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  1. Hi everyone, i have a problem which is difficult to find on the internet, but hope somebody had this issue and can help me. More often than not, when I perform an action that requires the game to load something (Searching the transfer market, searching my club to put players into an sbc, redeeming packs in the store, etc.), I will get a spinning logo at the bottom of the screen for 2-3 min.. When this happens, I cannot press any buttons, and either have to wait for fifa to time out and say that it cannot connect to the ea servers. Sometimes i'm disconnected during matches, but it is very rare. I tried everything, seriously (router's settings, PS4 hard reset/network settings, calling to my ISP). I appreciate all your help.
  2. 1st event - don't remeber what stats i had, 2nd event - 46-0-0 - no green arrow/no promotion, 3rd event - 17-0-0, still no green arrow/no promotion. It's frustrating, but i won't give up and hope they're gonna add skill rating or something like that as in Ultimate Team
  3. know it, i have just thought that you are talking about the 2nd event
  4. wtf the event ends in 13 hours, so how it is possible that someone is promoted or relegated, sounds like fake info
  5. Looking for 50lvl crew, add me, thanks PSN: pecior7
  6. I'm in 6th division now, made 20-0-0 today, no green arrow. I'm going to get 100-0-0 and hope it is possible to jump between divisions like 6 to 4, 6 to 3 etc.
  7. is it possible to remove club and play this placement matches again? I am in 6th division due to matchmaking issues week ago...
  8. Someone has obtained it on 10th October, so maybe it is still possible to get it in some way
  9. Yes, this mode is completely broken. I lost maybe 3 games, but it says over 20. Almost every time I search for a game I get the message "Unable to set up the game" or something like this and it counts as a loss. I don't see any promotion options either. Hope they fix it soon.
  10. I had the same problem. Don't go for hawks and golems, description is wrong. You have to kill drakes (lizards) in the Stonewin Volcano region for Drake Fang and Nothern Mountain Spiders for Vial of Venom.
  11. Will my streak be alive if i quit the game?
  12. I've never played NBA. Collecting 594 stars - easy or tough?
  13. I had a 3 streak, then my game crashed. Kudos didn’t increase. Is my streak alive?
  14. 11 lvl, 9 wins, i had 3 wins in a row yesterday, next game final - disconnect:)
  15. Hi, i’m playing Heroes vs Villains to achieve 50lvl. I get 15-20k xp per game (30-40 on Wednesday). Do you know any methods to get this lvl faster?