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  1. True it gets bad.
  2. I'm missing a some herbs in Niaowu is there a place I might have missed?
  3. Is there a guide for capsule toy locations and which moves you need to buy?
  4. Thanks
  5. Do you need top score in all arcade games as a sidequest? I already have the trophy I had to reload my game because I missed a sidequest.
  6. I got the game today hopefully there isn't to many missables.
  7. I only see one trophy that you might have to replay a mission for and that the optional dialogue trophy. It looks pretty easy.
  8. I did I hit all switches I had to start a new game and got it.
  9. I was playing online and it didn't unlock.
  10. I beat the whole game and all Secret levels and it didn't pop I did all of level 6 on my friends game online.
  11. How long to level 50?
  12. I missed the 3rd raid while I was in a dungeon did I miss the trophy?
  13. I think a lot of my problem is I watch the gauge trying to get 3 perfect boost and it messes up my lines.
  14. I can't beat Oxide on Crash Cove.