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  1. People can still achieve it if they got the online trophies before the server closure and now they probably just cleaning up their games.
  2. How do I get this version and why is it so rare, the Trophies aren't that hard
  3. Be prepared for glitches and bugs they will happen trust me, so backup your save as much as you can!
  4. So I finally finished this game and I can say it was one of the most nerve-racking games I ever platinumed in my entire life. This game is fun no doubt I wasn't bored while playing this game but this game is buggy and glitchy as hell especially Oswald. His AI is stupid and he sometimes doesn't respond to your commands which can be very frustrating since every mistake can ruin your perfectionist run. So there are a couple of bugs I witnessed on my perfectionist playthrough. On my first perfectionist playthrough, it didn't count my Oswald pictures in episode 2, which destroyed my run so I had to restart the entire game again... So I started my second playthrough and copied my save data every 30min or 1hour (depends on the progress) on a USB stick because this game has only autosave which sucks because every action, every decision, every step leads to an autosave and if you make one single mistake you are screwed because it will probably save the game so I highly recommend to save your data on a USB trust me this will help you a lot. So I witnessed another bug in episode 2 on bog easy. In one section Oswald has to reprogram this one thing on the wall to make the enemies to your friends but in my case, he didn't t do it even though I colored it. he just fought with the enemies while I was pressing the command button like a mad man because he didn't reprogram it. I was raging and annoyed so I decided to turn my second controller on and do it myself. I tried it and it didn't work, I reprogrammed it but the game didn't accept it. It didn't make the enemies friendly they were still attacking me. I was sitting for an hour and after I thinned the device and recolored it then it worked. Another bug was that Oswald, sometimes he disappears and I couldn't find him and he didn't respond to my command button so I killed myself and he appeared. So yeah that's it... I finished this game on my second perfectionist run and one speed run for the off-track trophy. All in all, it is very frustrating platinum since every trophy is missable, and with all the bugs and glitches it can get very dirty.I highly advise again to save your data on a USB stick and watch the perfectionist guide on YT because without that it's nearly impossible to platinum this game. Shout-Out to the creator of the guide JNSpradlin and LumpyCheeseGames for the perfectionist guide on YT.
  5. I don't know if it's a bug or glitch but when I took all the pictures of Oswald in ep2 it didn't count for me and I was locked in the quest of ep2 with 0 pictures. I tried to reshoot all the pictures of ep2 but they still don't count. Because all quests are connected with the perfect run trophy I have to start a new game... Did you guys had the same problem?
  6. Finally, I completed this game after 8 years and 4 months. I liked the first one it was colorful and was way more fun compared to this game. Here it's just dark and boring. The game crashed/froze so many times in a day it was annoying. There are so many weapons it gives much more variety to kill the bears same goes for the object kills however you have to unlock, buy and max out every weapon and clothes which is a pain in the ass. The XP system is weird to level up you have to max out your weapons and clothes and if they are already maxed out you won't get XP. After I finished the first one I thought I would give this game a try because the previous game was a fun and unique game but the developer messed this up. It's not a hard game the platinum cups are easy to earn compared to the first game the side missions are always the same hit x times a bear/ collect coins/ trap x bears/suicide x bears and kill x bears. To put it in a nutshell, it's a grindy, boring and buggy game don't waste your time on this one.