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  1. I'm sure Spike Chunsoft published the Japanese version, not 505 and I guess the time delay for release was down to it being localised. I was hoping more people would have finished the JP version of the DLC by now so we could know for sure wether more trophies were unlockable, but I guess nobody could be bothered to complete it.
  2. I thought he said “I’M THE FUCKING LIGHTBRINGER!” But yeah, I remember my friend completing it before me and he said “there is an ok ending and a bad ending, You’ll know which is which.” I got to the end and I said to him, “Mate, they were both equally shit”.
  3. I’m sure they’ve read it, they just choose not to respond to it. While the guys from TrueAchievements and us were coming up with ideas in the customer support channel, the admins were responding to people nonstop in the spoiler chat, posting art assets for the game. The reality is that the people representing 505 on Discord have no real say on anything and I’m sure anything that does get passed to anybody higher is immediately dismissed. Ultimately, the decision to patch the game comes down to money. Like I said way back, the game is tainted by the controversy around it and any more investment is throwing good money after bad. What irritates me is that they didn’t just come out and say all this when Lab Zero collapsed and kept everybody waiting for a statement. But I’m 90% sure this was to see out the completion of the Switch version of the dlc and the contract between them and Nintendo. The only way I can see the patch happening is by somebody higher up a 505 being convinced it’s worth the trouble to do. Being the horrible cynic that I am, I can picture them saying no just to keep everybody equally miserable. Say they fix the DLC for us, what happens when the backers ask “Well you fixed the dlc, all those character assets are completed too so can you now implement those as well?” Do Sony and Microsoft still charge for patching games? I know that was a thing at one point.
  4. Well, this is the last 505 Games product that I'll ever buy. Between Bloodstained cancelled backer goals, Control's PS5 upgrade and now this, I've had enough of them.
  5. I fully expect it to be broken, but I am curious to know wether it comes with the initial patch that came out before the dlc that included new game+ and coop. Or wether it’ll be the current patch we all have, OR a patch with the trophies fixed.
  6. Looks like the Japanese version of Indivisible PS4 will be getting Razmi's Challenges on 13th October. It'll be interesting to see wether that launches with broken trophies as well or if they actually fixed the issue on that version. Seems the Switch version of the DLC is still going to be released at some point too, so 505 Games are at least still putting out something to do with the game.
  7. I couldn't have said it better. I think we're all burned out on the situation and any perceived negativity comes from months of the situation being completely up in the air.
  8. Depends on which challenge your doing. They’re all supposed have different gimmicks that you need to master to pass the challenge under the S rank time. If it’s the first battle your stuck on, you have use Dhar to kill everything under 3 seconds before they respawn. It seems like its luck based? Sometimes you’ll wipe everything instantly and some times they respawn regardless. Just keep trying until it works.
  9. Not even sure how you can even attempt to get S on a first try. Some challenges are completely luck driven. Challenge 3 alone has to be done in under 3 seconds. But good luck.
  10. I had a theory that patch 1.11 itself may have caused the trophies to break, and that maybe rolling back to update 1.10 using the FFXV method might be an option to get around it. The idea being that now that the game registered having all the times as platinum on 1.11, reloading on 1.10 would unlock the trophies if they actually worked on 1.10 to begin with. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like it wouldn't matter, as challenge 5 would likely just register as gold again. Also, the more familiar I get with the game and the studio, the more I can picture the whole situation being a massive oversight due to lack of resources.
  11. I'm not sure where your getting a contradiction from. The DLC came out in early May. We all beat it and found that challenge 5 and 40 couldn't be cleared with a Platinum time so we reported it thinking just the requirements were broken. Then in early August, patch 1.11 came out and patched the challenges so you could get the required times, but the trophies didn't unlock. We reported that the trophies didn't unlock immediately on the Indivisible discord. They looked into it and confirmed that they were broken and that they had fixed the issue internally but the patch would take a while to materialise. Then in late august, some of the staff at Lab Zero walked out out due to the allegations made against studio head Mike Z. The rest of the staff were laid off a week later. The status of the game is as follows: 505 Games (the publisher) owns Indivisible, not the developer Lab Zero. 505 Games are in charge of publishing patches for the game. A Lab Zero employee had fixed the trophy issue internally, but was forced to leave the company before it could be made into patch. 505 Games have made no statements about the future of the game. As well as the trophy patch, there are missing original characters that were supposed to be added to the game as DLC. Also there were guest characters like Shantae that were supposed to be added to the game as backer goals from the kickstarter. Former employees of Lab Zero still frequent the game's Discord server, but are out of the loop as to what is going on with the game now. 505 Games have a presence on the discord server and the latest from them is that they cannot say anything currently. I say all that, to say this. I doubt whoever unlocked the trophies on PS4, did it legitimately.
  12. Lab Zero have already confirmed the achievements are broken. They fixed the issue internally but the studio collapsed before they could get it into a patch. That leads me to believe theres no legitimate way of getting them currently. If you want to try a fresh save, by all means. But if you come back here saying it magically worked only for you, my eyes will roll so hard, it may tigger a stroke.
  13. They are still responding to people’s issues, and that’s a good thing at least.
  14. Seems like it’s a case of playing the waiting game. There’s a support section for Indivisible on the 505 Games discord and this is the latest from there: Mike505: “The team is aware of the trophy/achievement issue; I'll try to get more information on that! As for that fullscreen/windowed/mouse click thing, we'll continue to dig in a bit more. A video would be helpful, even though it is likely being caused by something we can't "see".“
  15. 505 Games own Indivisible. Until they state otherwise, I’m still holding onto some hope that the game isn’t completely done.