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  1. I played the patched version of game yesterday for a while and I have to say, I am very surprised in a positive way. Here are a few things I noticed: The faster animations make a big difference. The game plays a lot faster now. I found it pretty sluggish before, but now it is a lot more fun and engaging. The power rating is completely gone. The mission difficulty is now based on your character level. I might be wrong, but I think the game is a bit easier now. Because the jumps in required power ratings for for missions before were pretty steep sometimes. But the required character level seem to be a lot more moderate. Loot now has a a level and a quality value, which is similiar to the power rating before. I don't understand this completely. You can get now exp for killing enemies, also there is a permanent exp bar on the bottom of the screen. This changes the game greatly. You can now grind in missions by killing mobs. Awesome. The exp gain is a lot greater than before (at least for campaign mission. No idea about other mission types). The exp bonus for finishing a mission plus the exp for killing mobs gave me roughly 1 and a half levels per mission. I went from 27 to 32 in barely 2 hours. Really nice change. The loot drop rate seems higher. I got nearly a whole screen full of loot after each missions. Also more purple loot than before. Sadly the loot seems not that good than before. You no longer gain Fate from selling purple loot, also you gain way less of it from mission. Not sure whats the best way now to gain it. The crafting system is completely different. I have barely used it and can't say anything about it. The tarot table is no longer available! It is not a bug as I thought. The system has been integrated into the star chart. A lot more... So, this is a real monster of a content patch. I already planned on giving up on the game. But now I am completely into it. Whats your opinion? PS: If you start the game up after the patch, there is a good chance, that all your audio settings are set to 10%. So you need to change them.
  2. Yeah it is confusing in the beginning. The walktrough presumes that you have already unlocked most places on the worldmap and doesn't tell you how. This is the section you need: https://romancing-saga-3.blogspot.com/p/rs3-world-map.html#open Just do everything on that page and you can unlock like 90% of the worldmap in a short time. oh yeah, the trophy guide on playstationtrophies.org is finished and I have bad news: You only unlock the ending-trophy for your MC. That means the game requires 8 playthroughs That is going to take some time... I personally hope for some sort of speedrun guide.
  3. I looked through some old walktroughs on gamefaqs and I think the trophies for getting all character voices and movies are missable. You cannot just recruit a character, get the trophy and reload. You have to actually beat the game with every character to unlock the voices in the gallery. Therefore 3 playtroughs might be needed. Have a look at this recruitment flowchart: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/psp/939439-star-ocean-first-departure/map/7467-character-recruitment-flowchart EDIT: "The adventure continues" is also missable. You need to trigger the correct PAs for Ronxy and Millia to end up together.
  4. I played that game years ago on the psp, but I barely remember it. Only thing I know is that it is short but pretty fun. I am going to buy it again. Not sure about missable trophies. It might be doable in one playthrough with some backup saves, but 2 or maybe 3 playthroughs are more likely. Too bad that there is no new game + feature.
  5. I barely played SaGa Frontier and don't remember it well. But I would say it is a good comparison.
  6. No, the game does not explain anything at all, not even quest goals. It is actually pretty complex and cryptic at times. There are growth rate, tech sparking rate, weapon type favourites, learning and mastering skills.... You might want to read a bit about the system. Try this site: https://romancing-saga-3.blogspot.com/ Otherwise, just kill a lot of stuff with a party you like.
  7. No, the stories are not related. It's like the Final Fantasy series: there are nods and cameos for fans. But otherwise you need no prior knowledge.
  8. I started playing the game yesterday and I completely forgot how cryptic it is. A few tips: -Talk with all NPCs. You unlock new town, dungeons and quests sometime. -Visit the harbour and look if you can buy passage to new towns. Once you visited them, they are opened on the worldmap. -Use the guide I linked above and just do some quest to grow stronger. -To actually continue the story you need to progress certain quests, to unlock the 4 abyss gates. Also you need to grind a bit, to be able to survive. -If a character reaches 0 LP he or she dies permanently! you can refresh LP in Inns or with potions. -Commander Mode: Choose a formation for one character less than in your party (so a 4-character formation with 5 member). Your main character becomes the commander. This changes the battle system completely. This is especially important with Sara. Put her in commander mode asap and keep her there. Sara is the only one who fights the final battle in commander mode, therefore you should train her for that. I am not sure how useful it is for everybody else. -Do not run into enemies. Your formation will break. Be sure to always walk into an encounter. -For trophies, it was already said, but: You need at least two whole playtroughs. One with Sara, one with Katherine as the MC. These two can't be recruited otherwise. You might wait a bit, if this is to cryptic for you. The guy who wrote the Romancing Saga 2 trophy guide on playstationtrophies.org is working on a guide for this game. Otherwise try out the linked guide.
  9. Have a look at the walktrough-section of this site: https://romancing-saga-3.blogspot.com/ It list every main- and sidequest sorted after difficulty. So you play the game in the most efficient manner. As to what to do: Do whatever quest you like. Grind a lot. Recruit characters you plan to use. The main quest you have to do are the abyss gates. Look them up. The game does not hold your hand. You can do pretty much everything you like.
