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  1. Ouch...yes....and yes. Man...Rockstar has a great history, and I'm sure they'll put out some incredible games soon, but they really stabbed the childhood magic, and hopes for PS2 Remasters in the heart on this one. Just a pretty big mistake. As simple as that. And I'm still sure the Saints Row Reboot will be another stab in the back. Ouchies. My back stabbing senses are tingling. All Volition had to do is remaster, or reboot the original two games into one package, and they would've had my money.....after day 1 of course. Lol.
  2. Just said it in another thread in rage form, but I'll say it calmly here. The developer behind this "Remaster" is Grove Street Games. The same team behind the mobile ports, and the awful version of San Andreas on PS3. You're not paying $60 for a remaster of the PS2 games. You're paying $60 for an HD port of the mobile releases. Explains the missing cinematic camera from GTA 3, and the missing co-op mode in San Andreas. Just saying, so that people know. I can fully admit that I made the mistake of pre-ordering this game. Had hopes that Rockstar as a publisher would hold to their quality standards. My pre-ordering days are over. I'm the one who messed up by supporting this garbage. You'd think I would learn by all of the incomplete messes of games that have been released these past few years. Love how I can't finish Paramedic missions due to the game crashing right before the end.
  3. Last thing I'm gonna say about this "Remaster". A cousin of mine just pointed out that Grove Street Games (the developer of this project) is literally the same team that did the mobile ports of the GTA games, the TERRIBLE PS3 port of San Andreas, and the decent mobile ports of Max Payne, and Bully. This....explains...everything. This is not a remaster of the PS2 games. This is a frickin' remaster of the AWFUL mobile ports of the GTA games. It explains the missing cinematic camera from GTA 3, and the missing co-op mode from San Andreas. Explains everything. I PAID 60 DOLLARS FOR AN HD PORT OF THE MOBILE GAMES!!! WHY DON'T I THINK? WHY DO I PRE-ORDER GAMES?!?!?! Lesson learned. Over it.
  4. Wow....nvm, nvm, nvm. PS Support / Customer Service to get a refund is so backed up, and slow atm that it made me rage quit.....guess I'm just gonna have to enjoy Rockstar's studded sex toy going down my guzzle to throat @%$# me until patches get released. Honestly hate being stuck on hold during a phone call.....that much. Fml twice.
  5. Yep. Still crashing. And Paramedic Level 12 has one of the best unlocks in the game which is infinite sprint. Screw off. Seeing a BUNCH of things that they messed up in the San Andreas remaster as well. The loss of music tracks is understandable, but GTA 3 has 3 MAJOR things that are breaking the game for me instead of making it. Sure Vice City is better, but having one game up to standards, and not the other 2 doesn't warrant $60 for me. Gonna request for a refund for the first time in my life, and repurchase the game when it's cheaper. Voting with my wallet on this one. No reason that they couldn't make the remasters exactly like their PS2 counterparts (asides from the music of course). So ticked off. Trusted Rockstar the most. Now my gamer trust is totally broken. Especially after Volition stabbed me in the back with the Saints Row Reboot recently.
  6. Whelp....gotta love banging my head into a wall. Gonna see if I can find my way to Staunton before it's unlock like the old days, and see if it doesn't crash there. Stubborn trophy hunter 4lyf.
  7. Same. Only crashing on side missions. Literally get to lvl 8 - 11 of Paramedic, and it just dies. Happened to me 5 times tonight. I'll refrain from curse words, but I'm passed ticked off. Paramedic missions are very long. This should've been resolved in play testing the motherfrickin' game. Almost beat it too, but they pedestrians have to get out of the ambulance completely at the hospital marker for it to count as complete, and I got there with 4 seconds remaining instead of 5 seconds. Col. Face-Palm
  8. Likewise. Ditto. Eye to eye. Siamese twins. Mutal feelings. Agreed, and agreed, and agreed. Double the experience. Triple the fun. Correct answer. Heh.
  9. Can confirm it. That vid worked for me. Left my console alone for 50 minutes like he said with a piece of paper lodged in my analog. Came back to the platinum trophy. Propz to the guy who made the vid. Saved my PS4 a chunk of lifespan, and saved me money on my car insur....I mean energy bill.
  10. Eh. Glad that I don't have to redo some of the grinding, and session boosting trophies on PS4, but I got the Plat trophy so recently for Terraria that I think I'll put these new trophies off for a bit. I do want the 100% tho. Terraria is a super chill sandbox. Been playing it off & on since 2012.
  11. Probably going against the grain, but the one based on the Virtual Boy colors gets my tinted "Rose-Vision" flowin'. I know.....dry humor.
  12. The thing that gave me the most satisfaction is having a committed, and dedicated partner for 2v2s. 2v2 matches have the most satisfactory feelz, when you get a win on a team that's close to your skill level. Good matches are hard to find, but worth it in my opinion. And if you wanna gain xp the fastest then I'd suggest doing the methods that are around on YouTube involving turning your custom matches into botted xp.
  13. You can still manage to get into the building. Just gotta use the same method that's used to get outside of the map on The Big Ramp. Hop into the wall with a few pushes, and press Triangle right after you crash into it. Might take a few tries.
  14. Man.....tough. I've resisted paying full price for this PS2 Masterclass of an RPG for this long. Guess I'll have to endure a bit longer. Have a feeling that this game would've sold much better at $15, or $20 at launch.
  15. I've noticed that some of the newer PS2 releases like Ty, and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance weren't included in the PS2 section of the store. Which kind of makes sense since they had some sort of upgrades instead of emulation. Just kind of a bummer that it's gone. They had the tab pretty hidden in the first place, and now it'll be even more difficult for people to run into them / search them up. I enjoyed that mini-collection being bunched together in that one spot. Not that big of a deal though. Just a lil' bummer.