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  1. Taking this into account: And the list seems... safe even? Nothing outrageous on there. The wildest thing is Demon's Souls Remake, but I want it to happen so bad that I just assume it's a given. PS4 titles listed will get some sort of enhancement I assume.
  2. Not necessarily disagreeing with you but the bolded explains why you feel this way. Part of the game is grinding for different weapons to use against different monsters. I love having specific builds that are only effective versus one or two monsters, I like elemental builds which require more work than raw builds. I like running support builds to do 1 faint investigations and to help low rank players. And upgrading and augmenting different weapons and armor requires a lot of materials and a lot of money. If you only use one build or one weapon type it's only natural you'd be "done" with the game faster, which is not a bad thing if you enjoyed your time with it and have gotten everything you want (except crowns). Right now it makes sense they're focusing on events that give you bonus HR/MR points considering you need to get to MR100/200 to unlock content and events that contain monsters most people haven't unlocked yet.
  3. Probably just a coincidence, but kinda curious now that you mention it. Both of my Rajang crowns were from lures. I've gotten more Gold Crowns in The Guiding Lands after the Rajang update, but can't recall if they were from lures since I already have the trophies so I wasn't paying much attention.
  4. I haven't done it for a while but I used to replay Final Fantasy Tactics every year. My favorite game ever. I do replay Souls games every now and then.
  5. Cheers. 😁 Here's to hoping it won't take me another year and a half to get the Iceborne Platinum lol.
  6. That's great news. Thank you! I might give Kenny a shot with my current build then since it ain't too shabby (I do have 2 Dragon Whiskers) but it just felt too inefficient against tag team. I won't grind unless I have to (or if there were more updates confirmed, which I really doubt).
  7. Nice to see Gio still putting in work. Any idea if this is good enough for Kenny Crow? Missed that update and I don't mind the grinding in case Gio's not there to carry me again, heh.
  8. Meant to post a while ago, but thanks for the heads-up. Over 1k hours in the game and I could never be bothered to crown hunt, but I definitely wanted the Platinum before Iceborne so I sucked it up and finally did it this past weekend. Thankfully I already had most crowns, but still had to farm for a bit. Mini Kirin alone took me like 4 hours lol. Got Luna and Deviljho too just in case they're required for Iceborne's Crown trophies.
  9. I hope so too. I read it's because it's apparently a pain getting the trophies to work properly? And I guess for most publishers it's just not worth the effort. Hopefully that'll be easier to work out on PS5. I really wanted more From Software PS2 games on PS4, especially King's Field IV.
  10. Thanks! I still watch challenge runs on Twitch regularly, so hopefully I won't be too rusty once I get around doing this lol.
  11. This is amazing. Thank you for doing this. Glad to see other trophy hunters that are into these games as much as I am. I've done SL1 challenges and all Souls games except for Sekiro (which I'm hoping to do soon), however it's been a while and I no longer have my PS3, but I should have the save file for DS3 and BB. I do plan on replaying all Souls games before Elden Ring comes out, so this will be a fun challenge to keep in mind.
  12. We're not getting anymore PS2 games on PS4, are we? Maybe on PS5?
  13. Yes, can be a bit more specific if you don't mind spoilers. Because there are 2 bosses you can't fight if you want to get Lapis Lazuli during that playthrough. You either fight those bosses or get Lapis Lazuli, doing one thing locks you out of the other. I guess you could back up your save before Owl in NG+, fight those bosses get the trophy, then use your back up to continue that playthrough normally and get the remaining Lapis Lazuli.
  14. Yeah I didn't mention them because they're unmissable, also cause spoilers lol. But yeah they count as well. I understand people's apprehension for not wanting to do NG+ but it's just better in the long run, and subsequent playthroughs are just super fast. Can't imagine how long it must take to get all the skills in NG. I did it in NG+4 and still took me a while (unless there's an exploit like in BB that I don't know about).
  15. Hope you get the prayer bead you're missing (in NG+ in the worst of cases). And you're goddamn right about that.