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  1. Correct. I'd suggest you try the PSN Communities app from Sony and look for BO3 posts, or make one yourself requesting revelations EE w/ gateworms, you'd be surprised how many die hard zombie fans have these and still actively play. Took me a few hours or so to find a couple.
  2. Imo both work great, what I tend to do is create a session with unlimited players (if trophies take more than 2 people) and create a group either on PS Messages app or Discord, and we go from there as soon as we have enough available, thus making the gaming session only a starting point. But I can see your point of view so support, one stickied thread per game wouldn't hurt.
  3. I know thread is old, but if using on PS4 you can only use official controllers. If using PS Now on pc however, you can use both DS4 and DS3 controllers as well as a handful of third party ones.
  4. I'm aware, but right now I'm using the trial for UK PS Now so I cannot use the PS Now app on PC, which only problem is im left out of those games that require only one controller (I only have 1 DS4) Like I said, I'm using the PS Now trial on UK account so you dont even have to wait until it releases in Spain/Portugap etc, although when it releases in Portugal I may actually subscribe it. And yes, digital version includes the pass, its only cheaper now because online passes never go on sale. Hope this helped
  5. You can play the game with a free PS Now trial and obtain the multiplayer trophy as the online pass is included. If you don't have a PS4, try playing on a friend's console or hold yourself from buying the digital version solely for the online pass. Hope this helps, saved me from spending 3£ on buying the game twice.
  6. I'll take you on that offer, shoot me a friend request, maybe we can help each other
  7. Might be placebo effect, but i'm pretty sure they cycle the drop rate of character items after each update. Just gotta keep playing... I'm still missing Reznov, Ambush was supposed to help but oh well
  8. I don't know about three but most definitely Brutal Legend, I feel it was a game everyone missed last gen despite being a unique RTS. Maybe add the first Assassin's Creed into the mix for trophy support, that would be nice.
  9. Okay so I'm going through all my PS3 games and I almost regret starting both DJ Hero games, I know its a matter of practise but if it keeps going this way I'll break my tables before getting plat on both games. There goes the dream of 100% completion. Everything else I'm prioritising multiplayer to avoid non obtainable trophies, everything should be obtained in due time 😬
  10. Big revive 😂 I just went through brotherhood/revelations/3 multiplayer portions and while I do agree, its nice to have platinum on the rarest version of these. Plus, level 50 is not that much of a grind compared to some other games, just stick to it.
  11. Completely agree, thank you for being aware.
  12. The free trial version starts tomorrow and is available up until 11th Feb EUROPE US
  13. i already love this site, but this is a feature I'd like to see. Right now the only alternative is to load up 0% games but that makes your profile look like a mess.
  14. Thanks to @TheYuriG for pointing out this thread. I just made a new one ranting about this same issue without realising there could be more threads pointing out the very same thing. I'm also glad it got some attention from the PSNP team, guess in the future I'll just report it to them like BlindMango suggests.
  15. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough, I'm not refering to the discords where the host creates them for the sole purpose of ease of communication for the session. I'm talking about discords with 300+ people where their admins go around creating sessions for a bunch of popular games, just to advert the discord in it, they're not trying to boost at all, they're just claiming they have people who want to boost, but in the end its just a bait for you to join their discord. I see there's mixed opinions, I can just ignore them but it just gets annoying, hence the rant. Exactly my thoughts, that specific dude is starting to become quite annoying at this point. Definitely a recent thing. And like Yuri said, it's one specific guy I just didn't want to name and shame.