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  1. 😂 I still haven't played it, it will probably sit in my library for a few months until I go on a platinum streak. I've played some terrible games so I will brace myself for worse lol.
  2. I paid £1.20 for it the other day haven't played it yet.. sounds like I'm in for a right treat 😅
  3. nuketown 24/7
  4. #51 FarCry 5 Finally got round to finishing the last 3 multiplayer trophies.. a year later lol Campaign was decent but the multiplayer was absolutely disgusting.
  5. #50 (Milestone) Uncharted: Lost Legacy I was saving this one for my milestone but I wish I completed it sooner. Everything about this game was perfect. What a game! Enjoyment 10/10 Graphics & Gameplay 10/10 Difficulty 7/10 - Played on crushing from the get go and restarted one of the chapters over 20 times lol!
  6. Really looking forward to this one, especially the MP & Zombies trophies. I'm happy with the list and hope it is a hard plat, the challenge is what makes these games for me 👌
  7. #49 Day of the Tentacle Remastered Funny and enjoyable plat! Enjoyment 7/10 Difficulty 3/10
  8. #46 Enigmatis: Ghost's of Maple Creek #47 Enigmatis 2: The Mist of Ravenwood #48 Eventide: Slavic Fable Decent games with eventide being my least favourite, wasn't really feeling that one tbh. I usually play these games when I'm taking a break from bigger titles.
  9. Enjoyed the platinum for rise of the tomb raider however " Golden Child" should not of been a bronze trophy in my opinion lol!
  10. Decent game to platinum as a duo as everything requires team work, this can't be completed solo.
  11. When I played this game last year the trophies never triggered for any of the wins, nade kills or even equipping the ghillie suit. I read that the trophies had a hot fix and that's why I re downloaded the game. Since then every trophy popped as normal along with the platinum. probably still fucked for certain people i basically started fresh as I heard they reset the stats progression for the trophies.
  12. I can also confirm that the trophies are definitely fixed. I obtained the platinum earlier today having played for the last few weeks every single trophy popped as it should.. I was sweating when it came to the master assassin trophy as I've seen some people with over 3k kills and NO trophy, luckily it popped on queue 👍 ( I did play this game last year and none of the trophies popped like they should, I took a break until I read that the trophies was fixed and jumped back onit )
  13. I know I can't fault it other than the activity feed always nice to scroll through and check what everyone's doing. Hopefully it gets implemented real soon.
  14. #45 Player Unknown's : Battlegrounds This game has had it ups and downs and is known for being extremely buggy. IMO its came a long way, most of the gameplay and trophy bugs have been fixed and it now runs at 60fps.. if you played this when it was capped at 30fps you should definitely go back and give it another go. Well worth the graft. Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 9/10 ( Some trophies do require a lot of skill )
  15. Have they removed the "whats new" / "activities" ? I prefer the new app but seems kinda shit without the news feed.