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  1. I hate DLC trophies more than anything, especially if they're pushed out months or even a year after the game is released. You can choose to skip games if the trophy list is filled with things you dislike (Online, speedruns etc). DLC trophies mean you're forced to buy subpar quality and often overpriced content just to maintain that sweet, sweet 100%.
  2. Uno. Throw in all the unique card packs into a base game with trophies, maybe allow community created decks to be uploaded etc. Build on what made the original game fun and expand it into a fun little sequel.
  3. Stardew Valley. Loved being able to play a coop game with my niece and both of us actually enjoying it.
  4. It's under investigation. Beyond that no.
  5. So much for a variety of games. Another month and another generic shooter. Maybe Fall Guys, will distract someone's kid at least.
  6. Good luck with your petition. I don't think it'll get implemented but that doesn't mean you can't try. Honestly though, don't worry about the 100% accounts. I mean I've only played 38 games in my 2 years on PSN. Don't be like the old crow, we're grumpy birds.
  7. There's a Twitch community of solo players who go through COD zombie maps. Very niche, but it shows that everything can definitely be done solo. You'd probably require more to time master each map, than finding an actual team that doesn't whine for a carry.
  8. I can't help but laugh, whenever my local government makes a decision on masks. We went through the entire spring flareup, with masks not being mandatory. Now that our province is down to a single case (and isolated), masks become mandatory on public transit and other services. The problem (at least from a Canadian's perspective), is definitely a lack of leadership and an obvious push to make decisions so people feel better, instead of decisions making logical sense.
  9. Darkest Dungeon, XCom2, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Catherine: Full Body would be the big ones for me. Loved em, but can't really get into them again, now that I have the plats.
  10. Yeah the achievements are working fine on the Xbox side. Seems to be primarily PS4. Hang in there. Epic has fixed the trophy list several times before, chances are they'll do it again.
  11. Fortnite. Once you get past the first few areas, the game becomes too difficult for the kids. Makes for a pretty in depth tower defense game, all things considered. There aren't that many games in the genre, where you'll have to deal with random spawn locations and a bunch of enemy types that use different mechanics. Try and get past Twine Peaks Endurance and you'll start to appreciate how much strategy actually goes into the game.
  12. Sure it's gambling but I simply don't care. You either support it or you don't, with your wallet. The practice will stay or disappear based on the profits that are made. The whining about transparency is nonsense, when you don't have odds for other forms of gambling. What are the odds of winning at each individual slot machine? I don't know about the UK, but here in Canada, you don't get to see the pre determined odds. As for the protect the children nonsense, it's the parents who are enabling the gambling. Kid's wouldn't be buying loot boxes if parents did their job. I'm the care giver for my niece, who just turned 10. You know how much gambling she does with loot boxes? None.
  13. Hopefully the trophies get fixed again. This isn't the first time the trophies have been broken. I'm less than 80 games away from getting my last 2 trophies. I'd be pretty pissed if the plat was unobtainable after approximately 1500 hours of grinding lol.
  14. BioShock Remastered I haven't played it yet, but I've heard nothing but praise for the game. Go get yourself a a fun and easy platinum.
  15. I just hit 53 yesterday night. It's taken me around 25-30 hours in Ground War. I was averaging about 1000 points per game.