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  1. yeah, you missed the trophy and need to replay the chapters trough chapter select. you might want to have a look into this guide: http://ps3imports.org/index.html/_/trophyguides/the-centennial-case-a-shijima-story-trophy-guide-r1032 It shows you every phrase at which to press triangle.
  2. hi there, looking at your trophies, it seems you havent yet finished the secret epilogue of the game. I am pretty sure that chapter select only appears afterwards (because it is the true ending of the game). the epilogue is hidden behind a difficult to see button on the lower left on the main menu. it says: you got a mail.
  3. During the video-sequences sometimes objects or phrases are highlighted. Like the sword, dragon blood or mummy in case 1. if you see these, just press triangle and the are added to your clues. Kinda hard to miss.
  4. has anybody tried getting the trophy using a timezone outside of the us? I never quite got the whole thing with am, pm and the different time zones on each coast. So, I would like to use my own european-timezone for commitment. reading this thread it sounds as if you have to use either pdt or utc, to get the 24h to count. has anybody experiences with that?
  5. Does anybody know if the trophy for opening all loot boxes is missable if I dont open them during the story missions? Or does it count if I open them during replay?
  6. For me it is an rather unknown little point and click adventure called Shadowgate. I am missing a trophy for „solving 62 individual puzzles“. Problem is, nobody knows what counts as a puzzle in this game. Also certain puzzles can be solved with different commands, but some might not count for the trophy. In the last years I installed the game multiple times and spend a lot of hours playing it again and again, hoping to pop the trophy. It is really frustrating. No guide or forum thread could help me. I just wasted a full day of my vacation playing it again, trying different things, but no trophy. well, I might try it again in a few years…
  7. Great strategy. I got the 10K points in my first try. Its even better than the old pause-button strategy back on the PS1.
  8. oh, sorry for that. I must have overlooked the plattform.
  9. thats pretty odd. I owned the physical, german version years ago and my profile does not show the GER stack of the game.
  10. They can be done splitscreen, alone with a second controller. I did it myself. They work the same way as in Borderlands 3.
  11. the patch notes do not say anything about the chaos mode exploit at all: Addressed increased CPU utilization. Addressed out of memory issue. Fixed an exploit that would cause a server to crash under specific circumstances. Fixed some issues with textures. Various AI improvements. Added UI fixes and changes
  12. I just realised, that the combination of erdtree greadshield and fire's deadly sin was considered a bug which was fixed. that is too bad. I really liked being able to spam the golden retaliation skill while on fire. It helped me with a lot of bosses.
  13. the nerved mimic summon damage might not be as bad depending on your build. I am using 2 rivers of blood kantanas, which do bleeding damage with its skill. That damage depends on the weapons level, not on your stats. If the devs did not nerv these skills too, the mimic should still do enough damage to decimate even melania. I'll try it out tonight.
  14. Hoarfrost stomp has been nerved. That might be a problem for a lot of players. especially for those speedrunners who make use of this skill a lot.
  15. Getting all ~600 collectibles in Assassins Creed Valhalla was the worst grind of this kind I ever did. It wasnt fun or rewarding, just mindlesly boring and repetitive. But I wanted that fricking plat trophy badly.