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  1. Plat Ghost of Tsushima ! Amazing game with spectacular effects!
  2. PSN: Stephan23X Add me ! I like to see what everyone is up to ! I'm mainly a singleplayer trophy hunter and I like to talk a lot about gaming in general ! Don't add me if you don't want likes on your activity . Peace !
  3. that s unfortunate 😓 but still we can t expect much from a vita game moved to ps4
  4. Go for it! Didn't encounter any problems with this game! Good luck
  5. You completed all the homestead missions? Check your DNA progression for weapon blades and flints you need to complete the first 2 missions from Big Dave aka The Blacksmith black powder - first 3 missions from Big Dave dyes - first 2 missions from Ellen (The Tailor) and kindling is a resource from lumberers (Godfrey & Trey) after completing the first 2 missions after completing these you should have the recipes and resources unlocked
  6. I don't have that option. ,,activate as primary" it's literally missing .. maybe it s a bug
  7. I have the game now but on my primary account is has a lock ... what can I do about it?
  8. hello! I was wondering if the game still has glitched trophies and if it s worth playing !
  9. PSN: Stephan23X feel free to add me !