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  1. I think the merciful dlc is free. only the maniax dlc and the grinding maps cost money. but I am not quite sure.
  2. Thats really sad. Ive been following the manga since the 90s. It means a lot to me.
  3. collecting all magatamas might be missable. also one is locked behind some minigame. mastering all of them will be very grindy, but the new dlc maps might be a good solution. getting 30 demons trough negotiation and 100 gifts doesnt sound so bad. yes, it is rng based, but you will fight hundreds if not thousend battles in the game. those will come naturaly. completing the whole demon compendium will take a long time. there is a lot of them and the whole system with special requirements is waay more complex than, as example, persona 5.
  4. pretty sad to know that this is a a kinda lazy remaster, but I still buy it day 1, to play it again. I still got my old strategy guide from double jump books. it has great maps for all dungeons. really helpful.
  5. the best party would be a team of end-game demons with the skill pierce. this skill is super importent for the true final boss, because you can barely damage him without it. the demons which have the skill are beelzebub and metatron. in this version of the game dante or raidou can learn it too, which makes them useful. also there a secret shop inside the amala labyrinth, which sells a demon with pierce, usefull for fusing. PS: make absolutly sure, that the hero learns both pierce and charge! keep those skills. the final boss of the true demon route is freakish powerful. PS: there is a really awesome guide for the game on gamefaqs by Ikelly. he gives you strategy how to build perfect partys for pretty much every boss. that makes this hardcore game doable, but... he uses many terms from the japanese version of the game. the guide is a bit hard to use.
  6. nope, it seems you dont have to play the game on hard at all, just change the difficulty before the demon ending, which does not have afinal boss. uhm... I think you confuse the game with persona 5. satanael is not even in nocturne. I completed the compendium in the ps2 version and no ng+ was required.
  7. according to the trophy guide for the japanese version you can play the whole game on merciful, change the difficulty right before the ending and still get the trophys. also there is a ending without a final boss, so not really difficult. I played the ps2 version for over 150 hours back than. I know how hard it can be. I completely okay with playing on merciful and just enjoying it.
  8. I managed to level up my bonds level to from 48 to 99 at the billiken-statue in osaka. It took my roughly 8 hours according to the ingame timer. at the beginning it wasnt that bad. 5 minutes per level up, it went up pretty well. but from the 80s onwards it become a slough. 15 minutes and more per level up. I splitt the whole grind across multiple days and played other thing between, to make it easier on the mind. yesterday i finally unlocked the last few skills through requests and popped that sweet gold trophy. the whole process wasnt that bad. put on some good music and dont do it in one session. at least i dont have to kill metatron a few hundred times or play merciless. If somebody wants to do the same, here is a little tipp: use a rubber band to hold down the triangle button. that will auto skip all dialoge. sounds like a minor thing, but you dont have to press the button manually anymore. that will make a difference after the first few hundred runs...
  9. Thanks for the answer. I was playing red by the way. Maybe the trophy is a bit glitchy. I will try the quest again with my next character.
  10. Hi, I found a shop list on gamefaqs. Though it might be potentially incomplete: Luminous/Omble (3) Light Magic Shadow Magic Omble Shrike (1) Nakajima Nelson (2) Gold Ingot Weapon/Armor shop Devin (2) Arcane Rune Koorong (8) Gold Ingot Recovery items Boots Helms Armor Swords Guns Black Market Manhattan (1) Accessory Kyo (2) Misc Mind Magic Kingdom (2) Misc Realm Facinataru (2) LP Mystic Junk (1) Misc Time Lord's Realm (1) Time Kylin Paradise (1) Space
  11. Hi, does anybody know how to the get this trophy? I finished the rune magic quest (my last rune was in despair) and got the gift, but no trophy. Am I missing a step? I ask, because I got the trophy for the card magic without problem right after the last card.
  12. I just finished my hardcore run and it is not difficult at all. Pretty much like a normal playtrough just the skill checks are more difficult and money is more sparse. Before I started my run I watched a speedrun of the pc version on youtube. That speedrun demonstrates pretty good what parts of the game can be skipped and which route is optimal. Though I didnt follow the guide completely. If you combine this with the skillpoint glitch discussed in a different thread, the hardcore run is no problem at all. Also, I did not had any bug or glitch at all during my run.
  13. Does anybody here have a working strategy for unlocking Sylene Academy? Its the only trophy which I am missing. Using the tips here and on Gamefaqs I tried getting the trophy unsuccesfully through two playthroughs. I always supported Dominicus and at the coice where the margrave is sneaking into the princess' room I choose follow. But the game always tells me that the margrave is bringing some instrument to Fort Monomith or something and the academy is not unlocking. EDIT: Found a solution: Just choose always the red choice troughout the game. Sylene Academy unlocked after defeating the minotaur.
  14. I found the necessary steps in a youtube video. Hope that helps: -start a game -choose your own character build -set all points to 1 -press start and return to main menu -start a new game again -now the game becomes glitchy- choose your own build again. -all points which you removed before are added to the total of available points. -repeat the whole process once more. You should have enough points to get all skills to 6. Its rather fun to play with such a build. You can pass nearly all skill challenges.
  15. Thanks, the trick worked like a charm. I think I start a new game with 6 in all stats. Lets see how it goes.