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  1. Setup a session to boost all the multiplayer trophies, some are duoable, others require 4, one 6, one 8 and one 9. Hardest part is to coordinate the whole thing, you can use PS Now trial accounts and boost yourself on different PCs, easier to coordinate 5 people than 9. Once you´re done with misc mp trophies, time to grind pikes basin to lvl 50. After that you´re set, enjoy the story at your own pace.
  2. Mind I ask would it matter if you are using GOTY or vanilla disc? Been hard to find these servers lately
  3. Hi, so currently I'm level 25ish from doing all the online trophies from dlc, etc. Considering I have both vanilla and goty disk, is it worth doing the Triple XP Lan method and start from scratch? How long of a grind is it?
  4. As I said earlier, I can see reason to complain on both sides, and the only real reason people complain is because exceptions have been made for other games. We used DNS applications to get Saints Row trophies, we allowed RDR XP glitches when those were a thing, with quite a few other examples, these exceptions exist because we as a community chose to allow them. Along the thread you'll see some people claiming that this shouldn't be treated any differently from other unobtainable trophies, except this isn't anything like those games, we're talking about the 6th most popular game on the site with somewhat still functional servers. This thread however is not about those who get flagged for auto-popping their whole list, intentional or not, this is strictly about Big Leagues. Indeed it is. Ideally, we want to satisfy those who got the trophy legitimately within the timeframe, those who've put the effort to go through their list after the league play shutdown just to be left at 98%, and somehow deal with the consistent spam of BO2 disputes. Sounds impossible, although... For those who got BL trophy before the league play feature removal, this is no different then what we allow in Saints Row series. For those who got their lists at 98%, popping BL trophy in a multiplayer match should be ok (in my opinion). For those who auto-pop more than BL trophy, I think flagging and hiding game as we've been doing is the right approach. This whole thread will have the same fate as all the others about the matter, until someone decides to create a community poll of some sort.
  5. I would tell you about rata games but it seems you know those well, there's also a bunch of lists out there that answer this question, a PS Now trial would give you access to some ezpz games too. Good luck
  6. I can understand both points of view from those who want it to be whitelisted and those who don't, and whilst personally being affected by this one, I think the best course of action would be to whitelist this one single trophy. We've done it for similar situations in other games, no reason not to do it for this one. Popping your whole list should guarantee a flag, popping Big Leagues after being 98% done shouldn't be an issue. Again, I can understand why it's not allowed, but there is space for debate whether it should or shouldn't be considering whitelisting other games is already a thing. A simple poll would be nice, either way I can live with an unobtainable trophy.
  7. What games have you experienced this with? Sure, there's BO2/GTA5 but I don't know any others where someone else can pop your trophies, a list would be nice for awareness. And as everyone said, no real way to prevent this other than strictly play these games with people you trust.
  8. I gave this game another go last night and managed to go 4.17$ on my first try on Bonkers mode, prior to this I only had played normal (pre-patch) mode, which makes me think 1,000$ isn't that hard. Sure speed is key, but you also have to get lucky enough to keep both platforms up. Which is why Bonkers helps since you get those Dave Blocks after the boss. Owell, maybe someday...
  9. Just wait for a patch and hope that its not a new gorod krovi
  10. Lmaoo glad I checked this thread before finishing the game, couldnt realise this myself
  11. Cheers, i'll try to scoop a copy on ebay then
  12. thread jacking, apologies if it's been asked, so if i buy the awakening version will it come with all dlc? or is the ultimate edition a cd thing only?
  13. Indeed, its the RS4 something something, just a free bike. It's actually part of the fastest method to get some accolades to lvl 6.
  14. Driveclub + Driveclub Season Pass nets you 100% in Driveclub. Driveclub Bikes (can be bought as standalone, cheaper if you already have driveclub) + all 3 bike dlcs described above will net you 100% in DC Bikes. Then theres DC VR but yeah... Driveclub+season pass is great value for money, everything just feels a bit more of the same.