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  1. I changed my name to Professor1v1; I'll add you right now!
  2. Central Daylight Time!
  3. Sure thing! I'll send a request on PSN!
  4. Feel free to add me and I'll run you through them whenever you get on!
  5. This platinum is absolutely a 1/10 if you have any experience with FPS. Extinction in Point of Contact is ezpz like literally snoring through it.
  6. I run a group of top Extinction players that run people through the trophies, if anyone ever needs help with the 100%, just in case anyone is ever interested in this gem of a game.
  7. Yea, I got it mate had to run it on a blank and then synch afterwards.
  8. Absolutely; I feel like it's something you cant really help but do tbh
  9. @Suppression-- warned me about this happening
  10. I died once during my Ultimate run in NG+... To a Brute. Not to any boss. But to 1 single Brute. The absolute legend
  11. Marvel's Spider-Man is legitimately so easy that it is my one of my friend's ONLY platinums on a list that also includes games like Telltale's Batman. The guy couldn't be bothered to attempt even the simplest of trophy, but when it came to Spider-Man, the list was so engaging and easy that even HE went for it.
  12. The platinum in Super Meat Boy
  13. I don't use dummy accounts so much as I do blank accounts. I prefer it because it gives me the option to transfer over the trophies if I end up getting a high enough completion in the game that I'm satisfied or Heavens be like in Super Meat Boy managing to complete it. Just allows me to have a back-up in case I earn something rare or get far enough in that I think the synch is warranted. Otherwise, I just earn everything on an account I have no passion for
  14. I want an option for Spaz to come to my house and click the mouse for me >:(
  15. Looking back, this game was a wild, but really fun adventure; does anyone have any other mobile games that got ported to PS4/Vita that they know about?