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  1. If I yell that I love Stalin and Hitler in the White House will they arrest me?
  2. No Do you lie to your parents ?
  3. I don't think that my poor Johnny Depp can take this guy
  4. So I made my first "serious" yt video with Sony Vegas,it's just a little clip about MGSV,nothing special I want to hear your thoughts on it
  5. true that hahahahahha
  6. I have a different theory,I think that first of all Daenerys will die in the next season,and here is why : GoT has a looottttt of foreshadowing and in Season 7 there was a lot of talking about how Daenerys could get hit with an arrow and that's what I think will exactly happen somebody will just hit her while she is riding her dragon in the battle with the Undead. Next up Jon I agree,I think he will survive but he will not want the Iron throne he hates to rule but he also won't return to the Night Watch just becuse he allready gave one life to them and that freed him from his words,so he will not return to the place he has awfull memories from and where he had to kill a young boy because he killed him,so he will just after the great battle go South maybe to Dorn to live his life as a free man,free from all And yes the Iron Throne goes for sure to Gendry he allready told Jon who he is and Jon will give his right to the throne to him,Gendry will be the ruler of Westeros for sure
  7. I have to say Black Ops 1 Zombies is so much fun,for me that's a party game when some of my friends come over we just enjoy it and laugh while we play it. For me the best Call of Duty if you are looking for fun with your friends for sure
  8. Hvala ti brate moj i meni je drago da nisam sam ovdje od nas Bosanaca
  9. That's the only BioShock I don't have sadly,but I'm planing on buying it and also it's sad that Bioshock's 2 online is dead,it just ain't an online game but I think it has some online trophys
  10. Thank you and I know,even Call of Duty 3 that came out 2006 has still online players so the PS3 is far from death and I'm glad for that hahahah
  11. Dostoevsky - Crime and Punishemnt A true masterpiece almost done with it,one of the best autors of all time for sure
  12. So the new teaser for Season 8 realised,what do you guys think,who will win the Iron throne,what will happen ? I think that Jon is going to be the King of Westeros,they will somehow find a way to defeat the Night King and because of Jon's parents he will just tako the throne P.S. That's just my theory nothing conformed
  13. If you need help on RDR call me I wanted the platinum there too but because of a bug I can't activate a side mission and my game progress is at 98.5% so I gave up on the platinum for that but I'm there if you need help Thank you my mate Thank you Sure it has,I love the PS3 and thank you Hope too mate,thank you
  14. I know the PS3 has a lot of games and some of the best ever are on it,and I sure I hope I will play them,and thank you my friend Thank you very much,I'm curently working on the platinum for Metal Gear Solid 3
  15. Hello everybody,I'm new to this forum,I'm also not that great of a trophy hunter,I really just collect trophys for the games that I like. Well what else to say I come from a post war country in Europe preatty shitty down here so I ain't got much options about games I have a PS3 (becaue of poverty and such so yeah PS3 is actually great,my uncle from Germany gave it to me a few years ago) but to collect games is very hard the games just cost so much so I usually trade just with friends (on the PC we just crack them but because almost all of us here don't have much money we have shitty PC's so we play only old games but heh old is gold ! P.S. Don't judge us please we can't really just affrod to pay 60$ for a game,that is enough to lget through a month down here it's just too much money) and so yeah before the PS3 I had a PS2 with acutally lots of games (again from my Uncle) and man I loved the PS2 I played it day and night (mostly becaue nobody had a memory card and we couldn't save ) and I also had a Game Boy Color before that so I'm a gamer from a small age,and oh about age I'm 17 so school is the most important thing for me right now,but what can I do Hope we all become friends,love Berun