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  1. Her Majesty’s Spiffing (1h) Slyde (2 Minutes) Energy Cycle (15 minutes with 3 stacks for PS4 + vita) Coffin Dodgers (3 h)
  2. The mail you posted is fake too. PlayStation support doesn’t send multi-colored mails. The mails have the PlayStation logo in the header and they address you by your name. If you choose a password make sure it’s random numbers, letters and additional characters. Using words found in dictionaries makes it really simple to hack the account. But that’s just a side note. When i lost access to my old account the reps told me you either need to provide the console ID on which the account was created or one of the last receipts to verify yourself. My guess is the idiot who hacked you also has somewhat access to your email account. So first of all, I’d make a new mail account with the above mentioned password criteria. Email and chats gets you nowhere so try calling them again and tell them to change the email address to the new one you made because you were hacked. They will then ask you to verify you are the owner of the account by either the console ID or one of your last receipts. If all else fails, maybe starting over is an option for you with an account from your current country you live in. It’s been the best decision for me knowing I can at least yell at a rep in my native language if something goes wrong. Aside from that you have a lot more rights in terms of data security in the EU. The EU reps didn’t tell me shit about the account before I could verify who I was.