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    Sony. I'm just about at the low place some other people are/have been with this company. There multitude of changes, especially on the software side, over the years have lead to my declining appreciation for the company, as well as my loyalty to them being challenged. Upcoming removing of tv shows and movies? Okay, fine. Everything else from the chat and message changes (not all of which were bad) to the trophy system changes that has made it more exploitable and easy than ever (including this new ability to now get a platinum on a number of and growing PS4 games, then auto-popping it again on PS5) to the privacy of games and trophies going from being independently toggleable features to unnecessarily uniting as one to the upcoming removal of communities to the winding down of Japan Studios (to the point that extraordinary IPs and ideas, like Gravity Rush and The Last Guardian, have no foreseeable future except for Astrobot) to AAA games becoming even more influenced and based on interest of the western demographic, and more, is just too much. Regardless of the reasons, a lot of what has been contributing to making Sony's relevant platforms enjoyable or more tolerable are being removed or made more inconvenient to access/use.


    Sucker Punch Productions and Ghost of Tsushima. Massive congratulations to the development team and their game for the high multitude of ground-breaking successes they've especially managed within Japan and the rest of the world, from the developers being appointed permanent tourism ambassadors by the city of Tsushima and being invited to the city after the pandemic is over to being the best digitally selling PlayStation 4 Exclusive of 2020. 


    Days Gone, the child of The Last of Us and Mad Max, and I mostly love it, even after coming right off from The Last of Us: Part II, a game people literally claim is not only the most polished game in the world but is also so unlike any other game that they cringe and are left in shock when they play legitimately any other game. Doesn't apply to me, though. So, really deep into Days Gone—the skill tree and various storylines are extremely developed, some even being complete. Some things I don't like. Ladders can't be climbed down (or up) faster; it's unnecessarily the same speed all the time whether it's a tower, bunker, etc. Besides manual saves at the bike, which is definitely not always possible, there's an unforgivingly limited checkpoint and auto-save system that doesn't spawn the player in places near deaths or save progress even after completing a variety of tasks (e.g., looting entire buildings, killing a multi-dozen enemies), respectively. Things like doorknobs/handles and gaps in the wall having interactive icons during Survival Vision is a nuisance during looting and exploration, especially outside the building; often times when I think I'll find some kind of loot, it turns out to be something like a doorknob/handle, which really sucks in buildings with multiple doors and especially dual knobs/handles. An option to choose what would and wouldn't have icons would solve the issue and be great. There's a light combination of skills on the skill tree that are out of place and should already be accessible by default. The framerate gets ugly not all the time but often, mainly during rides.


    Some things I like. Attention to detail is wonderful in select areas (e.g., NPCs in camps run to shelter once a heavy rainstorm forms; the bike made to personal preference shows in cutscenes; and genuine conversations take place with people behind workstations, like merchants and those running bounties, making them feel like authentic characters rather than just the character the game demands there to be behind the counter to assist with gameplay), especially including dialogue (e.g., Deacon reacts to survivors dying when he/the player couldn't save them, and human enemies' comment on Deacon's melee weapon breaking, and other things, in real-time during combat), and so many of his lines for the various systems activating them are very well written (including enemies'). Very detailed world map, something (that should really be a standard and) there should always be appreciation for and acknowledgement of in an open-world game so that flat and lazy non-detailed maps like Just Cause 3's (Just Cause 4's is good) become non-existent. Probably my favorite fast traveling system in an open-world game; it requiring the bike and the player being near it, sufficient fuel, and routes to be cleared of serious threats, and it advancing the time, is all magnificent, even when it's at times a nuisance and when I'm desperately running around and long distances looking for fuel. (Already found out fuel tanks don't run out of fuel, unfortunately, unlike in Mad Max, and respawn in the same exact places, making them exploitable anyway.) The overall system adds a layer to survival gameplay that's unique or not common in other games. The real-time weather system is incredible (topping even Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of snow accumulation), among my top favorite in an open-world game; I always appreciate variations like light and heavy rather than just one stage of weather, as well as weather that directly affects gameplay: i.e., rain dampens sound and thus makes stealth more effective, and snow makes infected enemies stronger (unlike TLOUPII's infected). Copeland's Radio broadcast for four main reasons: fleshing out Copeland's character (which he has needed), world-building, informative & entertaining to listen to, and that, unlike Spider-Man to JJJ's Podcast in Marvel Spider-Man, Deacon reacts to every single broadcast, and some of his responses has me so weak sometimes—great stuff.


