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  1. Ashes To Ashes Get 300 Kills
  2. You can be virtuous without trinket (i think the base stat is around 25%) but "farming" virtue is really a strong advantage. So don't forget to bring your hero ring (+25%) and your ancestor's tentacle idol (+20%).
  3. Owl 2.0 (Hirata Estate/father) the vibes and meaning of this fight was amazing and the whole scene is just beautiful. Guardian Ape for the epic side of the battle and the "little" surprise.
  4. 1.Bloodborne 2.Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice 3.Oxenfree 4.Furi 5.Monster Hunter World Honorable mentions : Darkest Dungeon, Hollow Knight, Night in the Woods, Dark Souls III, Nioh
  5. Furi in 2 years and 1 week. I got it when it was free with the PS+ but i gave up on the 4th boss. I saw it on sales this summer so i bought it and It only took me 2 weeks (13 days) to get the platinium.
  6. 74 - Dead Cells (6,25%) Really fun game at lower level but at 4BC difficulty it's more frustrating than anything. Basiclly 4BC just mean inquisitor everywhere (white wizard who can shoot through walls) and every ennemies can teleport on you. Especially the elites who can do it while charging their AoE.
  7. Have you used the mutation during your run ? If you complet the game using the custom mode some setup can block the trophy (They have a padlock icon). So if you beat the game with the mutation AND without dying you might be occurring a bug. There's not much to do except trying a second time and see if you have more "luck" this time.
  8. Are you still in the boss zone ? I think that you have to actually "finish" the game by leaving the area with the pipe.
  9. Currently i'm working on two platinium : 1. Hollow Knight : I just have the Pantheon of the Knight and the Pantheon of Hallownest to do and i'm done. 2. Dead Cells And also on the 100% of Darkest Dungeon : i have to clean the last two boss of the Crimson Court and then i will start Color of Madness.
  10. 14 different games : 1. Aaru's Awakening - 8 2. Furi - 7 3. Titan Souls - 7 4. Pirates Treasure Hunters - 5 5. Velocity 2x - 5 6. Entwined - 4 7. Darkest Dungeon - 3 8. Trine 2 - 3 9. Dying Light - 2 10. Oddworld New 'n' Tasty - 2 11. Neverwinter - 1 12. Lara Croft & the temple of Osiris - 1 13. Shadow Warrior - 1 14. Red Dead Redemption 2 - 1
  11. Those team with one or two shieldbreaker seems to be working really good for this trophy.
  12. Bully : I heard a lot of good things about this game and I always hesitated to buy it