  10. Another two VNs for this list: Death Mark - It plays like a first-person point and click adventure with rpg-like battles. Its is a horror game similiar to the Corpse Party franchise. It has a really good story with an awesome twist at the end. If you're into freaky, messed up japanese horror in the style of Junji Itō, this one is for you. The sequel Spirit Hunter NG is also pretty good, though a bit weaker in my personal opinion. Raging Loop - This one is pretty new. I didn't expected a lot of it in the beginning, but the story really gripped me after a while. I is (another) horror-story about a remote village which is is plagued by supernatural murders. It reminds me strongly of Higurashi no naku koro ni. Give it a try and just ignore the fact, that most people here on psnprofiles just play the game for an easy 15 minutes plat.
  11. I would like to add another two outstanding VN: Clannad, an absolute classic. It might be a bit too anime-ish for some, but the story is a pure emotional rollercoaster. One of only a few games which ever might me cry. A House in Fata Morgana. Sadly this is not that well known, which is a shame. It is a masterpiece of a dark, victorian horror story. Also, if you are not limited to the ps4, look on steam after the When they cry franchise. That are two series, Higurashi and Umineko. If you are into Murder, mystery, horror storys those VNs are perfect for you.
  12. I just finished the first route of the game and I am really intrigued. I thought this game one of the many mediocore VNs, which I played too many of, but I the story is actually really fascinating. It bears a strong resemblence to the Higurashi and Umineko franchise. And I am a sucker for murder-mystery horror stories. So yeah, definitely play the game and enjoy the story. while I get that many people are playing just for trophies, it is a real shame to skip this game in like 15 minutes just for a plat. It is the same for the utterly brilliant VN The House in Fata Morgana.
  13. I really enjoyed Death Mark. so I'm really excited for this sequel. Does anybody know if this is just a game in the same style as Death Mark or possible even a real sequel? It would be great if the storylines are actually connected. I would be especially interested if Mary plays a role in NG...
  14. I am completely unable to play anything that requires quick reactions, if I am even slightly intoxicated. And because I can't hold my drink at all, I stopped drinking and playing together 😬 Seriously, how can you play any action-based game if you need seconds to realize what happens on screen?
  15. I think the trophy for killing 5 bosses might be glitched with this patch. I've finished the whole Martyr-scenario before the patch dropped, so I should have like 2 kills (I didn't look at the counter). But after the patch the counter said 0 progress. After finishing both the Drukari and the Khorne scenario, I got only 1 single boss kill... Well, whatever. I never planned to get platinum, but still... Right now I am finished with the game. Maybe I re-install it one day and finish my second run with an assassin.
  16. I started the game yesterday. I have just finished the prologue but I like what i've seen so far. Nice atmosphere and setting. The main character seems a bit a bit of a cliche, but I'm not disliking him. I really dig the sound effects, which are straight out of death mark. And of course the little nods to the prequel, like the idol dressing up like Mary and a few odd comments I think I will have a good time with this game. I won't rush it or play it with a guide. I going for a blind first run, to enjoy it as much as possible.
  17. I bought the game on release-day with the season pass and finished the trophies to 100%. It took me 92 hours over the course of a year. Also I skipped most cutscenes during the DLC-episodes. The story started to bore me. I actually hope that they won't add anymore trophies. I don't want to touch it anymore. Also I am happy the next AC won't be released until 2020
  18. Could somebody please look at his Persona 4 (AS-Version) list? He achieved 50% of the compendium and 100% within 10 seconds, before beating the second dungeon, on the first playtrough. But you cannot get a 100% until new game+. I can't report that version: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1568-여신전생-페λ₯΄μ†Œλ‚˜4-더-골든/YuanGe88
  19. hmm... lunch. Now I am getting hungry.
  20. @BlindMango, could you update the trophy list for Warhammer 40K Inquisitor Martry? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7605-warhammer-40000-inquisitor-martyr The big 2.0 patch which was released yesterday changed some trophy-descriptions and requirements.
  21. My boss had some sort of marketing meeting with some SquareEnix people and they gifted him a bunch games, which he gave to his employees. So I got got Oninaki for free. I could have had Just Cause 4, but I dislike that series. I played Lost Sphear some time ago and it was pretty nice. I am looking foreward to this one. I was pretty suprised to learn, that the physical EU release was limited to 1000 pieces and is pretty rare. It goes for like 150 Euro on ebay. πŸ˜€
  22. Strange, it now appears on psnprofiles as Unknown (18394). Most likely a placeholder. But I have never seen something before. Well, whatever. It is only a matter of time now.
  23. My Yu-No trophy list synched just now with the server. So it is up now. But it seems the list is not visible on psnprofiles right now. PS: If youre looking for a guide: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/19809-kono-yo-no-hate-de-koi-o-utau-shoujo-yu-no-~-yu-no-the-girl-that-chants-love-at-the-edge-of-the-world/ It is a guide for the games original versions (this is a remake). But it seems to work the same way.
  24. Ok, sorry. I thought this topic more important than it actually is
  25. Nothing really, except maybe the fact, that the game can be surprisingly pricy. But, does it matter?