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  1. Payday 2 - Well done!
  2. That's annoying, I bought Civ 6 and all the DLC last week.
  3. 64 Dying Light Time: 62 hours (including DLC) Difficulty 3/10 Rating: 3/10 Dying Light is a Zombie sandbox with parkour as the primary feature. You play as an agent who completes tasks in order to save people and complete a specific storyline goal. Beyond running across rooftops there are also a handful of guns, melee weapons and bows to use. Trophy wise you're looking at completing the game (including playing missions in coop), grinding experience to max out your attributes, finding collectables and killing a few enemies in specific ways, The story DLC adds in a driving feature and there is also a trial mode. Overall the game's an easy 100%, but time consuming. Definitely play with some buddies as it speeds up missions and makes the grind a little more bearable. October's a good time of year to tackle this one. Adding Sid Meier's Civilization VI to my in progress. Also looking at grabbing Outlast 2, the next time it goes on sale, as per Beth's recommendation.
  4. I have to second Invisible Inc. One of the best indies on the PS4 and arguably one of the top 10 games of that generation.
  5. 100% Only #7 - Outlast Time: 15 hours Difficulty 3/10 Rating: 6/10 Outlast seems like a mixture of a walking sim with a bit of optional stealth. You take control of a journalist who enters an insane asylum to investigate an evil corporation's actions. Pretty unique in regards to using night vision to see your way through the game. Seems very much like a variation of the old Spanish Quarantine movie. Trophy wise you're looking at the bulk coming from finding collectables and just completing the game. There's also a trophy for playing on the highest difficulty, which is a 1 life mode. Only 8 trophies in the base game and 14 in total with the DLC. Overall I enjoyed the game, sound effects and atmosphere were spot on. Game is very repetitive but the short length prevents it from really showing. Only real complaint was that the AI was very simplistic, even on the hardest difficulty. Enemies will only ever run forward at you and never plan ambushes. If you simply run an enemy around an object and get them behind you, you'll always escape. Wasn't planning on playing this originally but my good buddies @Beth Medusa and @Lawless_Llama started a very casual community event in the Coffee Cove Discord (will edit in a link once I get a chance). Maybe check it out. No new games being added at the moment Will very likely change over the next week though, once I find another spooky game that interests me.
  6. I'll usually redownload a game if a friend needs help with coop. Beyond that I don't really replay games anymore. Once I know how to beat something, it loses all appeal.
  7. Costume Quest 1 & 2 Kid characters are in costume, there's candy and plenty of Halloween shenanigans.
  8. I'm curious what other people are planning to do for the tournaments. I was thinking it makes more sense to throw the first match so you get put into the losers tournament. Probably increases your odds of winning the second match and getting access to match three and possibly four.
  9. I suppose a bit of grinding never hurt anyone. Guess my weekend is now booked.
  10. I'm aiming for: - 70 Plats - Average Rarity of below 23% - 650 UR trophies - 200 UR trophies above my common trophy count Still iffy about succeeding or not, but that's what next year is for.
  11. Played off and on as a casual gamer between 1988ish and 2007ish (Only played when visiting others who had games). Went all in with PC gaming until 2015ish, swapped to xbox until 2018 and ended up on ps4.
  12. Pretty bad, but I suppose that's standard for Sony.
  13. Happy to see anything pop up. Can't go wrong with more game choices.
  14. I'm happy to chip in, if it's not too late. No draw for me, I'll only be able to contribute a handful of trophies.
  15. My biggest pet peeve are brainless tutorials that are borderline insulting. If a game tells you to use your stick to move, in my eyes the devs think you're an idiot.