    Originally I did start out thinking that despite the beautiful graphics the game is very mediocre and reassuring myself I enjoy Mad Max's atmosphere and obviously vehicular combat & customization more, as well as Dying Light's infected enemies system—though Days Gone's insane hordes and its wildlife system is a nice specialty—and gameplay systems (its caves, its infected nests, its exploration, its looting & crafting system, of course, etc, and other concepts which DG doesn't have, like infected-camouflage from guts, swimming, coop, etc), more; however, DG itself does and has gotten better compared to what I experienced during first multiple hours. It gets much more interesting—plot, story, storylines, main character and other characters—some time after getting to the Lost Lake Encampment. For the most part the comparisons to the other titles still hold up, but I eventually found a bit more engaging parts of the game, some of which were listed, over or can hold its own against the others. Now, the high-quality dynamic soundtrack with all its beauty, thrill, and foreboding, has played a large part with the enjoyment I've had since the beginning. It's then thanks to the story and plot picking up why the enjoyment has increased, and so far it is probably one major area I prefer in DG over DL.

  2. . . . Multi


    PlayStation Wrap Ups

    Unfortunately never got to save or post it from 2019, managing to only remember certain details


    1. Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

    2. Team Sonic Racing

    3. God Eater: Resurrection 


    63 games played iirc

    Title - Speed Demon



    1. Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Strikers (unfortunately, but at the sametime it did pull me away from older mp games I kept playing too much: e.g., TLOU MP, Rocket League, etc)

    2. Horizon Zero Dawn

    3. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


    74 games played

    25+ plats earned


    Multiplayer games have been dominating the past several years, especially after fatigue from earned platinums and fully completed games, and it's been perfect, regretfully, for (many) procrastinated gaming days. Not even the sheer variety of playing new games and returning to old games could compete with the endless replay-value online games have been offering, especially those that have gotten DLC support for multiple years (e.g., Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Dying Light, etc). Open-world and story-driven games have also contributed to the multiplayer comfort-zone, as they get too demanding at times: the former's issue primarily being related to the trophy list and my completion addiction, while the latter's is having to maintain a certain level of attention span in order to follow the story (especially if it isn't well designed), with lack of held-interest often resulting in the games being put on hold. I typically don't run into this issue in OW games because the gameplay remains engaging and/or engaging enough to keep playing—while potentially also racking up some miscellaneous trophies along the way, leveling up, gathering resources, etc—while the story is on standby and not forced onto me. Not possible in linear games, because the gameplay is driving directly to the scripted story and will advance it beyond player control.


    State of Play 2/25/20

    Underwhelming but not terrible. I expected to see at least one of the many things I have an interest in—Spyro 4 reveal, TLOU:PII Factions (moreso to see its direction), further look into Horizon II, Bluepoint's next game reveal, and may'be a further look into Biomutant, more games upgraded for PS5, and the game the new Sony San Diego studio is working on, and other—but there was nothing shown that I wanted to see. However, some of what was shown either has my interest or has more of it such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Deathloop, and Knockout City. (The Crash Bandicoot 4 and Final Fantasy VII PS5 upgrades are also fantastic.) Everything else, including Returnal still, doesn't have much of my interest. Brief thoughts on the interesting ones- Kena doesn't look innovative or unique, but it still looks fairly great. Deathloop, while still not looking as ambitious and fun (so far) as the studio's signature Dishonored series, does looks better than before and great when especially considering a lot of the great features implemented in it are from Dishonored. Knockout City is an interesting surprise that actually looks like one of the better designed, less chaotic multiplayer games, with an actual compellingly fun gameplay loop, and the cross-play feature only makes it all better.


