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  1. Thanks for info. I will get my physical version PS4 on monday from a friend. The PS5 upgrade is free also on discs version? Stupid question but just want to know 😅
  2. I 100% every location. Opened 3 Gates but those 2 trophies did not pop. Are there even more gates to open or its glitched and I have to go for another playtrough? My story completion is stuck at 99% PS5 version
  3. Hi, I have earned plat in PS4 version and si want to go for SE aswell. Is plat autopop or no? Because to be honest I dont really want to earn plat via autopop. Thx
  4. This is not about getting a PS5. The problem is they presented this back in 2013 for "old" generations of consoles now. And the game looks like PS2/PS3 game.