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  1. 1/5th of the way there, comment on my level so i know to play your level too
  2. Borderlands Defender Acquire every other trophy in the game
  3. You'll be fine
  4. This will take a while, hopefully i can get this trophy in the end
  5. You've gotten over 10 trophies after the platinum unlocked
  6. GTA Vice City. I really don't wanna go through that grind
  7. #1 the game didn't load a script in the favela so the painkillers, guns and enemies didn't spawn. Had to kill myself #2 I shot Passos at the graveyard thinking he was the last enemy behind cover. #3 Favela again. I got stuck on a texture after they threw a molotov cocktail and couldn't escape which resulted in me burning to death. Overall I encountered a lot of glitches which was annoying, but I pulled through, even though my hands were shaking like crazy at the end
  8. Not that difficult. Just very obnoxious with it's hitboxes and certain aspects that make akumu tedious. Make sure you save up on ammo but not too much so you don't end up with 200 useless weapon parts by the end of your Akumu playthrough like i did
  9. No, not at all. The entire session was very smooth. I just got my trophy and I advise anyone playing this DLC unless you care a lot about 100%. It's just horrible and boring
  10. BO1 looks completely legit to me. Don't understand what the reason for a flag would be
  11. 2 of them are really hard and went on for over 6 attempts on both, the other ones can prove to be troublesome, but are doable if both partners go through the solo training missions. If I had to gauge the time to complete I'd say it took us 7.5-8 hours, not including the breaks. Up the irons \m/
  12. They're not unstable. Finished every trial in one day today, not a single lag or disconnect. I'm from Poland the guy was Spanish
  13. Everyone dissing Whiteboyz in this thread, this is why you broke. Keep being mad at this masterpiece while i pursue money
  14. No, Vita. I guess it plagues all consoles
  15. thank you