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  1. Never had that problem myself. I make a habit of refusing to build a backlog beyond 10 games. Makes life easier and keeps the wallet fat.
  2. Coop games are inferior in every way to single player games. As game series become popular they lower in quality. Crows give terrible gaming opinions
  3. Never heard of them. Let them disappear quietly, no need to make a fuss over it.
  4. You're inputting an action and getting a result. Honestly all it takes for something to be considered a game. Better than Clicker Heroes at least, where you automate everything.
  5. Kingdom Hearts at 27% It's just a chore to play.
  6. If it turns into an UR plat, then I'd bother. 😊
  7. Welcome to the digital age. You must be new here.
  8. Streaming games and locking their users into a service isn't innovation. It's simply another spin on the same subscription model we've had for decades. If anything it's damaging the industry even further than it already is. Knock out physical games with streaming and you'll see even more problems with games being incomplete at launch (Avengers anyone?) Gaming is a dumpster fire currently, with the way things are going.
  9. Canadian, so probably a nice guy and immune to the cold.
  10. Wargroove Tiny Metal Battle Worlds: Kronos X-Morph: Defense McDroid The Long Dark The Final Station Mostly strategy or strategy lite. Should keep folks entertained for awhile.
  11. AAA games are pretty boring so it's no real loss. Indies are where the innovation and proper storytelling was at last gen. If all I cared about were shiny graphics, I'd stay with a gaming PC.
  12. Never down anyone and rely on pickpocketing. If possible grab the ping ability asap and use that to manipulate AI pathing. Think of it more as a puzzle game, rather than a strategy one
  13. Invisible, Inc Should take you 2 weeks at most. Just run around with cloaking and HoloCircuit Overloaders. Easiest UR you have on your list.
  14. Certainly looks pretty at least.
  15. It's definitely a bit different, which is why I put a bit of emphasis on schools teaching young people, about online privacy and safety. In my province, there's been 8 recorded youth deaths in the last 5 years, directly attributed due to online bullying. The common thread between all of them, is the circulation of compromising pictures that the youth themselves took. Point being that young people need to learn how to protect themselves online and understand the risks of posting anything personal. To bring everything full circle, youth in party chats aren't equipped to handle the bantering that goes on in competitive games. They need to be taught the social skills required for the modern era. I'm not sure they should even be allowed on party chats, until they've reached an age where they can understand what the internet really is.