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  1. Elevation Path by Beyond Creation. One of the two instrumental tracks on this Technical Progressive Death Metal album
  2. Also, take screenshots
  3. Well, that blows. Thanks
  4. I've used the lighter to burn bodies several times now. Does this void me getting the trophy? Idk if I should restart this (first playthrough) or try again with Jill on normal
  5. Red Dead Redemption 1
  6. Nier: Automata. Stop looking under girls skirts you perv!
  7. OG God Of War and XCOM EU. Only need 1 trophy in the second one, but it requires 2 more playthroughs 💤
  8. MGS V: The Phantom Pain. I'm dreading that mindless grind
  9. Red Dead Redemption. Can't stand these Rockstar multiplayer grinds
  10. Resident Evil 7. Can't wait to play it someday
  11. Definitely GTA 4. The guy below me won't have much to go on...
  12. I've never played this game but I noticed that the Vic Vos trophy could be a pain and might require lots of replaying missions just to earn camaraderie. Should i find people to play with from the beggining?
  13. Ps3 Skyrim. You gotta be a brave man to endure the crashes
  14. Why would you ever boost this? Literally takes 1 hour max if you're bad
  15. As it turns out, I'm a big dummy. Forgot that I fought the Shagohod again and didn't watch the Volgin scene for the second time. The plat is mine