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  1. I always get a laugh whenever one of my 2D scrollers hides a secret, just a few steps offscreen from the starting position.
  2. If Sony is going to stick to their word about working with Indie devs, than I don't care what happens to the damaged AAA sphere. If the indies are neglected I'll just move back to PC gaming.
  3. I seriously appreciate the work you put into this.
  4. To be honest unions aren't that great. They take upwards of a quarter of your pay and provide nothing in return for anyone under 60. Because of mine, I'm forced to take mandatory vacation days that put me behind work and leave my young interns without a mentor. I have to cover coworkers in other departments who get 30+ sick days a year and I can't turn away job applicants when I interview them as the union is co-involved with hirings, if they show up late or wear rags (had a guy once show up in crop top and high cut jean shorts). Give me a greedy corporation run by boomers any day. You know exactly what you're expected to do and everyone is required to be professional.
  5. Too much time is wasted on this nonsense instead of being focused on building games. No wonder games have stagnated over the last 15 years and became copy/paste projects with new skins.
  6. If you're dedicated to having a 100% account, you have to accept you won't always have fun with your games. If something's too hard, put more hours into it, if it's boring drink excessively until everything makes you laugh. 100% accounts aren't about having fun, they're about pushing yourself and maintaining impulse control. Don't go for it.
  7. I think it's hilarious to make people pay back. Try to go around an obviously unintended exploit and I've got no sympathy when you get dinged for it.
  8. Of course!
  9. My favorite is probably Frostpunk. I love challenging strategy games with a passion. The dark moral choices that affect your people raise the stakes, especially on the hardest difficulty runs where you can't save everyone. Makes overcoming those challenges feel like an actual accomplishment. My least favorite (and probably one that I hate) is Far Cry 5. Grabbed it when I first migrated to PSN and a buddy wanted something to coop with. Textbook example of an empty open world, with no actual sense of urgency or stakes. Gameplay loop was boring with every encounter being tackled in the exact same way, enemies just stood around wanting to get picked off.
  10. I don't think trophies did anything to gaming. The hobby becoming popular is what ruined gaming, as companies pander to more casual players.
  11. I'd prefer a longer game, difficulty doesn't matter. My wallet wouldn't like it if I went through quick games in rapid succession.
  12. That's a funny joke Sony, when is the real list coming out?
  13. XCOM Enemy Unknown. Great mix of replayability, challenge runs to force you out of the game's meta and of course the memes.
  14. Wonder if we'll see different editions. Light Mayo with core gameplay, Spicy Mayo with additional music content etc.
  15. The Tories weren't what influenced me, it was Corbyn himself with his public statements.