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  1. Easiest money for Konami
  2. I am really close to platting rocksmith, but i can't afford a second realtone cable for the beneficial friends trophy. Is there any way to cheat this at all?
  3. Bomb Da Base 2 method is faster
  4. Hell yes! I am also confirming that the servers are functional now.
  5. I was able to get the trophy for creating a level since you can trick that one. All the other ones though... I guess I'll tweet SP as well
  6. Yeah. Haven't checked Festival of Blood yet, but i assume the results won't be different
  7. I can't connect to UGC for the couple online trophies
  8. I've read the leaks, looks fucking terrible. I was actually thinking about borrowing a ps4 from my friend and playing it on release day but naaaaaah
  9. Getting a trophy fixed this, thanks
  10. I've tried making it private and then public on my ps3 and then updating, still nothing. I was able to check my trophies here yesterday just fine, and it was already messed up a couple of hours after that
  11. The game's got a couple of ultra rares and is pretty short. I was thinking about starting this, but the last time someone's played this was 2 months ago
  12. I meant the Rockstar pass that gives you all of the dlc's
  13. I've checked the store page for the rockstar pass DLC's and I'm uncertain if buying it on the polish store will allow me to play them using my digital GB version. The disc GB version is the same European BLES code that's listed here.
  14. I did
  15. I want the whole series done. Sometimes you gotta play shitty games to contrast with the really good ones