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  1. Hardware means nothing, if the games look just as unappealing as Senua's Saga: Hellblade II. Show me what the new hardware can bring to the strategy genre, in terms of increasing depth and scale.
  2. I've played it on PC for about 10 hours and haven't had any game breaking issues. It definitely could use some polishing, especially with character limbs, sometimes disappearing during actions. It's not as good as XCOM, but I'd rank it in the genre's top ten games. Check out ChristopherOdd's Youtube Channel if you need a more visual assessment of the game. He's done a playthrough, if you're interested in seeing how combat works and how indepth the strategy is, on the higher difficulty levels.
  3. Welcome to our little corner of the forums. Good luck with your games!
  4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune You're so close to the platinum, 3 trophies left!
  5. Well done with Super Meat Boy. Definitely a platinum, to be proud of.
  6. Much appreciated! I'm looking forward to giving Akumo a try (probably in the new year, after Mutant and Clicker Heroes get finished).
  7. . 17 Final Fantasy VII Time: Approximately 60 hours Difficulty 3/10 Rating: 5/10 Game was fun, but definitely not as great as people seem to say. Character twist was unexpected, which is refreshing. Game was a major grind fest though, which removed a lot of the original enjoyment I had, during the first 10 hours. Trophies touched most areas of the game, including an arcade, optional bosses and exploration. Decent list, but nothing memorable or all that difficult to obtain, after basic trial and error. Adding Catherine to my in progress. Casually playing it, while I finish up Mutant Year Zero's trophies.
  8. It's a fun little gem. Combat doesn't have a lot of depth (especially late game), but it's a great starting point for someone, looking to get into the genre. Best part is definitely the story and the characters bantering with one another.
  9. Attack on Titan Nice platinum rarity, i'd love to add to my profile.
  10. My top 3 overrated series are 1) Halo Generic shooter, no real character development and the gameplay is extremely repetitive after 15 minutes (point, shoot, repeat, no strategy or thinking required for different encounters). Add a non Halo skin and it could be one of hundreds of cookie cutter games. Play one game in the series and you've basically played them all. 2) All Sports series (NHL, NFL, FIFA, etc) Obviously sports don't change, so gameplay will stay the same. That being said the only real differences every year seem to be the rosters and sometimes, graphics. Create a character story/Franchise modes are almost non existent, in terms of story or development and offer nothing to the player. 3) God of War Another generic series that recycles the same boring combat, then copies re skinned but identical mechanics from other games, as the series ages. Relies on blood and guts for shock value, instead of developing unique storylines (revenge story, then a quasi passing of the torch sequel, not like it hasn't been done a million times over...) or innovative gameplay.
  11. 16 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Time: Approximately 350 hours Difficulty 2/10 Rating: 5/10 Game was fun, but with the latest update (1.8), the graphics took a major turn for the worst. Floating heads bobbing down the city streets and shop menus glitched, preventing me from occasionally purchasing items, dropped the rating significantly. Combat was engaging though and felt more fluid than Skyrim or other AAA games. Trophies covered every aspect of the game and encouraged significant world exploration to complete. No real difficulty to obtain any of the trophies, including the completion of hardcore mode. More of a time sink to build up skills and items, in order to overcome enemies. Probably could have cut the playtime in half if I followed a guide and knew which way to take certain quest lines, rather than going blind and requiring extra playthroughs. Removing Mutant Year Zero, from my backlog and adding it to my current games. Really looking forward to booting up that one in the morning.
  12. Currently sitting at 123 trophies, with less than 1000 achievers. 123 of 949 (12.96%) Darn, thought it would be a higher percentage.
  13. Keep your expectations extremely low and you'll never be disappointed.
  14. I'm looking forward to the inevitable end game content. Train the person who will ultimately replace you, with a followup credit scene, showcasing security removing you from the building.
  15. Double Double