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  1. Its not a part of the DLC, it was added in the newest patch for free
  2. Alright, good to know. I guess i'll hunt down a physical copy when I need too.
  3. Im just wondering if all the DLC is included in the version that is on the store now. Im playing it on PS Now but its on sale for $10 and I'd like to get the 100% in it eventually
  4. Well they deleted the add on from my account. The voucher to redownload the add ons, no free credit unfortunately.
  5. I noticed I had a message on my PS4 in the From Playstation section under notifications telling me that they had fixed the problem with the Run Sackboy Run items, clicked it and It gave me a voucher code for the Store. Funny enough I didn't even get a message about it on my Vita, So if you don't have access to a PS4 you may have to try giving support a call.
  6. Grand Theft Auto 4 Collectors Edition. Bought it before I even got a PS3
  7. Has anybody else noticed that the PS3 version of Don't Starve doesn't sync its trophies and they don't seem to be listed online anywhere? I've never seen this happen before.
  8. I only saw this thread right after I bought the double bubbles, I only got about 1 hour out of it. Hopefully it gets fixed soon
  9. I know i'm a minority here, but I think amiibo's are kinda stupid. I kinda get that they are cool to collect, but all the hype around them is really blown out of proportion in my eyes.
  10. I was looking through my rare trophy page and trophy log and noticed there isn't any system type listed for the trophies there. The only way to find out what system they are from is to click on the game. It would be easier if it was listed like it is on your profile
  11. I'm Pretty sure you Can only transfer once
  12. That was an actual product they released, not a prototype.
  13. Down at 12PM PST. Got the platinum on the Japanese Version of the game at 5:30AM, I think I'm the last person in the world to do it on both versions of the game! Loved the MAG and so happy to platinum it at the last moment.
  14. If anyone is playing now on Valor in any of the dom games, I need some help tring to get "I Got 5 On It", just cant seem to get a platoon or squad leadership role. If you want to help me out I will help you get a squad or platoon leadership role if you need it. Ill be online all night, till the servers go down. Message me on PSN: yohan12
  15. Is the Stats page suppose to be blank?