    R.I.P. Days Gone PlayStation exclusivity. Another former exclusive I will no longer be able to refer to as a "PlayStation exclusive" or can brag about the PlayStation library having in the occasional toxic console war arguments.😢


    PS+ March lineup (Final Fantasy VII, Remnant: From the Ashes, Farpoint, and that other thing-game) is solid, but as almost the case every month, there is a prominent, negative drawback: the pressure and requirement of buying the games' DLC for the full experience and for full trophy completion, respectively.

  3. Finally beat The Last of Us: Part II, despite the fact I've had the game since day one (gift). Don't know the exact total number of collectibles, but i'm only missing 21 now. That's much less than I somewhat theorized. Thankfully, because the amount of walking and generally slowed-down segments, among other things, in this game is extremely abundant. Although, I'll have to deal with it all again for the 100% completion anyway :\

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    2. starcrunch061


      Did you like the game itself?

    3. EcoShifter


      @IntroPhenom That's something that can also be done entirely on your own when a game gives you the freedom to move as fast or slow as you want. If you want to take your time you can choose to move slowly or even stop in place yourself. Games have allowed players those for a long time without forcing it upon the player, even games with expository dialogue. But when a game forces the players to slow down, that is equally bad, if not worse, than the opposite. It's generally more tolerable on a first playthrough when everything is completely fresh, but it ages worse upon every subsequent playthrough, especially on a permadeath type setting when dying makes the player have to relive it to progress. There's additional faults to this type of game design too, such as artificially extending a game's length, just like unskippable cutscenes which this game also has some of.


      @starcrunch061 Parts of it (mainly gameplay related). Overall? No.

    4. IntroPhenom


      Interesting.  No cut scene or any other pause in the action of a game ever crossed my mind as being a forced slow down, more just part of the intended flow.  They weren't a bother to me, at least.  Or, if they were a bother...trying to think of the last game I played where I skipped dialogue (which I almost never do), maybe it was towards the conclusion of Dragon Quest XI...they weren't disruptive enough to turn my opinion of the game.  Permadeath sounds like it sucks regardless.

  4. Does PS5 provide all the benefits to games the PS4P does? This includes frame rate caps being raised, like Shadow of the Colossus and God of War running 60fps only on PS4P and not PS4. (Definitely want to make sure every game PS4P ran at 60fps applies perfectly to PS5.)


    Also has any PS2 games' fanatics seen notable differences/improvements with their emulated games on PS5 over PS4/P? 

  5. Very mixed feelings about Sony Interactive Entertainment's most recent update over PS4.


    Avatars (Not going to go over all of them, only some):
    Some of them are fairly good. Some of the new ones even come from the Jak and Daxter series. Three of the five are new, with Daxter's imo being the highlight (though partially ruined by the blue circle background, smh), while the other two are (inferior) clones of the ones (US's versions) that came before. Unfortunately, they still foolishly neglected providing a Light Jak avatar and new ones from the racing game, which got its first re-release this generation and in 2017 with the second re-release in 2019/2020. It's also an additional missed opportunity that they didn't add any secondary main characters from the series at all, especially Ashelin or Keira (or Sig—BLM, remember Sony?).


    Now the Gravity Rush series finally got some default avatars. Normally, I'd be extremely excited about this, as I've been crying about this for years, but there's a few reasons why my excitement is halved. Firstly, the avatars are only from the second game, which on one hand is nice but on another is limiting, especially with the (preferred but still noticeable) redesigns that took place for the second game. Secondly, they are clones, but this isn't as bad as normal cases like with The Last of Us/Part II and Uncharted series', because unlike those series the GR avatars were exclusive to digital preorders of the game (which I repeat is still a horrible practice that needs that die forever). Thirdly, they're inferior versions—just bad cropping—of the same ones released previously (especially Raven's), which btw is a recurring theme with all the "new" PlayStation avatars as a whole. Fourthly, none of them consist of Dusty, Xii, or Syd, all major characters. All things considered, Dusty at the very least should have gotten an avatar released, which with the current theme of these avatars also should have been the one released exclusively through digital preorders anyway.


    If these are the first Journey avatars ever, then these could have been much better. Nice to have avatars from the game, but games like Journey would benefit greatly from ones that include the background as well. A white traveler would have also been cool :\.  Shadow of the Colossus could have gotten more than just a single 3D render of the third Colossus. Why not anymore of the most popular Colossus or better yet avatars of the playable character Wanderer and his horse Agro.


