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  1. When you listen to this theme music you already know it's time to run!!! My favorite instrumental song of this awesome video game.
  2. Another reason to play it.
  3. Saw saga
  4. Halloween (2018)
  5. The punisher Season 2
  6. My favorite is Bloodborne although was harder than the other "souls" game series.
  7. Only 8 days to release!!!...I´m very excited about this game. I will play it until sunrise in the first day.
  8. Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition.
  9. This game bored me 'till death, although is a bit similar to one of my favorites games on PS2: Haunting Ground (Demento). I thought I was going to enjoy the game but it was a dissapointment to me.
  10. 1st: Resident Evil 2 remake. 2nd: Sekiro Shadows die twice. 3rd: Devil May Cry 5
  11. I bought my ps4 on December 2017 (too late I know) and the first game that I'd wished for playing was Nier Automata. I first bought the game before the console. 😅 the other games was included with the console.