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  1. Hey All, what levels are the tower guards on this week? And how many.
  2. @JusttJD my buddy tried this and it doesnt seem to work. He did well over 100. What level are the tower guards on this week?
  3. I’d say there are a few difficult trophies to earn on breakout. Some are definitely skill dependent. I’d recommend getting a squad together and getting really great with the map awareness on each map and all the little hiding spots. Overall I have very much enjoyed playing this game.
  4. Hi Everyone, So it looks like once you complete warface: Breakout on NA or EU if you log onto the other one it will auto pop all trophies.. can anyone confirm this? Definitely looks like it. Thanks!
  5. You don’t need to finish first in three ranked matches in a row.. It just says finish first on you’re team. I have all trophies playing normally. So it’s possible.
  6. I have a question. Are the Trophies able to be sync between each other? or are the separate trophies?
  7. Hi Everyone! This is one of my back logs. I am looking for some amazing individuals to complete these trophies on PS3. Thank you