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  1. As strange as it sounds, yes, some games have high platinum percentages and are very difficult. What are some games that were extremely difficult but surprisingly had a high percentage platinum? It kinda depends on what we acknowledge as a high percentage though. I think anything over a 10 is high percentage. For example, I’m playing Batman Arkham Asylum right now and I can put it on my grave that it took over 1000 tries to finally beat the shock and awe combat challenge.
  2. Ah, good point.
  3. Interesting. That sucks but if there is a possible chance of multiplayer in the future, I’m definitely looking forward to that.
  4. What are your thoughts on Naughty Dog making the first DLC about Ellie attempting to find Dina? At the end, I was shocked to see that Dina packed everything up along with the baby and disappeared. She kinda hinted at it before Ellie went on with her greedy last revenge journey. I think a DLC where Ellie goes after Dina and they both reunite would be awesome.
  5. Just going to leave this rant here. They say rants give good luck. Woke up at about 5 AM randomly and started this game. When I got to this trophy, I was like, “oh, it’ll be like every other trophy.” Boy.. was I wrong. Spent 2 hours trying to get it, staring at the TV non-stop. I finally gave up. Will keep trying until it is done. Good luck to anyone reading this. Lmao, don’t you just wish you had a bank account with 2 billion dollars in it to use just for dual shocks. Oh my, that would be amazing.
  6. No, I haven't added you. Do you want to help with it?
  7. Assassin's Creed 3, awesome series.
  8. Since I'm currently playing Destiny 2, I would bring a physical copy of the ghost shell into this world and summon it whenever I like. In front of people of course.
  9. I've created a trophy guide and I was wondering if anyone wanted to edit it and add some stuff to it. Let me know below. Here is the link
  10. Awesome. Thanks, man.
  11. Please let me know if this is the wrong section. I'm moving my data from my ps4 to another ps4 because I'm giving one away, but I have a few questions. I went ahead and updated all save data for all my recent games and took everything from the system storage and uploaded them to the online storage. Why is there an online and system storage? From what I have read, online storage is a way of transferring data without using a USB stick right? Or just a more efficient and quicker way of transferring. What about USB because I have a 64 GB USB stick so should I transfer everything from the online storage to the system storage and then upload all the data from the system storage to the USB? I also wanna know if I should delete the save game data for all of the games I have completed just to save space. I would like your opinions and would like to know what you guys do every time you get a new ps4 and what you guys are going to do when you get the new PlayStation next year and maybe I can follow that.
  12. Yeah, i forgot that i loaded up the university chapter before i started my new game plus plus run and forgot to do the firefly hospital again. The problem is.. I'm almost at the capitol building on grounded. So now I have to restart to get the stuff from my last game. Oh and one more question. Should i chance it and do this run on grounded and see if I can finish the upgrades or should I do another easy run and then a grounded run after the easy run? Do you think I can get around 1000 parts on a grounded run. I really don't want to do 2 more runs lol.
  13. I already used the new game plus for an easy run to collect all of the collectibles. Now I’m on a new run which I guess you could call new game + + which used the glitch to switch it to grounded + +. I want to know if all of my upgrades from the easy + carries on to grounded + + or am I stuck with the upgrades I had from my first run on grounded? Hope this makes sense. And I noticed when I go to chapter select on my + + run, all collectibles are found on chapter select. Maybe the glitch worked?
  14. Ok, I have all my saves from all playthroughs. I would have my upgrades, the thing is, I started another playthrough on new game plus plus on easy and then left after the prologue and put it on grounded using mission select for the glitch. I don’t think the glitch works on new game plus plus because I don’t have my supplements maxed. Edit: I actually think I’m retarted lol. I forgot to remember that I was on GROUNDED new game plus plus and not on easy. So basically I’m going to have to play through and upgrade as much as possible and then probably do a new run on grounded again?