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  1. No, although you still need to collect coins for that 2500 coin trophy.
  2. Definitely normal. All of these people are coming from that cancerous thread, “trophy difficulty not rare enough” over there on the forum. They’re reporting almost all of the people who have the plat.
  3. You’re right, thank you.
  4. Ethnicity of your wife may I ask?
  5. A bunch of ps4 games, a permit, vehicle, ps4 pro, 60 inch 4K TV, a dollar bill, cash, bitches, iPad Pro 12 inch, 200$ running shoes, a computer, new clothes, public school, platinum trophies, a job, a house, new old spice body wash, weights for lifting, new DualShock 4, lots of things.
  6. Awesome.
  7. I already got the platinum, and I believe I found your location you were talking about. Thank you. What a grind!
  8. I would call the developers if you get no luck. Maybe switch to a recent save if it isn’t too behind, and maybe try to get the final one. If you absolutely have no idea what to do, call the developers. I would also google it first to see if anyone else is having your problem.
  9. 0 dollars. 😄
  10. Daam .. bottom right? Is it like a facility or something that has demons guarding it? I’ll look for it. Thank you though.
  11. My dumbass last night was doing a survival activity, the panda one, where you can get hella kills for your challenges, and I accidentally finished it. Worst mistake I ever made in my life. I’m still getting challenges done pretty fast, but Is their a way to speed it up that I probably don’t know about. Anybody think I can make a new game and probably do the kill challenges, or did I just type something insanely retarted? Thank you. Any help is needed.
  12. Yeah, it was in the middle of the map. Kind of. Thanks for replying. Haha.
  13. Literally just found it as you replied. I looked at the map about 10 times for about 10 seconds and didn’t find anything. I zoomed all the way out and see the ultor, I take a close look and see a small blue dot, I zoom in and then boom, I find it. Very weird. Anyways, thanks for replying.
  14. I just got done flying around the map and collecting all of the soul clusters, I go and collect the last one, but the trophy doesn’t pop.. I go to upgrades and have that final blast upgrade to buy, I have 9 out of 10 soul clusters needed to purchase it. I’m also 939 out of 940 to complete the challenge. I looked and can’t find any on the map, maybe I’ll take a closer look, but right now I can’t find any. Should I switch to Gat and see if It is on the map? I really hope it isn’t glitched. Thanks.
  15. For people viewing this right now or in the future, I will give you the best method. Farm in coop with a person that already has a maxed out stinger gun in upgrades. He will kill everything in sight and you collect the money. I recommend you upgrade the vacuum blast ability as quick as possible. After you have that maxed out and a maxed stinger gun, go to the club where you first meet Shakespeare and kill all if the demons, the only problem then is that you need ammo. You should be getting like 7000 every 30 seconds. Once you killed enough, or feel you are ready to collect, do the vacuum blast and it will collect all of the money. You will run out of ammo, try to complete the game first and then save up for unlimited ammo for your stinger gun, I believe it is 51000.