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  1. This has been bothering me lately and I’m wondering if it gets on anyone else’s nerves. When I get done grinding a really long platinum such as a triple A, I feel the need to stop playing right before I get the platinum and start a much easier game if I’m at 1 platinum before a milestone. For example, I’m almost done with sleeping dogs but I kinda want it to be my 35th platinum and not the 34th. Just ranting lol but does anyone else do this? And no, I’m not going to go buy some $3.00 game just to fill in the 34th plat
  2. From what I’ve heard, I believe one or all of those “missable” trophies aren’t even missable. I have not tested the solutions out, but if they actually are missable, you’ll have to revert back to an older save file or the latest one before act 4 and restart from there.
  3. Just reached shadow wars and currently on Nurnen. I swear I lose so many times and then I have to conquer again and it takes forever for me to get back. It is a never-ending pattern. I’m truly sick of this game. 89% done, 37 hours played. Highest defense and attack rank I can get to is like 350 and even then I’m like 60 points lower than the enemy. This is nuts. My Talion is rank 45 and don’t really know how to level up anymore.. I honestly think I’m over it. Just lost again on the last defense wave. The fort rank is 458 now and the overlord is 51. Let’s just say I’m not conquering the fort anytime soon.
  4. Alright, here’s my pov on this topic. I feel if I go to a random profile right now and I see that this person has decent platinums, hard platinums, etc., but has a few cheesy ones such as Energy Cycle, I feel like they can get away with it. Just my view.
  5. As strange as it sounds, yes, some games have high platinum percentages and are very difficult. What are some games that were extremely difficult but surprisingly had a high percentage platinum? It kinda depends on what we acknowledge as a high percentage though. I think anything over a 10 is high percentage. For example, I’m playing Batman Arkham Asylum right now and I can put it on my grave that it took over 1000 tries to finally beat the shock and awe combat challenge.
  6. Ah, good point.
  7. Interesting. That sucks but if there is a possible chance of multiplayer in the future, I’m definitely looking forward to that.
  8. What are your thoughts on Naughty Dog making the first DLC about Ellie attempting to find Dina? At the end, I was shocked to see that Dina packed everything up along with the baby and disappeared. She kinda hinted at it before Ellie went on with her greedy last revenge journey. I think a DLC where Ellie goes after Dina and they both reunite would be awesome.
  9. Just going to leave this rant here. They say rants give good luck. Woke up at about 5 AM randomly and started this game. When I got to this trophy, I was like, “oh, it’ll be like every other trophy.” Boy.. was I wrong. Spent 2 hours trying to get it, staring at the TV non-stop. I finally gave up. Will keep trying until it is done. Good luck to anyone reading this. Lmao, don’t you just wish you had a bank account with 2 billion dollars in it to use just for dual shocks. Oh my, that would be amazing.
  10. No, I haven't added you. Do you want to help with it?
  11. Assassin's Creed 3, awesome series.
  12. Since I'm currently playing Destiny 2, I would bring a physical copy of the ghost shell into this world and summon it whenever I like. In front of people of course.
  13. I've created a trophy guide and I was wondering if anyone wanted to edit it and add some stuff to it. Let me know below. Here is the link
  14. Awesome. Thanks, man.