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  1. You can be entertained by glitches sure. There's a whole niche in games like Goat Simulator. That's not what was advertised though, now was it?
  2. Sounds like yet another person making excuses for poor development. Bugs are fine, having a broken product isn't. When my clients buy a product, they expect it to be working from the moment it enters their possession. CDPR and all devs in general should be held to the same standard as every other industry.
  3. Ah yes the random pleb thinks he knows more than me, because his opinion differs from mine. Anything of value you want to add, or are you just going to act the same as me and pretend you're not?
  4. You must be new, so I genuinely welcome you to gaming in the 21st century. Rule #1: Companies typically apply their rules in one direction.
  5. I started with all DLC installed. The extra buildings and transit options, make growing your city a lot easier. You can always choose to backup your save, delete the game, redownload just the base and restore the save, so that you don't need to do the Disaster DLC scenarios.
  6. Good to see you Vengeance! Without a guide it will probably take you 150-250 hours to finish all but 1 trophy. With a guide I'd guess 125-175. The chirpnado trophy, within the disaster DLC is random, I've read Steam posts of people putting in 2,000+ hours and still not getting that trophy. Other posts have claimed it appeared in under 25 hours. Difficulty wise, I'd give the game a 1/10. It's a very simplistic game, so long as you plan before you build.
  7. Needless game timers, that prevent players from exploring or admiring the work put into a product.
  8. Unhinged? The very premise of day 1 patches showcases how broken 99% of games are at launch. If a product isn't functioning properly, it's broken and the player is at the mercy of a Publisher choosing to fix it. Doesn't matter if it's trophies that won't pop, game crashes, textures not loading in etc. You can of course choose to purchase day 1 if you want. It's your money do with it as you will. That being said I'm also able to choose to laugh as people continue the preordering practice and continue to be disappointed.
  9. Am I now? I'm against the practice of preorders entirely, as we see the exact same problem with 99% of releases. Try again.
  10. That's what happens when people with 0 self control preorder games. They get the buggy mess they deserve.
  11. I like the community I guess. Found a few people I enjoy playing games with, when pre PSNP signup I didn't know anyone on PSN.
  12. Shocking, the cucks in Ottawa wanted more money from people with actual jobs.
  13. Far too much emphasis on politics. It's a games show, I simply wanted to watch something about games. 1/10 disappointed.
  14. Hopefully it's not as easy as Left 4 Dead 1+2. The games got boring quickly, once you knew how the set pieces worked.
  15. Laughing at people's quirks, keeping up to date on sales and gaming news, socializing virtually now that it's impossible to do in real life, etc. Plenty of reasons to be here, besides the trophies. Here's hoping to another gaming generation filled with Mayo and mayo like games.