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  1. Does the physical version support English? I know the play-asia lists it as having English subtitles, but I want to make sure it has them, since the screenshots only shows Chinese.
  2. Something like that yes. The European one seems to be CUSA29237 (https://store.playstation.com/nl-be/product/EP1464-CUSA29237_00-FALLGUYS00000000), but it shows the same "Not available for purchase" error. Not available for purchase" Not available for purchase
  3. If you ever want to get the Infallible trophy, this is the time. You do have to get lucky with who you get matched with though
  4. For people struggling with this trophy and not having a PS Vita, downgrade to 1.00 (see the guide on here how to). Basically the latest patch (1.11) makes it impossible to fire rapidly with the X button and the D-pad seems sluggish. This is not a problem on 1.00. However, there are a few downsides: 1) You can't use any save files from 1.11, you even have to delete all of them. The game will freeze whenever Turing starts a dialogue when you start from a 1.11 save, even when you start a new game and 1.11 saves are present on your system. (Be sure to back up existing save files before deleting, just in case) 2) The skip dialogue option is not available (triangle button won't do a thing), so be prepared that this is going to be a slow playthrough. Don't combine it with Iron Rom either, because the game crashed on me near the end in the part where you open & close the doors. 3) You can't save just before the part where you have to shoot the enemies, the save will put you back just before you enter the sewers, so you have to do that part each time when you reload the save. I was struggling to do this with the touchpad on 1.11 and I think i got in in 3 tries using the d-pad/left analog stick on 1.00. (You could probably also use this for the Cardinal Of Combat trophy, but I got that after a few tries on 1.11.)
  5. The trophy did not pop after collecting the last one (the konami code one) and it would still not pop after just running around, checking the menus, ... But after I did not touch my controller for 5 minutes, it popped.