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  1. 98 - The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth Enjoyment : 7 / 10Difficulty: 8 / 10 Really good game overall, I particularly liked doing all the challenges (except "Beans!") and the Lost was a solid defy but a fair one. On the other hand having to pick every item and that Super Meat Boy secret were a pain to get. It's a game that, like Rogue Legacy, I barely touched when it was on PS+ 5 years ago and it was also my very first rogue-like so I'm really proud to have this platinum.
  2. 97 - Rogue Legacy Enjoyment : 9 / 10Difficulty: 6.5 / 10 It's a game that i barely tried when it was free on ps plus. And here i am, 5 years later, getting back into that game and i've had a ton of fun with it. The most challenging part of the platinum for me where Alexander the IV fight and the Thanatophobia trophie (beat the game with 15 or less death). But luckily the remix can be retried indefinitely(you just reappear at the entrance of the boss when you die) and i managed to get thanatophobia on my second try (i had a really good run with mostly hokage heir and some good traits). In short this game have a few challenge and a lot of fun so i warmly recommend it.
  3. Good news, this bug will be corrected in the next patch (4.1) coming up today.
  4. 1) Velocity 2x (1.51%) 2) Furi (1.55%) 3) Darkest Dungeon (1.77%) 4) Titan Souls (1.91%) 5) Trine 2 (2.30%)
  5. I'm really delighted to say that I've finally achieved everything on that list. 2019 is astonishing so far and I hope it's gonna keep going. So for now, while waiting for the next sales, I'm working on Unepic which I started 2 years ago.
  6. i don't know how it work on ipad but you have to download your email (.eml) and then open it with your browser.
  7. 80 - Enter the Gungeon Enjoyment : 8 / 10Difficulty: 7 / 10 It's was hard in the beginning like i couldn't get beyound the third floor. But once you've got the game in hand and then you understand the game's syngergy and mecanics it become more fun and less frustrating without loosing its challenging aspect. Even if the game have a lot of items and weapons you will often came across some good combination. So if you're into rogue like/bullet hell game and havn't played it I canonly recommend it to you.
  8. The first chapter of the Sekiro adaptation just came out and you can read it for free here. The manga is licensed by Yen Press an is called Sekiro side story : Hanbei the undying (Hanbei is the training NPC near the Sculptor's Idol). "Discover the history the Sword Saint, Isshin Ashina, and one enigmatic samurai share in this manga illustrated by Shin Yamamoto (Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter), with supervision by FromSoftware". So, it seems to be a nice add up for those who are craving for more details and depth about the characters.
  9. Here is the schedule of the conferences for this E3.
  10. 274 trophies earned in August 2017. Crash Bandicoot trilogy Trine trilogy Metro 2033 Dishonored 2
  11. Jonatosaurus, the Brick Master.
  12. Ashes To Ashes Get 300 Kills
  13. You can be virtuous without trinket (i think the base stat is around 25%) but "farming" virtue is really a strong advantage. So don't forget to bring your hero ring (+25%) and your ancestor's tentacle idol (+20%).
  14. Owl 2.0 (Hirata Estate/father) the vibes and meaning of this fight was amazing and the whole scene is just beautiful. Guardian Ape for the epic side of the battle and the "little" surprise.
  15. 1.Bloodborne 2.Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice 3.Oxenfree 4.Furi 5.Monster Hunter World Honorable mentions : Darkest Dungeon, Hollow Knight, Night in the Woods, Dark Souls III, Nioh