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  1. Until the trophy list on psnprofiles is translated, here is the english list: https://samurai-gamers.com/13-sentinels-aegis-rim/trophy-list-19/ Looks really easy, no missables I can see, no difficulty related ones. The most difficult trophy seems to be "Achieve S rank in all terminal defenses". But you can do this on casual as it seems, also you can repeat battles and level up.
  2. I just booted up my ps4 and the locally saved trophy set is now in english. Pretty sure the trophies need to be re-scanned to appear in english on psnprofiles. I will write a post. edit: the game itself is awesome. Fantastic story and visuals. I love it and I will take my time with it.
  3. Thanks, I‘ll post the game in that thread. EDIT: Too late.
  4. Hi, does anybody know why the game shows different trophy images on the PS4 compared to those on psnprofiles? At least the EU-version has the same very generic image for most ending-trophies. Not sure about the NA-version. I know that trophy descriptions and requirements can be changed by the developers, but why change the images?
  5. So, no super annoying trophy like the swift plattform one from the earlier dlc? Good news everybody!
  6. This is one of the worst trophies I've ever grinded for. I've been fishing now for 4 days straight (with some time off, so I don't go crazy), and I am at 730 fishes right now. I can catch roughly 30 fishes per session, thats 60 fishes per in-game day. It takes forever. And I thought the capsule toys were bad. Its boring and mindless. I am not even sure why I am doing this... So if anybody is thinking of getting platinum in this game, make sure you now what you have to do.
  7. Hi there, the dream arena in Mask of Truth is way too hard for my taste, its just not enjoyable. I reached stage 9 after multiple attempts trough the years and I don't want to continue anymore. Even grinding BP like crazy does not help. Now, I've read that in NG+ you can continue to level up, even if the enemies get stronger too. Does anybody here tried to play the dream arena on NG+? Can you outlevel the enemies or at least reach their level? And most important: Is the dream arena easier as in the first playthrough?
  8. I'll join the majority opinion here and say online trophies. I play games for the adventure and the story, not for winning hundreds of online-matches against people who are all way better in the game than myself. Bioshock, Mass Effect, the early Assassins Creeds. All these had these forced Multiplayer mode. Horrible. A close second are collectibles. Normaly I enjoy collecting them, but some games overdoe it. I don't want to spend dozens of hours in postgame searching for crap. Take Assassins Creed Origins as an example: Complete all locations on the world map. The game was great, but this trophy wasn't fun at all. And the third place goes to: Do random things many times. The worst offender in my opinion was Tales of Xilia 2. Nearly the whole trophy-list consisted of battle-specific trophies, for which you had to use all special character-moves like dodging and countering hundreds of times each. That was waay too much.
  9. Thats awesome news. I remember spending over 100 hours with the game. The grind for my ultimate party, to be able to see the true demon ending was massive. I still have the strategy guide by double jump books lying around somewhere. I am going to buy this day 1.
  10. Yeah, sounds really fun. I might try it again someday.
  11. Hmm, I did all the things you listed, but I did not do all of them in one playtrough. Killing all goblins and the master pumpkin quest have been done in a different playtrough. Not sure if that counts. Most likely I missed something which could be burned, read or eaten. PS: Say, what is the behemoth quest? Do you mean the final boss?
  12. I just finished a multi-hour marathon session of Shadowgate 😩 I've played the game three times today: Once in Master-Mode. There I tried to do pretty much everything. Also two fast playtroughs on Apprentice and Journeyman. I thought, that maybe the slightly different puzzles on each difficulty count for the Master Scholar trophy. But the damned trophy did not pop.😭 There are only two trophies whose requirements I did not fulfill: Finish the game on Ironman Mode Experience every possible death But I don't think that those trophies are actually counting for Master Scholar. There is something I am missing. Some Item I did not used or whatever. Right now I am done with this game. I spend too much time for the game and I can't stand it anymore. I've deinstalled it and I won't touch it anymore. Only if I get an idea what I might miss. Seriously, I'd rather grind some 100 hour JRPG, than playing Shadowgate anymore. Not that I dislike it, its just too much. I don't care about the platinum anymore. @drlight66 I hope you have more luck with the game
  13. The trophies look really, really grindy. But it seems there are no forced multiplayer-trophies like in Fatal Bullet. Thats good. My only small complaint: The trophies images with grey Silhouette look really ugly, like placeholders. But I still get the game day 1. I need some grindy JRPG right now.
  14. It seems the page for that sale is not live yet (at least in the german store), but if you search for the games listed above, like Sherlock Holmes, they are already on sale. Hopefully there are some nice games in the sale, once it goes live.
  15. About the 600 items: that took nearly a whole playthrough. I looked at everything. The enviroment, my items, spells, equipment. Whenever something changed, I looked at it again. And still, the trophy only popped shortly before the end. Also, I know for sure, that trophy requirements can work across multiple savestates. See the librarian- trophy: reading all books, requires all books on hard mode, as well as some books on easy-mode, which are part of a bookcase puzzle on master and cant be read there. Found that hint somewhere in a steam forum. The trophy for 62 puzzles still eludes me. I did all puzzles and requirements for trophies I could think of. The only things I am missing are: reading all books and burning everything. Because I lost my savestate from last year I have to do that again.