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  1. Who exactly is the intended audience? A parent who instead of parenting wants to play mature games, maybe an unhappy wife who's husband wants to hog the TV and watch sports all day?
  2. I'm skipping the show. Isn't anything being released in 2023 that interests me.
  3. This is probably one of the easiest weeks for epic trials, for anyone who still needs to complete 5. Throw your panther in back and focus on casting it. With the enemy having 300+ armour it's almost always an instant kill.
  4. I'm holding off until Hellcraig rotates in again, 4 constructs in the team including a looper. Going to be less painful in the long run having extra gems per loop.
  5. 2 multiplayer games and a game where you simply turn left. Definitely garbage.
  6. I have a full time career, a kid, mentor juniors etc and I still have the ability to easily put 10 hours into gaming a day, if I choose to do so. Delusional? Don't get me started on that shit kiddo.
  7. So it's another ezpz list. That's unfortunate.
  8. Certainly can't be worse than Ubisoft's current writers...
  9. It's 100% like Daiv said, people are just too gullible. Reviewing in general is a joke. People have to lie and pump a game up, or lose early access to future titles. On the other side of the coin, the reviewers who buy games generally have to nitpick and obsessively tear apart games in order to stay relevant. Simply no middle ground when trying to entertain Youtube's child/manchild audience. Best to check out a no commentary gameplay video, see if the mechanics/graphics/whatever you like is appealing and decide if it's worth grabbing.
  10. And I can point to Assassin's Creed, CyberPunk etc. Peanuts for AAA.
  11. Of course people knew what they were getting into. Instead of seal clapping because the devs made Dead Space, they should have looked at the game's budget, the Publisher's history, trailers etc. It was very obvious this was going to be a bad game mechanically. I finished Fortnite, Skylines and working through Star Ocean 4, 30 hours is literally a joke to replaying something for 1k hours. I'm not someone you want to argue that point on lol. I'll leave you with this: People choose to buy the game blindly. Whatever faults the game has is irrelevant, people still paid and supported those faults. That's the reality at the end of the day.
  12. Even funnier! That's like 3 days for young people, maybe a week for someone with a busy schedule.
  13. People knew what they were getting into when they preordered a low budget game. Complaining afterwards is rather... entertaining. 5 extra playthroughs is what 50ish hours? Not exactly a massive commitment these days.
  14. Deleting trophies doesn't fix the underlying issue. Most people don't have the personality to handle a 100% account. Takes a very damaged type of person to play games past the point of enjoyment, spending thousands of dollars on DLC with no enjoyment, extensive research to verify a game can be completed, etc. You don't need to delete trophies from your list, you need to stop comparing your account to other people.
  15. What I mean is that quality of games has steadily decreased and weird standards pop up to pander to casual hobbyists. It's simply the way things go when you expand a hobby to a broader audience. Video games, DnD, 40K, you can name any long standing hobby and see the exact same thing happen. As for who cares, apparently quite a few people do if you do a keyword search for "easy plats", "jump" or "decline". We can round this back to Dark Souls though. Easy mode isn't needed because casual fans refuse to actually put the time and effort to learn mechanics. They want a participation trophy and as soon as Devs allow it, the series becomes diluted beyond repair.