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  1. YOU ARE HILARIOUS FUCK I hope it saves the pre edit too or else so many will miss that gold
  2. What is the creative exploit UwU
  3. Is the Lending a Hand workaround still available or has it been patched out? My fiancee is playing through it and I'm unsure as to whether she got the Honor stuff completed, so anybody done it that way recently?
  4. I've wanted an app for this since I first got the premium. I would definitely put in the money to have it realized.
  5. Yea man, I had to delete my data for a trophy in CoD: Ghosts and now I have to go through ALL of the Explorer notes and dossiers again so I can 100% the game yay us
  6. OOO LMAO I MISUNDERSTOOD WHAT YOU WERE TRYING TO DO. As an avid Ratalaika fan, clearly I enjoy myself an easy platinum or But the only reason I was against this initially was because I thought you were going to tamper with the recorded number of platinums themselves, which would in turn affect trophy levels and trophy count. If you're just placing ribbons to signify how many were UR and how many were 75%+, I don't know why people are so upset tbh
  7. tl;dr gimme ribbons you want ribbons AND badges?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!1 too much for 1 site man >:(
  8. As the title suggests, this spans across all consoles: if you could recommend one game to any person, what would it be? And why is that game so special to you? Should be a fun way to get to know other people because oftentimes a person's favorite game reflects the either the best time of their life or the thing that carried them through the worst time. Anyway, mine is probably Modern Warfare Remastered because, for lack of a long story, the idea of Captain Price's character really helped me through my mother's passing. What about you all?
  9. I was definitely torn between grinding and multiplayer, but in the end grinding took the cake for me. In most cases, I can either boost or get skilled enough to complete something in multiplayer, but nothing beats having to grind random drops or farm kills for hours upon hours.
  10. You right, you right best to knock out the Blackout characters that require "finish the match" and "win a match" via this method too
  11. My fianceè just popped "My First Win" in the 50v50 mode literally 5 minutes ago, so we can confirm as well the wins do count towards "Not a Fluke"
  12. Black Ops 3 platinum 100+ hours of my life
  13. This happened to me while platting Black Ops 3 and nothing else - my fan was roaring the entire time and it has never so much as made a whimper with anything else before or since.
  14. Far Cry 5 because I've wanted it for a while. Is the multiplayer component very difficult, by the way? That's all I'm unconcerned about.
  15. Bloodborne 2 would be a godsend