    How did they seriously not add any Killzone avatars, especially from Shadow Fall. This franchise has been a huge part of PlayStation since PS2, also having new games developed every generation and platform since. A Maya avatar would have been so awesome to have! Similarly, Delsin from the inFAMOUS series gets an avatar but not Fetch aka Abgail? Nothing from Until Dawn also sucks.


    General (features):
    So many utterly terrible changes. I can't even defend the company on this one. Some of these changes are so bad it's genuinely atrocious. Sony most definitely deserve massive criticism this time (but no death threats, not cool). Will add some of my thoughts on this on the actual topics, though. Just want to submit this partial status update to get it out the way.

    (P.S. Meant to submit this yesterday, 24hrs ago. And since then some things have gotten better, mainly the connection.)

  6. I don't understand the idiocy behind blocking someone because they ask you a perfectly fine question that is not offensive, rude, or anything similar. Literally asked a guy or gal who said the quote in their about me, then they responded saying who and proceeded with an immediate block. WHY?! (Even if there is a reason, as there's probably a reason for everything, it's obviously the result of something petty or immature like "Wow/Ok this person is so uncultured that i'm just going to block them". There are people like that, as I've seen it a few times before, which is rather pathetic because everyone is ignorant in someway whether it likes to be heard/seen or not. We aren't perfect and we don't know everything, regardless of popularity and experience, pe-ri-od.) Why am I running across so many idiots and immature people this year, lord

    1. PooPooBlast


      Lately, I've run into my fare share of the people you mentioned and I've come to understand that the internet is full of smart, dumb, friendly, aloof, gentle, assholes, reserved or aggressive people and so on. 


      If you start to apply your own mindset/how you think on how they behave, you'll just end up with a headache and a miserable day. You'll never be able to understand or come to terms with how someone can behave in a certain way. 


      Just live and let live.

    2. AJ_Radio


      The problem is the internet became mainstream. Every piece of filth from all walks of life are on it.


      In the days of dial-up and having to use a PC desktop to access the internet, you blocked off a lot of the assholes and morons. The people who were on the internet in that time had some semblance of knowledge regarding computers, and most people checked their e-mail.


      I met a lot of great people back in the day, particularly in MMOs since the early - mid 2000s was still a time when you could live a life without being fully dependent on the internet.


      Today EVERYONE is on the internet and it is mandatory for a great many things. So you have a lot more assholes and idiots as a result.

  7. It's sad how people get annoyed or can't handle when you call out their mistakes. It's also sad how I got deleted by someone today because I acknowledged them ignoring me. It's different when the person doing the ignoring is really busy and/or the person being ignored is constantly "bothering" them but neither of that was the case. A short-and-simple question was asked. Subsequently, the person was online, playing games (that can be paused), and was rotating different games. 

    Anyway, I've been running into a lot of immensely rude and disgusting people this year. Could have made a lot of status updates of what I've been experiencing this year, but I prefer keeping things to gaming related stuff. Between the way humanity is (everywhere), the poor game balancing in online modes, and the toxic nature (tryhards, teabaggers, cheaters, etc) in game sessions, I wonder how much more I can take of the online ecosystem whether through gameplay or social communication. Dealing with grind-heavy online trophies is bad enough as is. I just- meh I'll stop here.

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      @funboy1246 and I'll do it again!!!!

    3. IntroPhenom


      2020 has been my introduction to online gaming, and I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised.  Friday the 13th is what I've been playing, and I've met some darn nice people, folks I enjoy and look forward to chatting with.  My friend list tripled as a result.  In public lobbies a few bad eggs popped up of course (people who were overtly rude, or used racial or homophobic slurs, for example), but I either ignored them or told them off, the latter occasionally being quite satisfying.

    4. NERVergoproxy


      Sorry you have to experience that side of humanity. Hope you feel better. 

  8. While it's been months since I completed Wipeout, i'm just baffled that I've failed at completing the Crash Team Racing developers' (Beenox) times and Need for Speed (2015) Prestige races (silver/gold). Am I to believe Trackmania Turbo is harder than all of the aforementioned. . . (TBH, I haven't really put a sufficient amount of practice into CTR and NfS, especially the former. Just some attempts to test the difficulty, but it didn't go well.)

