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  1. The size of the EU download is 6,330 GB.
  2. I am playing the EU version. But the game only has one version. There should not be any differences, or am I wrong?
  3. You are correct about the lava hammer. thanks by the way for the report. Lets see if they fix it.
  4. Yes, you can kill them, but only in a process which kills you too. Its part of hidden death 10.
  5. Neither. If you enter the room in a normal way, the goblins kill you as soon as you interact with something. If you dress as a goblin, you can interact three time with things until they recognize you. the mug is there solely for the hidden death: dress up as a goblin. Use the eat command on both mugs in the room. You get drunk and die horribly. you cannot take the mug, just use it. that is by the way a similarity with both the castle moat and the griffin.
  6. About that ale mug: you could simply not interact with it at all. The game did not recognize it. Instead you would click on the goblin, who is holding the mug. If you used the highlight function, the mug would not light up. this is the very same problem, which is happening right now, with the moat and the griffin. yes the ale mug is part of the hidden death 9, the one fixed in the v1.03.
  7. Yep. Thats more common in development than people would believe 😂
  8. Yes, I did play on master difficulty. Otherwise the hidden deaths would not work. I do not know how a patch for game works. If it is similiar to an app, maybe they created a different branch for this version and forgot to merge them. It could be possible.
  9. I played the whole with the new 1.03 patch yesterday. The good news: Hidden death 9 is fixed. The bad news: Some other bugs which had been fixed in the patch before did reappear... Both the castle moad and the griffin cannot be interacted with. It seems that the hotspots for those item do not exist. That means the platinum trophy is still impossible. Thats really weird, because those two bugs had been fixed before. I know that for sure. I think they might not happen always, or some other factors play a role. Possible just very bad luck. I tried playing it again right now till the castle courtyard, but without luck. I am frustated. Its great that the developers are still updating that game after over a year, they seem not to be capable to fix these bugs. Maybe I try the game again in a year or so...
  10. I had to look that up to be sure: Yes hidden Death 9 is the one in goblin room, which I coudn't get to trigger. But I also have 2 other trophies which didn't pop after multiple playtroughs: "examine 600 items" and "solve 62 puzzles". I don't know if the hidden death was responsible for those two. I am going to try that again with a fresh save state.
  11. Hi, I just downloaded the game to look at the patch notes. They just say: "Fixed Hidden Death 9" Yeah, that explains a lot... I remember that one of the hidden Death Scenes didn't work for me, but there are still other problems which prevented me from platinum. Looking at the leaderboard there is now 1 Platinum archiver. So, I think I give this game another chance. Sadly I already ereased my save states.
  12. I quite enjoyed the first playtrough. The combat was fun, the graphics nice and I was high on nostalgia. Then I started NG plus and game became incredibly boring and unfunny. Its not just the easy combat, but the really bland story, the backtracking, the fact that I had to do basically the same game 3 times and most important the insane, mindnumbing load times. I really lost all interest in the game halfway trough my second run. I loved the game back on the snes, but now I hadto force myself to finish it, thats sad. I platted it a few minutes ago and I don‘t want to touch it ever again.
  13. Yeah it is confusing in the beginning. The walktrough presumes that you have already unlocked most places on the worldmap and doesn't tell you how. This is the section you need: https://romancing-saga-3.blogspot.com/p/rs3-world-map.html#open Just do everything on that page and you can unlock like 90% of the worldmap in a short time. oh yeah, the trophy guide on playstationtrophies.org is finished and I have bad news: You only unlock the ending-trophy for your MC. That means the game requires 8 playthroughs That is going to take some time... I personally hope for some sort of speedrun guide.
  14. I looked through some old walktroughs on gamefaqs and I think the trophies for getting all character voices and movies are missable. You cannot just recruit a character, get the trophy and reload. You have to actually beat the game with every character to unlock the voices in the gallery. Therefore 3 playtroughs might be needed. Have a look at this recruitment flowchart: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/psp/939439-star-ocean-first-departure/map/7467-character-recruitment-flowchart EDIT: "The adventure continues" is also missable. You need to trigger the correct PAs for Ronxy and Millia to end up together.
  15. I played that game years ago on the psp, but I barely remember it. Only thing I know is that it is short but pretty fun. I am going to buy it again. Not sure about missable trophies. It might be doable in one playthrough with some backup saves, but 2 or maybe 3 playthroughs are more likely. Too bad that there is no new game + feature.