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  1. Lol, there's literally absence of rubberbanding. You're in a faster car - no one will pass you, maybe only with nitrous or slipstream.
  2. Yeah, slow, mumbling "music" about "bitches" isnt exactly a match for a high-octane racing.
  3. Worked with TMNT 1 (Nes), Wont work on TMNT 2 - Arcade Game (Nes and arcade) and TMNT FoFC (GB).
  4. looks stupid easy, very disappointed
  5. Thank you!
  6. Саn you elaborate ? i'm stuck here as well. Under lava box is actually a secret ?
  7. RiP to everyone, who spent 15$ on this
  8. YouTubers that I watch and respect (gggman and skillup) said it's very good, so I guess it is. But I wonder about ps4/pro performance, BL3 at launch wasn't good at all, barely playable outside of performance mode.
  9. it's really great game, that's even better on higher difficulties. And it grows on you, even if at first you don't like something.
  10. Got the trophy on the mission Awakening, haven't even played Ascension yet, so it's not necessary
  11. I'd keep your expectations low, Ubisoft already butchered FC3 "classic". I takes some talent to make PS3 game look worse and have lower fps on PS4 Pro.
  12. turns out it's pretty good
  13. Judging by the trophies, this dlc sounds awfully like Prey: Mooncrash. Which is great, except most previous Far Cry DLCs were trash. I'm cautiously excited
  14. F them for supporting the game, f them for making new content. Greedy assholes and their free content.
  15. It's published by BloodMusic, who usually releases synthwave/retrowave artists, so definitely interesting release for everyone, who enjoys that kind of music and 80s esthetics