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  1. Absolutely; I feel like it's something you cant really help but do tbh
  2. @Suppression-- warned me about this happening
  3. EruditeStranger1 Super Meat Boy I don't think this is a legitimate reason for a flag under any conditions? Correct me if I'm wrong, but what exactly did I do here? And as far as not placing on Dark leaderboards, you wouldn't appear on them if you played on what every player plays on when they are unsure as whether to synch or not - a blank account. Being flagged for something that doesn't conflict with any of the guidelines for a flag and going off "he has no difficult trophies this is impossible" should not constitute a flag by any means. Anyway, cheers!
  4. EruditeStranger1 Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Because I've hidden it :(
  5. I died once during my Ultimate run in NG+... To a Brute. Not to any boss. But to 1 single Brute. The absolute legend
  6. Marvel's Spider-Man is legitimately so easy that it is my one of my friend's ONLY platinums on a list that also includes games like Telltale's Batman. The guy couldn't be bothered to attempt even the simplest of trophy, but when it came to Spider-Man, the list was so engaging and easy that even HE went for it.
  7. The platinum in Super Meat Boy
  8. I don't use dummy accounts so much as I do blank accounts. I prefer it because it gives me the option to transfer over the trophies if I end up getting a high enough completion in the game that I'm satisfied or Heavens be like in Super Meat Boy managing to complete it. Just allows me to have a back-up in case I earn something rare or get far enough in that I think the synch is warranted. Otherwise, I just earn everything on an account I have no passion for
  9. I want an option for Spaz to come to my house and click the mouse for me >:(
  10. Looking back, this game was a wild, but really fun adventure; does anyone have any other mobile games that got ported to PS4/Vita that they know about?
  11. I got my Saintified in the NA region's version back in late 2018, early 2019-ish if I remember correctly and I didn't need a work-around for it although I've read the servers had been shut down for a bit. Can anyone confirm that the Re-Elected versions specifically are still working for Saintified because I know that The Third and IV on PS3 require it.
  12. I feel like the way it was first presented was a little badly worded. It's cleared up now and everything, but I feel the main brunt of opposition against this is because people misunderstood and thought you were going to be removing the trophy points and platinum counts from those games and thus removing their trophy level and overall platinum numbers, which would be sort of shit. As a person that eats up Rata games for breakfast, I don't mind how many are displayed on my profile and I wouldn't imagine that that many others would either, but I think the idea of back spacing their work sort of gave them a rough start. Again, super understandable now, but I do think it might have been misconstrued at first. But I do love the Ribbon idea, and that's coming from a Rata lover! Bring it forward, mates! Because I cannot for the life of me imagine there are grown ass people out there complaining about "they said my games are garbage but it Inksplosion took me 6 whole hours to platinum!!!!!!!!" Stfu
  14. I am willing to offer a $100USD or country equivalent to the person that can pop this trophy for me. Trophy wanted dead or alive! Got it gg
  15. CoD: WWII