    1. Shadiochao


      I haven't played CTR but I'd say the NFS prestige races are significantly harder than any trophy in Trackmania or Wipeout.

    2. Baker


      I haven’t played NFS but I’d say beating the CTR developer’s times is significantly harder than any trophy in Trackmania or WipEout 😁.


      Luckily there isn’t a trophy for that.

  9. So apparently, old PSN names that were changed can't be used by anyone (besides original owner) either.

    1. CorrinFireEmblem


      well it's a good thing. Imagine you take the name of a known cheater. Nobody who wants to play legit would be willing to play with you

    2. DaivRules


      That's so you can always revert back to your previous name(s).

    3. EcoShifter


      @Kale There's basically good and bad to everything. One reason why this is particularly bad for me is because I created a new account months ago as a placeholder so it couldn't be taken, in preparation for the name change.

      Wait, what if I revert to the original name on that account. Then can the second name be used again?

  10. So in order to potentially sign off on a good deal, I need to taint my 140+ platinum trophy account with nearly a dozen Rataklia platinums. I've purposely avoided getting the platinum in their games to maintain a certain level of profile quality, so this is very upsetting. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Not sure what you mean by a good deal.

  11. Marvel Spider-Man. The most recent game I beat. Spectacular game, especially for a first installment by the developers.


    This isn't much, but I still meant to post this two weeks ago. 


    As I said, spectacular game, but I do have a lot of complaints. However, they're mostly minor, like Spider-Man not being able to run down vertical surfaces (because I could in S-M2), not being able to hang enemies on poles in active combat (because I could in S-M2), part of the way parkour was designed (i.e., not being able to practically jump from rooftop to rooftop, which I could in S-M2), part of the web slinging physics (it works great the way it is currently, but it's not fully momentum based), the poor implementation of the day and night cycle system (i.e., all the different times of day are great visually but are only accessible via a machine), the mostly useless stealth system during enemy bases (i.e., completing the first wave stealthily has what seems to be no impact on every other wave), Silver Sable for seemingly taking inspiration from Naughty Dog's use of Nadine (constantly knocking the MC down in every hostile encounter while countering everything he does and preventing him from landing a single legitimate attack), the total amount of crimes (I find the amount of all the other collectibles, except potentially the towers, to be fine), and that's most of it. Seen some other complaints from people regarding the side content, combat, and open-world and some tidbits of the DLCs, but I almost entirely disagree with what I've seen. Anyway, the game has so many good things about it that i'm too lazy to list, like the awesome combat that took me by a huge surprise (under the surface, a phrase I have to use way too often in bad and good context, the amount of depth and combo variations is like endless). Anyway, I just wanted to jot down negatives that stuck with me, as I already know how really great the game is.


    Saw many comments about how people purchased a system just for this game. Can't really blame them unless this were one of those grounded, heavily scripted, linear heavily story-driven games. It may not be an RPG either, but it does have a lot of content, incredible gameplay, a good story and very high replay-value. Also Spider-Man fans being extremely pleased with this game is something I've noticed. If I was a bigger Spider-Man fan, I could see myself being obsessed with this game like them (especially for its originality in places the previous games and comics haven't explored. I'm aware that Spider-Man had become stale for retreading the same concepts in previous media but that this game changed up the formula). One notable thing this game achieved that I thought it'd fail on was attaining my interest in characters. I figured I'd like Spider-Man and one or two more characters, but it turns out I like majority of the cast except 5/7 main villains. I thought I'd just play through the game and give little to no care about the characters. Massive shout-out to Jefferson Davis, too. The villains almost had me because of the short backstories of them in the game. Even though i'm not a massive S-M fan like I said before (even though I've seen every S-M movie and consider the character in my top 3 Marvel superheroes), Insomniac have surpassed my expectations in what they can deliver, and I might just get the inevitable sequel week 1 for their excellent work with just their first Spider-Man game. 


    Because of this game (I finally checked out the "Into the Spider-Verse" movie, which in short is fairly great; thanks MSM! and) there's a much higher chance I'll actually play the last 2/3s of the Batman Arkham trilogy at some point, rather than ignoring it indefinitely as I have been.

