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  1. Happy to help! what car where you using? as far as I remember you get wayy more points when using a class 4/5 car. I got most tracks done just by maximizing speed and angle. I think I used the r32 for most of them. If that's not enough try getting a few reverse entries on a high multiplier.they get you the most points, but they're kinda annoying to pull off. I'd recommend using the c7 corvette if you wanna go for those. but I think red ring is the only track which pretty much requires one to beat the gold score. Or if you just wanna breeze through it just keep doing the time trails. as you said they're kinda of a joke. then you only have to worry about unlocking the tracks.
  2. Yes, you can! I couldn't get the ice track done in reverse, so I did it in in time attack and it still counted. but that said you'll probably have to get every free dlc track done, in case they added more. haven't played the game in awhile.