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  1. XCOM2 WOTC- Slowly making my way through a Legend playthrough
  2. *shrug* probably some sort of OCD to make me finish everything in a game.
  3. I'd say casuals are folks who don't play games as a hobby and instead play as part of social gatherings or other niche situations. Personally I only buy 2-3 games a year and mostly play popular strategy games (Darkest Dungeon, Xcom etc), yet I'd still call myself more of a hardcore gamer due to the amount of dedication required for the genre.
  4. January 2019 - 74 trophies. Not bad for an old fella
  5. Eat Lead Such a fun little adventure through memory lane.
  6. You'll need to start looking for second hand consoles. I only just started on the PS4 last May and mine only cost me $75 at a yard sale. Since then I've seen them going for sale for $90, $83 (Pawn shop) and last week, $70 (Flea Market). Always a seller if you put actual effort into looking for them. The PS5 will need serious improvements to the strategy genre if Sony wants me to buy new.
  7. I'll need a pretty big incentive to buy a PS5 for anything beyond $200. Push for some actual genre defining strategy games that take advantage of these specs, and I'll be far more inclined to make the plunge.
  8. Japan by default, the West censors content.
  9. I focus primarily on games that look interesting. That being said I'll take on every rare platinum I can afford to buy.
  10. I'm liking that Catherine Platinum. Someday...
  11. 9/10, played it on the One. Extremely repetitive game. AI acts identically between enemies so you simply use the same tactics every fight. Hard to give any praise to a game when it's bread and butter provides the player with no stimulation. Online is just sad...
  12. I haven't been on the site very long but my understanding when joining up was stat tracking and trophy rarity. Encouraging any sort of gamesharing devalues trophies and as a result skewers the stats. It goes against the entire purpose of the site. People can get as upset as they'd like but at the end of the day nobody is entitled to any trophy. You're supposed to earn them yourself (or in a team if relevant). I don't see how encouraging laziness is going to enrich the site.
  13. Honestly I think it's ridiculous to get someone else to attain trophies for them. Play the game and put the time and energy into getting better. It devalues the accomplishments for those who can complete it.
  14. Finishing up Darkest Dungeon. Just need to get an afternoon of free time and I should be able to get the platinum. Beyond that I'm chipping away at Idle Champions.
  15. Child of Light - Gives you the chance to enjoy the great soundtrack a second time.