed to 3D Sonic on a core level, so this game won't change your mind or do anything for you. The recent footage, which is clearly beta or an older build, still makes it clear that a lot of what came before will be intact here. Just wait till we see those self-contained linear levels which will probably be a mix of SU and SG. If you don't like the boost gameplay on even a basic level, then you can only ever like a portion of the game at best. Then again, considering you don't truly like the any of the differing 3D games regardless of their quality, you'll be dissatisfied with any future 3D title like you have the past two decades. Who puts up with a series they've been disappointed in for over two decades? I feel bad for you because you can't even get excited for remasters of older titles either. Apparently Mania doing exactly that and having less originality than the original genesis games and nearly every 3D game is fine somehow. Oh, totally surprised you're disappointed with the recent footage. Didn't see that coming at all.
  15. Was going to say a few things about the teaser, but I'll just wait till after the full reveal. Forces is dark and has that exact same plot. The writing quality just wasn't as competent as the well written dark story elements in many of the previous titles, which im surprised you didn't use as a reference instead. The movie is great, but that was to be expected as Sonic consistently does extremely well in other media (especially tv/movies and comics). I urge you to pick up any of the many other titles that have already been released. There are multiple good 2D and 3D titles. While Sonic games are no stranger to innovation whatsoever, this title is taking the same kind of new direction and changing the formula as Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Pokemon Legends Arceus did in their respective series. Although in comparison, this is a bit more unfamiliar ground for Sonic. Sonic games are usually level-based, linear with few wide-open areas, and has no emphasis on combat but emphasis on speed(ing through stages). ... Not exactly sure why you're saying "for a Sonic game". Sonic's graphics has been great since the original genesis games. Sonic Unleashed is commonly agreed to be one of the best looking titles of the 7th gen. Sonic Colors is also commonly agreed to be one of the top best looking Wii titles and has been compared to Super Mario Galaxy by multiple critics and users. Many other titles before and after have been praised graphically as well. ... Heavily disagree. Think it's been the complete opposite. The momentum in recent games (except Mania) differs from older titles, but the way it is now perfectly encapsulates how a more speedrun-based platformer is suppose to be, especially when the level design and stage length are good. All of these things together are why the formula has worked, been used, and praised for over a decade since the Rush series and Unleashed. The gameplay always sustains this strong exhilarating feeling from start to end. This is far from boring... Unleashed Generations Forces