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  1. I'm liking that Catherine Platinum. Someday...
  2. 9/10, played it on the One. Extremely repetitive game. AI acts identically between enemies so you simply use the same tactics every fight. Hard to give any praise to a game when it's bread and butter provides the player with no stimulation. Online is just sad...
  3. I haven't been on the site very long but my understanding when joining up was stat tracking and trophy rarity. Encouraging any sort of gamesharing devalues trophies and as a result skewers the stats. It goes against the entire purpose of the site. People can get as upset as they'd like but at the end of the day nobody is entitled to any trophy. You're supposed to earn them yourself (or in a team if relevant). I don't see how encouraging laziness is going to enrich the site.
  4. Honestly I think it's ridiculous to get someone else to attain trophies for them. Play the game and put the time and energy into getting better. It devalues the accomplishments for those who can complete it.
  5. Finishing up Darkest Dungeon. Just need to get an afternoon of free time and I should be able to get the platinum. Beyond that I'm chipping away at Idle Champions.
  6. Child of Light - Gives you the chance to enjoy the great soundtrack a second time.
  7. Pretty much this. Play your games and enjoy them.
  8. Stardew Valley (0.74%)
  9. Tried that yesterday. Dropped my helmet and then the teammate refused to drop the set so I'd be able to get the trophy as well. Extremely frustrating trophy
  10. Just throwing in my own tips after finishing the game over on xbox and replaying on psn. Some are close to what NaseemJohn mentioned previously but I'll try to avoid overlapping as best I can. 1) Stun is the most important skill in the game. The fewer attacks the enemy can use, the less damage and stress you'll take per battle. If you can't kill a target than stunning it is normally your best option. 2) You get two turns before the stalling mechanics start to kick in however if you apply a bleed/blight that is equal to or greater than the last enemies hp you'll receive a 3rd turn. This is extremely important for allowing extra stress and hp healing so always go for this if possible. 3) Plan your entire run around countering the 4 Darkest Dungeon missions. If you're not actively doing something that directly helps you beat the final area you're wasting a week. For example don't build up an abomination's resolve if you're not planning on using it at end game. Focusing only on the main 16 characters (with a handful of spares in case of deaths) that you'll be using will allow you to farm quirks early. 4) Try to fight in high light to reduce the difficulty of the game however you should snuff out your torches before looting to maximize your gains. It'll require bringing more torches than what was recommended by NaseemJohn however money isn't going to be an issue with the bank and the sooner you get heirlooms, the sooner you can get your districts built/town upgraded. 5) Prepare your units for different situations. For example my crusaders always use the same skills (Inspiring Cry, Holy Lance, Stunning Blow, Smite). This allows him to get people off death's door, destress, stun and move forward when taken out of position. Attacking is important but it's arguably more important that you have options when in different situations.
  11. You can cheese the game on Stygian if you buy the Crimson Court. Start a new game and disable the court but allow the districts. Play the first 10 weeks focusing solely on gold and portraits. Don't pay to destress heroes or upgrade them, just dismiss when they're a liability. By week 10 you should be able to grab the bank (trade in heirlooms if needed) and live off the 5% gold interest each week. By week 30 I had 500k in gold and never had an issue with the game's difficulty spikes.
  12. To be fair though, most of your opponents probably couldn't see you 😜
  13. It took me over 60 games to get my first win (over 20 games for first kill). Just keep playing and eventually you'll find people to carry ya through. Congratulations on the first win!
  14. Probably a 500 hour completion for us older folks with terrible reflexes. Eventually I'll get teamed up with someone who can carry my wrinkly butt. 😄
  15. 1) Idle Champions 2) Darkest Dungeon 3) Stardew Valley 4) God Eater Resurrection 5) FF-7 6) XCOM 2 These will probably keep me busy until 2020.