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  1. I try to sign up, and when I do, it says "congratulations, you signed up bla bla bla...". Everytime I refresh the page, it lets me sign up again. I don't know if i'm signed up or not...
  2. Ok, so I have to play the DLC on the complete edition, got it. Thanks man!
  3. So, I have the physical version of H:ZD (Standard). The game is now free, and I want to play the DLC; can I download the DLC for my disc version, or do I have to play the complete version that is now free? Sorry for my bad spelling, I'm from Argentina
  4. Since the store in PS3 and Vita is closing, I want to know if I buy the digital goty edition of Uncharted 2, will I get the avatar pack? Or is it only on the physical version?
  5. I wanted to know, before the store closses, if I buy Uncharted 2 GOTY edition (digital) will I still get the avatar packs? Or do those only come in the physical version?
  6. Thank all of you guys for the answers, they are really helpful. I'm currently on the 7th. I'll see if I want to do it in the end. Again, thank you!
  7. I'm currently playing SOTC, the controls are fucking awful, but not so bad that I have to stop playing. I want to know if the platinum is hard, for a person that never played any Team Ico games. I actually played it because it's like that cult jewel that you must play.
  8. I have a question, I currently have 6 people saved from Rais, and didn't even finnished the game. If I restart that mission to complete the trophy, will I still have those 6?
  9. I've seen posts and videos claiming that once you finnish the game, these events don't spawn, so you have to restart that part where you meet with Rais. Thx for the reply though!
  10. Hello! Has anyone an easy way to complete this trophy, that doesn't require another save? If there's no other way I could restart the Rais mission, but I just wanted to know if there's another easy way!
  11. Good to know man! Thx for the reply
  12. Hello! So I bought the game 2 weeks ago, and I wanted to know if this trophie is still glitched to this day
  13. Will HITMAN 1 & HITMAN 2 mastery level related trophies auto-pop, if we decide to transfer all those levels to HITMAN 3?
  14. Exactly man! I sincerely don't want those trophies to pop up, I'd really enjoy re-doing them
  15. Will HITMAN 1 & HITMAN 2 mastery level related trophies auto-pop, if we decide to transfer all those levels to HITMAN 3?