  12. Quote


    I don't remember that moment in Season 2 or 3, granted it's been years since I played them and I mainly remember being frustrated with everything else happening in Season 3 but I remember in Season 2 when Kenny's girlfriend gets bit they immediately cut her hand off but she still was under the threat of turning anyway. Or at least that's how I remember it happening. Either way it seemed to me like Clementine was ready to turn in just a few moments and I just don't think with her condition she would have made it anyway. If it's something that has also happened in the show or the comics then I didn't know about it, but it always seemed to me that once you're bitten it's only a matter of time before you turn.


    As for as AJ being right I meant more about how it felt like the game took my choice away and said "See, he was right all along. How dare you not trust this child that mostly made bad decisions throughout the game?" by having Clementine just survive and then Clementine say she was wrong like it's the game speaking for me. And then not only that but in one ending he just shoots Tenn and Louis gets rightfully mad about it but I guess it turns out he just forgives him anyway. It just felt to me like they wanted to make a happy ending and it felt kind of forced, even though I do understand that is what they wanted to go for I think it could have been done differently.




    Continuing The Walking Dead conversation in that topic would get me a warning, so i'm replying here.




    That's one reason why I would recommend anyone new to the series, or who hasn't played it in a while, to play the other seasons first (in order). It's an amazing experience and allows one to not only see how their choices has affected story/dialogue with Clementine going forward, as well as understand a lot of the references and callbacks throughout, but it also allows consistent following of the overarching narrative without or with less false memory from past seasons, such as the Lee bite and Sarita (Kenny's former girlfriend) bite situation. Speaking of which, Sarita is another false comparison, because she ended up getting bitten again after her arm (optional) was chopped off. 


    I'd rather not get into this, but yes the tv show has also explored this concept a few times. In the main series, Hershel survived a bite because Rick acted quickly in amputating him after it. In the Fear the Walking Dead universe, some character also claims himself to have survived a bite. (The comics I don't read.)  But as I alluded to in my first line, separate universes have their own storyline and rules—even if it's a part of the same franchise—so if something happens in the show and the game but both have differing results, it's not necessarily inconsistent or a flaw on one of the sides.


    Well, games don't really ever give you complete freedom over what the character says or does, even for the genres that give the player the most choice out of them all. It would make storytelling and game design insanely complicated. But as I said before, I don't see the issue with Aj being right on this particular thing and Clementine admitting to being wrong. (No-one is ever right on everything, regardless of their wisdom and experience.) If Clementine said Aj was wrong, that would have been complete dishonesty and robbed Aj of his accomplishment and lucky but effective judgment. What would be the point in having a choice there, which would likely feel forced, for that little segment? Clementine's very life was spared because of Aj's choice, so why should she and you make him feel bad for it? (Technically, I don't even think she literally says "you was right. I was wrong". She just says like "if you had listened to me in the barn, I'd be dead".)


    I'm indifferent on the Tenn and Loius thing, which is why I didn't mention anything on that font before.


    I think the ending turned out well enough for a much shorter team consisting of just some former (TT) employees that was assembled after Telltale's closure. The ending also isn't that much of a happy one, as many characters died along the way and some have permanent injuries. including the MC. SPOILER incoming for Until Dawn . . . It's not like Until Dawn, where you can keep all the characters alive, even though that's optional.



    1. Redgrave


      Sorry but I don't really want to talk about it further especially since it also involves talking about the other games which I played forever ago and don't remember that many details about. I gave my opinion on the game and you have yours and I don't think we would be able to see eye-to-eye on it.

  13. My browser closed as I was editing 😞. I 'm making significant changes and improvements that I'll let you know about. Should be finished today.

    1. ruffedgz


      sounds fine, had some large storm come in last night so I wasnt able to start anything, was going to get it started tonight if possible.

    2. EcoShifter


      That's actually a good thing, because update:


      • I added more pictures to Shantae, Lara, Spyro, Clementine, and Kat & Raven.
      • I re-positioned every image by importance of which I prefer to least preferred.
      • Removed some additional and specific request to make the creation easier 


      I feel that Lara, Sonic & Shadow, and Kat & Raven will provide a bit of a challenge, though.

