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  1. Cheers, i'll try to scoop a copy on ebay then
  2. thread jacking, apologies if it's been asked, so if i buy the awakening version will it come with all dlc? or is the ultimate edition a cd thing only?
  3. Indeed, its the RS4 something something, just a free bike. It's actually part of the fastest method to get some accolades to lvl 6.
  4. Driveclub + Driveclub Season Pass nets you 100% in Driveclub. Driveclub Bikes (can be bought as standalone, cheaper if you already have driveclub) + all 3 bike dlcs described above will net you 100% in DC Bikes. Then theres DC VR but yeah... Driveclub+season pass is great value for money, everything just feels a bit more of the same.
  5. Please delete thread thanks
  6. Surprisingly, I had to do a lot more boosting on PS4 than PS3. On PS3 if you message randoms, most of the time they are burnout experts with all 500 challenges done who are just playing for fun, I had one carry me through robbers dlc so fast... just ask nicely.
  7. IP bans are often temporary bans, like others said, wait a day or a week, it should go away. Don't discard going through support asking why it happened though.
  8. Credit where its due, sure helped me get the platinum. Cheers!
  9. It's probably the best simarcade racer out there that has the smoothest learning curve. You may suck now, but keep playing a bit each day and it gets better. I've honestly went from hating this game to getting addicted in finishing the DLCs faster than I expected.
  10. I wish I had read through this topic earlier, after finishing Burnout Paradise Remastered I went ahead and bought Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box, was not long until I figured out it didn't had all the DLC. The game is super easy to 100% but 20€ for 1-time DLC is out of question considering Remastered cost me 5$ on PSN not long ago. Fingers crossed for a sale :/
  11. Didn't expect this to get any replies, more of a way to vent It's definitely not a game bug, I'm gonna grab another copy on my next visit to CeX and hope it really is a faulty disc and not my PS3 lenses. I guess it just gives me more time to practise Groundhog on DJ hero 1, only missing that one song for the plat.
  12. Might be a thread hijack, but would you recommend it to someone coming from Blackout/Apex? I've been looking for a new BR and can only think of PUBG at this point
  13. Yep, this is definitely not new but at best an expansion of an already existing section to more countries. Let's hope they haven't forgot to reward us for taking away 4 monthly games.
  14. You should use the boosting sessions section on the site and create a new one specifically for this game. If all else fails, try messaging the recent players.
  15. A good way to try it out if you haven't yet, thanks to Apex. You should still require PS+ to play even though its an F2P title (more like a super extended open weekend) Alcatraz New Blackout Map Trailer