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  1. What are your opinion on workarounds? For example I’m going for saints row 3 soon and the trophy jumped in is no longer obtainable due to a shutdown. However by using a DNS you can trick the game into thinking you attempted to visit the website to upload you character and therefore get the trophy. This is not a hack/mod and is currently not a flaggable offence but it is obvious if someone has done this
  2. Yeah I’ve got a decent backlog I need to work through I’ve got someone for the traced trophy so once I get that it’s just a sprint to the finish
  3. @reinhardtwlhelm bio shock or doom
  4. Mainly seen in gta but people who try and make their name look like a barcode so ||||||||~||||||||||||
  5. Looks like it should be easy as long as some of the trophies aren’t terribly RNG regarding the crates which it looks like a few could be
  6. I enjoy most of the telltale games other than game of thrones it just bored me especially with Garret. Horrible pacing dull characters meaningless choices and dramatic game changing events that come out of nowhere the worst ones were the death of quiver who we just met and didn’t care about and the betrayal of whoever you didn’t choose for sentinel
  7. Troye Sivan and Taylor swift
  8. Are you simulating any games? As you must play all of them