  14. Let's see. Every new game I've been interested in buying starting from 2019 to 2020 has been delayed, except remasters because who really delays those.

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      They did that pretty hard with Tamarin.  I was really looking forward to that one :( 

    2. KantoRyu


      Same here, but it gives me extra time to work on my backlog.

  15. My girl Shantae got a figurine, pop, and now plush <3, wow!  Meanwhile, my other girl Kat only got variations of figures. I'd kill for a Kat plush!

    1. Edunstar84


      It's a travesty!

  16. So it looks like you can't "play offline" while playing PS3 games on PlayStation Now? I don't like that.

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Thanks for another reason I refuse to get PS Now again.  *hugs PS3*

  17. Nothing like a game (Prototype) holding you back from getting its platinum because of its outdated collectible system that doesn't have both a list collectibles for each level and a mechanic to help you find whatever ones a person misses, making the last few you don't know the location of stressful. Despite the horrible fact a lot are hidden in areas the average player wouldn't go to and that driving the helicopter to cover more distance in won't help, it wouldn't be that bad if the draw distance for them were larger.

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    2. AJ_Radio


      There's a reason why people skipped Prototype 1 and went straight on to Prototype 2.

    3. EcoShifter


      Oh yeah, all hints found. The collectibles (primarily the landmarks) and hard mode makes this game's platinum one I wouldn't want to ever get again. Prototype 2 isn't a game i'm interested in, despite the gameplay in Prototype being a blast. Even if the trophy design is better and the game makes improvements, i'm not invested in the universe like that (character, story, and setting wise. The city is fun to traverse in but it's not an exciting place to be in or a part of. I don't need an engaging story like some people do, but if not the characters then I need the setting at least to be interesting). While I could end up being in for a surprise from playing it, at this point I'd start it mostly to have the series itself completed on my profile.

    4. AJ_Radio


      I never played either game. It always looked like an edgy inFamous to me.


      Open world, collectibles, a story to go with it, etc.


      I don't know why Prototype is an ultra rare platinum while Prototype 2 is only uncommon. Quite a stark difference, but when I have time I may go and get these games myself.

  18. Seasons after Fall suffers severely from not having a map system of any kind. It's been a long time since I've seen any game desperately need/lack such a vital feature for the type of game it is. Just about every game is missing something... but to this scale is outrageous. The issue is especially heightened in the couple of interior sections there are in the game. The game has a few other core flaws as well, so i'm not sure if it's in actuality a bad game or a very flawed game. I most definitely prefer Fe over this.


    The game is only a purely "easy" platinum with a guide, as well.

  19. How do you tell if you've been hacked on PSN?  I've been signed out/kicked on my phone, system, and internet. I am not liking this...

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. EcoShifter


      Why? I didn't do anything. What is 14, 24, and 48, and how do I fix this...

      Um... my account is back (system). That was scary as hell, but i'm still keeping this status up, for reasons...

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Doesnt have to be something you did but your ISP gave you a IP that is banned. You can call them and see if theyll change your IP or get a router and run it off your modem for new IP.

    4. MidnightDragon


      That doesn't sound good.

  20. The hype level has been raised...



  21. Ending of 2019 (gaming). It was quite "lovely" for Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled to hold its undisputed title of worse online game/experience had during 2019, with people even the day immediately after Christmas trolling players online by camping at item boxes and going the opposite direction to ruin other people's positioning, something I've dealt with multiple times prior that year. Outside the online experience, the single player/story driven games experience, I finished the year mostly strong with Titanfall 2 (the single player portion) and especially the immense world-building and high player agency focused Dishonored 2 and Dishonored (2): Death to the Outsider. DDttO was the last game played, and it was a fairly applicable finishing game, as it concludes a relatively long arc—like 2019 does for the recent decade—that has spanned many years in both canon and the real-world. The first Dishonored title's release almost makes the series a decade old, which would have made the good ending (heh) of 2019 almost 10 out of 10 perfect.


