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  1. AC Liberation HD is a part of AC3 Remastered on ps4
  2. Fuck Sony, this is just low, even for cheap scumbags they are being past few years. I think i'm gonna jump in xbox soon. Closing Liverpool and Evolution studios, closing servers for their exclusive games like Killzone, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, Twisted Metal, Driveclub etc. Selling exclusives to PC, killing Vita, censoring japanese games. What a fucking morons, i can't believe it. You can still play original xbox games. Servers are still open in the old NFS games, like Undercover, and that's EA, for a second. Sony just can't handle the success. They won with ps2 - they needed to fuck up with ps3 launch and losing tons of exclusives to microsoft (DMC, FF for example). They won again with ps4 - now we deal with all this shit.
  3. That's not true. I died on a first acolyte several times, and then killed him without any damage. Trophy popped.
  4. Dont play all that Coffin Dodgers, Race With Ryan and all that crap. Yeas, they are easy, and they are racing games, but this is trash. Easy and good racing games - Burnout Paradise ("good" is underselling it), The Crew 2, any NFS, DIrt 4 and 5, Wreckfest
  5. To everyone struggling - gauntlets works 100%/ And you don't have to use it, i dual wielded my polesword the whole fight
  6. i got the trophy (10 000 miles), and then, like 10 minutes later update released lol
  7. I see they still havent fixed this?
  8. i sure hope for MW remaster. Recently i platinumed both HP and MW on ps3 and to my surprise, i liked MW much more. I get, that it's much more of a Burnout game, than NfS, but fun is fun.
  9. I just like Destruction Derby games, and would have gladly platinumed it, if it had normal trophy list. But the irony is here, i agree. I wont talk like this about Ratalaika, if i didnt experienced this shit myself. Couple of years back I've fallen into this platium rage for a week, that's why all those games are on my list, and that's why i think like that.
  10. Ratalaika ruined trophy hunting with their bullshit. Shame on Sony for allowing that
  11. Burnout remaster - all dlc included NFS HP remaster - all dlc included. Surprised twice?
  12. AC Black Flag had both Standalone and standard versions of DLC Freedom Cry, you can get trophies in both separately. Maybe they doing something similar
  13. I loved payback, never got why it is so hated. Heat on the other hand was really boring, had to force myself to platinum it.
  14. Bear in mind, that TL3 is a cash grab garbage, not worthy of a TL2 legacy