    Beginning of 2020 (gaming/trophies). I'd like to start off very strong platinum trophy wise with the infamous Wipeout Collection that's been in the backlog, but the great looking first console pure "Dragon Ball Z RPG" coming out in the middle of this month could provide as an obstacle, even if grind heavy. Due to a number of situations, I could end up in a position where I could get its platinum first before WC's, so the decision would be between delaying Dragon Ball Z: Kararot's platinum in favor of WC having the honor of being the first fully committed platinum attained for 2020 or letting the hypothetically natural occurrence of DBZ:K being the first fully committed platinum of 2020 while WC finishes in second place.

  22. Seeing as how you've completed both the original and definitive version of Tomb Raider (reboot), you have any good online multiplayer related advice? 

    1. DynaVita


      Hello, and thanks for your message.


      My best advice is to find boosting partners who wants to do the trophies too.

      It's more fun to discuss with others, following boost methods (go on youtube to find different boost methods)

      I did it for ps4 version, and I keep good memories.


      For ps3 version, i didn't find boosting partners, so I had to do it by myself.

      I did a solo boost method, but it's very long and boring. You have to transport the suitcase again and again...


      example : 



      Good luck and courage !




    2. EcoShifter


      So that means I can do PS4 version alone too, if necessary?

  23. Ok. With other countries decided on to not be sent the discount coupons, it's time to partake in the "End of the Year" sale before it's over in two days. It'a s shame, I could have added one more game with a discount code :\

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. EcoShifter


      I've not seen even a minority of people getting discount codes in the U.S. during 2018 and especially 2019.

    3. RJP_X


      no discount codes were ever offered this year in the U.S., last time they were being given out was for people buying ps4's last year during black friday, and before that as i mentioned, those promotional trailers on that site. 


      before that when discount codes were actually given to users via email, most people weren't even getting them. that is what i am referencing.

    4. EcoShifter


      Ok. My status is referring to the codes sent via email and especially the ones that would be put across the front page of the PlayStation Store for everyone to use.

  24. 16 minutes ago, Dr_Mayus said:

    Now I don't know if that was because of Activsion or because Insomniac hadn't mastered their stuff yet.


    The humour and fun characters are still there (so I know Insomniac did that correctly) but the dash was annoying to aim and the flying seemed wonky. Also after playing Ratchet/Resistance/Fuse/Spider-Man I am used to powering up in Insomniac games so I was hoping that kind of thing would be here (better flame, faster dash, faster flying etc) but alas not to be :(


    It's because Toys for Bob and/or Activision. I said it before, but remasters no matter who handle them and in what form they come in typically fail to replicate a wide variety of things their original versions have, things from physics to lighting/shadows to graphics to audio to many other things, minor and major. The Last of Us Remastered, Shadow of the Colossus Remake, Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled (especially), every single re-release of the Jak and Daxter games, Bioshock Collection, etc, all suffer.


    Not sure about the dashing, but the flying is definitely inferior in this Reignited Trilogy, notably too. As for power-ups, the Spyro series is known for them. The only thing is that they're not permanent (some exceptions), just like the eco powers in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Everything you named, plus some, except the flying, are better in their powered up form: the fairy kiss flame/superflame is stronger, supercharge (there's three different tiers of speed here with this power up).... oh yeah, you've only played the first game. You're going to need to play the sequels to get more of what you desire. First game has the least amount of powerups.



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Dr_Mayus


      I have all the different platform versions as well :)


      #201-Ratchet & Clank-PS4

      #74-Ratchet & Clank-PS3

      #162-Ratchet & Clank-Vita

      #75-Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando-PS3

      #163-Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando-Vita

      #76-Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal-PS3

      #164-Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal-Vita

      #98-Ratchet & Clank: Deadlocked

      #1-Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

      #40-Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

      #89-Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

      #117-Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

      #120-Resistance 2

      #62-Resistance 3

      #65-Resistance: Burning Skies (not insomniac but whatever)

      #87-Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale-Vita (has Ratchet)

      #88-Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale-PS3 (has Ratchet)


      #262-Marvel's Spider-Man


    3. AJ_Radio


      Nice job. I actually didn't know Fuse is an Insomniac game.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      @Spaz yeah and if you look at the original trailer vs what we got you can see how much EA meddled

  25. Not surprised. Bye.